Arctic Bears
Video: Polar Bears Make a Difficult Decision

As Arctic winters warm, polar bears are faced with a troubling situation.

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  • mickey

    so sad

  • mickey

    im crying and im a man

  • latisha

    iv never felt this sad before i want to adoped all of them and feed them fish everyday i dont care how much money and im still crying

  • Tim

    Man is killing the animals and Mother Earth … for the sake of self indulgence. These beautiful animals do not intentionally harm humans. Global warming … hence, pollution, is melting the polar bears dwelling … we should be ashamed of the catastrophic events that are unfolding in their little piece of Earth, the Arctic. Humans are destroying this planet … not the bears, etc. I too am deeply saddened by this short video and truly hope that “another species” will Not parish.

  • kaitlyn




  • soapbxn

    Give me a break!!! What a load of tripe! First of all, barnacles in a fresh water river? And gee, Polar Bears were once Grizzlies? For goodness sake, study bear anatomy and you will such profound difference in these two bear species – so where’s the transitional evidence? Not to mention the emotionalization and personification of all animals involved! Is this written for 2nd graders? Stick to real facts that are scientifically supported and make an honest documentary. Not a mythically inspired docu-DRAMA. We shut it off after 30 minutes as it moved from bad to worse – except for the photography, the only redemption.

  • soapbxn – again

    P.S. Keep watching, maybe they’ll turn back into Grizzlies! I feel most sad for the gullible viewers.

  • Mike

    Your program is based on extremist politics, not science. The polar ice has returned to 1979 levels and the earth has been cooling since 1998.

  • Ryan Dougherty

    Anyone who does not support the FACT that global warming is REAL and a SERIOUS problem needs there head examined. Excellent show PBS. We dont see enough nature documentarys on television anymore.

  • Ashley

    This is real obviously..the video says it allll.
    I support Kaitlyn’s comment on this one. Global warming is most deff real and the poor polar bears are suffering because of it.. not only polar bears but other animals as well.I can just imagine the suffering they go threw as they innocently drown because of the ice melting.This is something everybody should be supporting and saying negative comments about this video is unnesesary. iight? :)

  • cortney

    Soapbxn—Watch the entire video…Brillance!!!

  • David S Heier

    It’s disheartening how us white man has and is destroying this plant of ours, Mother earth!!!

  • ken

    please let science guide you. there is NO consensuse i science. It is or it is not. Please look at impiracle data that proves global warming is a lie. Carbon levels follow temperature not the popular misconseption. Al gore is an oportunist selling a comodity. stop the hestericle buracuracy.

  • aao

    To Mike – does not check out . Not a single reference could be verified, except for the existence of the said research centers. The article is a total fake made up by uninformed people – it is truly sad. If you are going to challenge science – be prepared to back it up.

  • Dustin

    KEN – Anybody that thinks we can cut down half the earths forest and pump tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and have no side effects knows nothing of science. EVERY ACTION HAS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION. Oh yea and by the way were you trying to spell consensus or conscience because consensuse is not a word. :P

  • shirley

    Globoo warming needs to stop!!! we have to put a stop to this. we are causing all this.

  • Chris

    It’s funny. 99.9% of all species that have ever lived are extinct. Species of insect are dying every day, but you are all in tears cause a cute cuddly bear (who would KNOWINGLY rip your face off and eat you) is affected by global climate change. Of course, global climate change killed probably millions of species of anerobic bacteria as they slowly chewed up all the CO2 replacing it with oxygen. Too bad, oxygen didn’t do anything but “kill” mother earth. We aren’t worried about “the planet.” It cares very little. It adapts and from death brings life. We are only worried that global climate change will keep us from having our twinkies.

  • mariah

    im sooo doing something for earth day i wish pollution would stop and the world would start recycleing littering hass to SSSSSTTTTTOOOPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!! i love polar bears please help- me save them!!!

  • jessica

    i really think that polar bears should be save for they wont die and i love polar bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EG

    I have seen no research or information about the reduced survival of polar bears and their cubs. There have, however, been numerous news reports of polar bears having a problem finding a ice glacier or land to climb onto;

    Where are the scientists to solve the problem and create a longterm survival solution for the polar bears?

    As farfetched as it seems: why not but-heads and create artificial floating ice packs or scaled down ice glaciers for the polar bears to rest on…

    The artificial ice glaciers can be tagged with a telemeter to mark their location if scientists need to establish the usefulness of the concept.

    Listening to reports of polar bears and their cubs drowning because there is no ice for miles is not what life’s about; Humans have the ability to intervene and save the wildlife….

  • Lissa

    I am curious if this was filmed in Nunavut or the Northwestern Territories? I came into the program late tonight.

  • brooke

    it is so sad that they get washed up on shore and zoos should catch more of them i wish we could talk to them to say we are going to help you so they would not fight against us.

    I think that we should put people in jail for putting an animal up for exticstion.

    That video really made me cry hard.

  • Tom Jones

    Every year since the beggining of time temperatures change. It all has to do with the carbon being released by the oceans. Global warming is a myth. By the way, the ice melts EVERY year. Its a cycle. Polar bears always migrate and always are floating around during the hotter seasons.

  • rayaan

    this is horrible

  • cece

    i love this

  • Yong Su, Kim

    We will have the same crisis like “Polar Bears Difficult Decision” in the near future. Stopping climate change of the earth is the best way of saving the earth.

  • Fatch

    This is amazingly sad We are so mean

  • Mother Earth

    I will help you. As long as man doesnt come and ruin it

  • John Garrett

    It was my misfortune to view this propaganda piece which contains such a masive host of scientifically inaccurate information as to boggle the mind. Basically, this episode is a work of fiction. The worldwide polar bear population has more than tripled in the last 60 years and is neither threatened nor endangered. The notion that polar bears are threatened by naturally occurring climate change and cyclical ice area is laughable. Do you really expect any sentient person to believe they aren’t perfectly capable of adapting to normally changing enviroments after 10,000 years of having done so?

    One can only hope that PBS and Nature will have the intellectual integrity and honesty to retire this episode rather than have it continue to brainwash the uninformed and the gullible in the future.

  • dsmithcsep

    It is said that one lie well told is worth a thousand facts. The lie in this is “there is no global warming” propagated primarily by those that are more interested in profiting from exhausting our “savings bank” of natural resources for profit without regard to the harm that it does to the planet and life on it. Simply “follow the money” to identify identify the vested interests that deny we are exhausting resources while increasing pollutants.

    These same vested interests are those that say preventing / eliminating pollutants is too expensive, kill jobs, and destroys the economy. They claim that it is more important to eliminate protective regulations to stimulate business and we must reduce the deficit for our descendants. These same vested interests are for law and order and being tough on criminals – but somehow, the criminal behavior that brought about the current recession because of deregulation and gutting the regulatory agencies is fine. Somehow, they fail to see the obvious – their greed is destroying the planet with toxic industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc., while destroying the planet’s in capacity to sustain life as we know it. The increasing dependence on mono-culture food production makes us extremely susceptible to a rapid and essential total collapse in food production – very similar to an economic bubble. This is what caused the Irish potato famine – we are ripe for a repeat performance from many fronts.

    Global warming is real and is accelerating because of positive feedback from continually increasing consumption of fossil fuels, destruction of forests, and over-harvesting of marine life.

    I could go on and on – really it would take books to tie all the loose ends together.

  • Justme

    First of all, DUSTIN, that was freakin HILARIOUS! I love people who get up on their soapbox to poo-poo on everything and everyone and then misspell a bunch of easy words. Now…I have to say this. Some of you are crazy! These people that are saying that what we do affects the earth are correct. And to whomever wrote that these animals will rip our faces off. Not sure about that and I have the brains to stay far enough away. BUT, that isn’t the point…we shouldn’t just not care because they are dangerous. I live in the city and i don’t need to worry that my face will ever be ripped off by a polar bear. As humans, so many of us will not give up any of our comforts for the sake of any other living thing. we pollute our water terribly because we HAVE to get that big ol’ boat and go fishin’ on saturday. We have to pollute our airways because we need that big ol’ SUV to get us around. If we aren’t willing to change then of COURSE extinction is the next logical step. We need to stop being so greedy and pull together. We are all humans, and in the end, we will ALL be affected the exact same way by our actions.

  • Chris Riker

    I have to wonder if “GOD” didn’t make a mistake by placing us (humans) on Mother Earth! Did you ever stop to think that this is a “PERFECT PLANET” with the exception of HUMANS? We have done more to destroy this planet in the last 300 years than NATURE has done in BILLIONS of years! We don’t belong here! Either we get it together (Stop ruining this planet) or we will go the way of the dinosaurs! I pray every night that “GOD” will open our hearts to what we should be doing to undo the damage we’ve done to this planet! Money and profits are all that’s important to big business and until that mode of thought changes or enough of us “SCREAM” nothing will change and we will be the cause of our own demise!!!

  • James

    The footage at the end with the bear under water was staged.

  • @LisaJisaawicked1

    This was a very sad clip, but should be a commercial to open the minds of everyone to be more careful about how we treat the environment and Mother Earth. The Polar bears are such beautiful and majestic animals. They command your attention, but demand respect. Sadly this is not the only effect of global warming.

  • Peter Grynch

    Here’s a video of them killing innocent seal pups…

    Maybe God was punishing them.

  • Why Not Have Fun!

    O.K. it is still 3-5 degrees cooler than it was during the Medieval Optimum (ever wonder why it’s called “Optimum”?)
    It is still 2-3 degrees cooler than during the Early Roman Warm Period.
    How is it that all of the Polar Bears did not die off during either one of those warm periods …. or, for that matter, any of the other warm (warmer than now) periods since the last Ice Age about 12,000 years ago.
    Do any of you understand that there was between 1-1/2 and 2 miles of ice over the State of Missouri?
    Of course it’s getting warmer – that’s what happens at the end of an Ice Age …. otherwise the Ice age would not end ….. Duh!
    ….. and, BTW, 1975 – 5000 Polar Bears, 2005 – 25,000 Polar Bears.
    Yep! Endangered fur shur!

  • Steve

    I just want to say that for all the alarmists and warmists and complainers about man made pollution why the hell are you using a computer to write all of this on the internet when we know that manufactureing and distributing and throwing away our used computers puts much much toxic waste into our environment. Go back to using a pencil and paper morons!

  • Moony

    We all should agree to disagree. We do not have the answers to our problems, the creator does. So now explain deforestation, growing deserts, raw sewage and oil in our oceans, ozone at dangerous levels, acid rain, toxic levels of chemicals in sea life, and the dreaded words global warming. Something is happening and man started it but can’t stop it. Man does not have the right to choose what animal lives and what animal dies. This earth was given to all life on this planet and mankind is doing its best to destroy it.

  • Charlie

    This is not the first time this planet has gone through a climate change ( according to many geologists ). That it is going through a change is obvious to any but the most ardent of the ‘ tree hugger haters’. From the studies I’ve have looked at regarding the emissions of the planet itself vs the pollution the human race causes I can not say that the human race is to blame. I wish I could, and can not shake the feeling that we have. Polar bears are nice to see at long range. At close range, not so nice, unless one is crazy enough want to be chewed up and perhaps killed. It has been demonstrated many, many, times that extinction is a part of nature, and nature is a cruel mother. If one loves nature…..then one must love it all. I see often the efforts of quite a few people to ‘ save ‘ a species and at the same time show a callous disregard for the effect those efforts have on other species. Example : Tigers reintroduced into areas where they have happily and frequently killed, and eaten people for thousands of years. Yet the people there are not allowed the means to defend themselves. Crocodiles, same thing. Lets turn them loose and take ourselves back to the other side of the world were there are none.

  • Theodore

    All this shows what a selfish, sorry and often illiterate lot that humans are. Also unappreciative, stiff-necked and irresponsible. Humans take everything for granted and each one KNOWS that s/he is correct, especially if they are wrong or just sarcastic. Obviously,many are also poor spellers. The bears are noble creatures, such a shame that humans are not.

  • Alicia

    what a bunch of propaganda!! dramatized.

  • awol65

    The only movie I have ever wanted to buy, right now perfect gift for 17 yo. daughter, not available whats up?

  • Типатов Николай

    отличные съемки! познавательно, спасибо!

  • cameron

    that is so sad me and my friend is doing global warming

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