A Mystery in Alaska
Video: Are Fisheries Guilty?

In the 1970s, the pollock industry in Alaska expanded to become the largest fishery in the world. Around the same time, sea lions began to disappear. Despite other possible factors — such as pollution, humpback whales depleting their main food sources, or predation by killer whales — many people thought the fisheries had been caught with the smoking gun. After a July 2000 ruling by the Federal District Court, the National Marine Fisheries Service announced that it would close all fishing of pollock, Pacific cod, and Atka mackerel in a large part of the sea lions’ critical habitat. But what were the costs of this decision? And is the solution to disappearing Steller’s sea lions really that simple?

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  • Grant Patton

    If the herring fisheries have so depleted in Japan, what has been the effect on their sea lion population?

  • Ian

    My Grandfather, when he was a live and working in the fishing industry in England, was a Marine Engineer on the “drifter” fishing boats in the North Sea just about 80 or 90 years ago. he used to say that the boats were so nurmerous you could walk from river bank to river bank when they came into port to off-load their catch of herring. He maintained that what killed the herring industry in the North Sea was over-fishing and enspecially trawling.
    If we can bail out the car companies why can’t we ban fishing for three years and subsidise the fishermen until the herring come back?

    I was raised on herring and love it but no one here sells it.

  • Jessica

    I think that the fishermen Should be bailed out as well for 2 years and With the Intent to Find another way of Income because there Should be Less able to Fish after the band Is Lifted If at all I think it Is devastating that we as a Society always tend to Over Do everything Until there is Nothing Left it’s sad and though I feel for the People Put out of Work I feel for Our Planet More and Saw the Chain effect that it Is causing by Over fishing Certain types of NEEDED Fish In Order for Many other Animals to exist on this Planet, and Seeing the Images Of what happened to Japan and the After mass Should tell us what we as a Whole are doing wrong and Needed to make a change before It was the same Scenario all over again. I Will Pray for those Families without Work but I Do think there Job loss was for a very good Cause and there are Many other opportunities out there……

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