American Eagle
Interactive Map: Bald Eagle Populations Over the Years: Breeding Pairs in 2000

After 2000, complete data is unavailable because eagle populations had rebounded so significantly that some states discontinued their annual population surveys.  

  • Kim Garrett

    My children and I spotted an American Bald Eagle over the corn field behind our home on April 22, 2010 around 5 pm. We live in Barry County. Delton, Michigan. Are there any others in Barry county Michigan that have reported sightings?

  • Carrie Wilson

    In 2002 ,by Cobb lake on the side between Cobb Lake and Gun Lake a friend and I spotted one.It hung around for a few days and then we never saw it again for some reason.Hopefully not the same reason we both moved away from that area(some very strange nasty people lived very close by).We hoped it decided to go into a safer area to nest ,as it was about that time for them.

  • tony perry

    I see bald eagles often in the Lehighton ,Pennsylvania area near the Lehigh River & Beltzsville State Park!Awesome sights!

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