Andes: The Dragon's Back
Video: Dance of the Flamingos

With the salt flats all to themselves, these flamingos have the privacy to dance — and in the process, choose their mates.

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  • Sara G


  • Zurich

    may it so happen that i be Flamingo(but a female one )and dance in this bluest runing water also;;;;;;;;very beautiful,but how coud i save this film as there is no option for it.Zurich

  • Kyle Maciulski

    Flamingos are great fun! I wish I had one YAAY!

  • Vickie Mackie

    I was abolutley mesmerised! God has created some trully amazing things!

  • michael

    they stink though

  • ashley

    flamingos are so cool i had one then i had to give it away

  • alyssa

    that was pretty cool!

  • James Rogers

    what song is that? is that a recorder? i would to learn it…

  • Paula Widdicombe

    This was the most fantastic Nature episode I have ever seen!! Lots of variety. My 10 year old calico kitty and I watch Nature every Sunday. She NEVER took her eyes off the TV for this episode. Very disappointed that no DVD is availabe for her. I love 13!!

  • Karen Beebe

    I stumbled across this as we were studying amazing animals in my first grade classroom. I have a Smart Board so we could really enjoy the whole scene. My students would use this cue from me to return to their seats or walk to lunch in the hallway. It was great fun. Some of them got quiet good at it. I also love that music. What is it?

  • amber

    It makes me think differently of plastic flamingos I may go buy a few now. The music in this video was great it worked so well. Great job!

  • Anil

    I watched this episode last night in India and was so happy to beautiful nature and surely this is the best epside on nature I have seen. The humming Bird is almost dead by the evening and gets life next day on sunrise. Classic

  • Marcy MacDonald

    the problem is that you don’t get to see the color underneath their wings — red and black — unless they’re in flight: and when you have a skyfull, it’s absolutely gobstopping!

  • Barbara Kelty

    Dragon’s Backbone on the Andes was superb!. Wonderful film footage and fascinating stories of some deliciously remote areas and beautiful creatures I’d never seen before. The Pelican dance was beautiful and one of the funniest natural behaviors i’ve seen. Thank you. Play it again, anytime.

  • bob

    perfect rythem

  • javier

    this so beatiful the heaven is in America del Sur..

  • Millie

    Saw this on TV on July 19. Will use this clip when back in the classroom and before my AP Lang. students answer a writing prompt about flamingos! The flamingo is my classroom mascot!


    The amazing characteristic is that all the body movement is sideways or forward, not up and down with their leg action…like rumba dancers – only the legs and heads are active…..amazing.

  • barbara

    I think this is absolutely wonderful! I saw it on Sunday and havn’t been able to stop thinking about it . I hear different music playing and picture the Flamingos. I am totally facinated!

  • ej23

    Sound or no sound, this is visual bliss!

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