Andes: The Dragon's Back
Video: The Zorro

“Zorro” means “fox.” But these creatures, found only in South America, resemble coyotes as much as they do any fox. To avoid predation — and housework in their burrows — zorro move around often.

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  • Samara

    they are so cute. if i came close to one of them i wouldn’t know they were a fox =P the cubs are sooo cute !!!

  • Joe Bryant

    I would like to know if Andes:The Dragon’s Back will be shown again. If not, can the CD be bought?

  • chris

    They are wonderful-thank you

  • jay joe

    first and foremost briliant fliming thank you for your dedication to bringing these programs to those of us who are not able to experience nature like we would want to keep up the good work

  • kimba ozag

    Good job, thank you for bringing nature’s ecosystem and their inhabitants to our living rooms.

  • coyotelover

    nice video.

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