American Eagle
Video: Autumn Bounty on the Mississippi

It’s October in the Upper Mississippi River Valley, and the weather is mild. Waterbirds, about to leave for warmer regions to the South, are a temporary bounty for the bald eagles here. Migrant bald eagles from Canada join the area’s year-round residents to take advantage of the plentiful food. As they pluck coots and mallards from the water, the eagles show off their amazing aerial antics.

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  • Gloria

    The video is great – will look forward to see the entire show. The video/film is great, and the narration is terrific.

  • Gwendolene Loehlein

    This is a wonderful video, so educational also. He has done such a superb job on this, what dedication to bring into our homes a video such as these. I hope to see more. I have seen many Eagles while sitting on the banks of the St.Croix river in Stillwater MN, and they are so majectic, they give me goosebumps when I observe them flying above me! I really enjoyed this segment, thanks for doing such a wonderful job!

  • Ken

    Very nice! I am a hunter myself and can closely identify with this video. We have migrant eagles that pass through each spring and fall and I once just missed observing (’by that much =”) and eagle capturing a waterbird. I film as well, but only my fox and coyote hunting.

  • Michael Russell

    In Texas the Bald Eagle went extinct for years when DDT infected their genetic pool and weakened their eggs. In the early 1990s they started to return, as new eagles born in other states migrated and found good hunting and fishing. On lake Lavon, a man made lake built upon an old indian burial ground north of Dallas, I used to watch them land in the snags and catch bass on the fly. I hope it was a sign that they were coming back, that nature was healing after what we had done to her. Now with global climate change, looks like we will kill off so many species, that it could effect the top predators again.

  • Peri McQuay

    Outstanding show. Here is southeastern Ontario Canada, bald and golden eagles sometimes overwinter, depending in part on the many ice fishermen.

  • Stupid DAWGG

    I do not like. This is not good. II don’t like. Do you like?

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