A Mystery in Alaska
Video: Killer Whales Attacking Sea Lions

Many fishermen feel they’re being framed for the sea lion declines. Pollock are more abundant than ever, they say. Frustrated fishermen captured video of killer whales thrashing at sea lions in a harbor. Elsewhere, one killer whale was found with the remains of at least 13 sea lions in its stomach. Despite this evidence, the role that killer whales are playing in the mystery of disappearing sea lions remains unclear.

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  • kelly

    that was great

  • ashley

    so cool

  • Co


  • ishy

    i thought that it was pretty cool because i never knew that killer whales ate sealion’s and scientist find out why the sea lion’s were dissapearing….

  • Jennie

    Normally transient orcas do not travel as close to the harbour but what must be happening is that they can’t find adequate food sources in the open ocean and are moving closer to shore.

  • David Wilkins

    I suspect that sea lions and orcas to some extent compete for some of the same foods, like salmon. Since the salmon numbers are down it would make sense that the stronger predator eliminate the competition and feed itself at the same time.

  • yitkadesh

    THAT IS COOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! becuase i love killer whales . and my brother studies them like heck .



  • Karen O’Kain

    Could this explain the phenomenon of sea lions, in droves, pulling themselves up onto docks in places like California?

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