Arctic Bears
Video: Polar Bears Hunt for Seal Pups

A polar bear mother searches for seal pups, but they are becoming more difficult to find these days.

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  • Katrina

    aww the baby polar bear is so cute.
    i feel sorry for them after like global warming and all the ice melting

  • lezer

    This is the cutest video I have ever seen. An aggressive mother determine to find food will beat the earth for it. These animals are extremely fasinating. I will watch this for day’s to come

  • The Polar Bear Luvvvver!

    I just love the Plar bears. there sooo cute! the mother is awwesome! lol wth the worh THE comes up orange . a hah! anyways same with the owrd Polar and Bear|! saweet … sorry quiet random

  • shirley

    awww the baby polar bear is so adorable. i feel bad fro the seals.

  • i luvvv polar bears

    i mean for the seals its for the top box…………

  • leslie gonzalez

    we should be be kind to the polar bear becase i don’t want to here that polar bear got kill!!!!

  • baby polar

    awwwwwww the baby polar bear iz so cuteeeeee^_^
    i feel sorry 4 them…… T_T

  • fancykissess71

    this is a great show it’s nice to no that people can really see how important it is to help save wildlife & please help support this TV show & wildlife!

  • Yves Bertrand

    Good day

    I worked in the high Arctic in Resolute Bay, Arctic Bay and Nanisivik roaming around the villages to find food. Seeing them was part of the landscape and at times was dangerous in winter time because of complete darkness season. I talk to a friend of mine whom child went to Arctic Bay for six months and told me that polar bear are almost nowhere to be found nowadays. It is a shame. It seems that the do not longer have the mean to cross from the Baffin Island to surrounding islands. Resolute is located on the Little Cornwalis Island, North-West of Baffin Island. Nanisivik is located 20 miles from Arctic Bay. It is a sight nobody can forget. Because of high winds, mothers were bringing their cubs on building sides where there would be the least wind. How did they know where the wind would come from, nobody knew. The joke at the time was that it was better for pilots to look at polar bears behaviours than getting information from the weather station. It seems that it is the very same problem for arctic fox in the Hall Beach region where they can no longer leave the peninsula.

  • ashlyn

    the baby polar bear is sooooo cute.It’s funny when the mother broke the ice.

  • jescca

    the polar bear is sooooooooooo cute nd its my favorite anmial in the hole rite world hahahahahahahaahah

  • lovelife

    the babys and mom are sooooo cute that one thing i dont want to see gone

  • al

    So its cute eh? With an asthetically pleasing form and all white, the beast is very disarming. It really is a vicious predator that has evolved itself into a disastrous ecological niche as it needs seals and sea ice to survive. If it met you dear reader on the ice you’d be dead very quickly. So let us side with the seals instead of the beast and hope that mother never breaks into a seal den with a baby seal in it. Then that “cuddly” baby beast dies.

  • mariah

    i love hwo the baby bear help the mother find food for them to eat.awwwwawwwawwwawwwawwawwawwa

    if any thing u can find m

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