Andes: The Dragon's Back
Video: Ancient Geoglyphs

In the 1920s, an early aviator noticed giant figures of hummingbirds, killer whales, monkeys, and other animals carved into the rock below. Around 1,500 years ago, an ancient Andean civilization formed these geoglyphs, but they never would have been able to see their own creations.

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  • jose esteller

    nasca lines

  • Rachel

    We Watched this video in my 6th grade class last week.

  • blirr

    i cant see this video, ahh

  • christian (GIRL)

    really good movie,I love nature!

  • parker fritz

    when can we get the full show up?soon?

  • Carter

    What kind of birds are in this video? I say Flamingo but my daughter begs to differ.

  • chris

    yes they are flamingos

  • Firdous Wani

    It is amazing, beautiful and so natural.

  • Arthur Faram

    These geoglyphs appear around the world. Please visit . Speaking engagements available

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