Bears of the Last Frontier
Hour Two: The Road North


Chris Morgan explores the world of black bears caught in the crossroads of urban development in Anchorage and the wilderness. This is a new normal for bears and for their human neighbors. Some bears are so comfortable living in urban surroundings that their primary habitat is a golf course. In residential areas, bears frequently raid garbage bins and birdfeeders for easy snacks. But these behaviors are less than ideal for bears and residents alike. Morgan heads north out of Anchorage to Denali National Park, where the mountains loom over treeless plains and bears get by on a diet of thousands of berries a day. The grizzlies share the enormous park with foxes, wolves and moose — and with one intrepid bear biologist and his team. Morgan continues his journey north on a bone-shaking, 610-mile motorcycle journey from Denali to Prudhoe Bay along the only Alaskan highway to reach the Arctic. Prudhoe Bay, a once pristine area at the edge of the Arctic Ocean, has been changed forever by the oil industry.

  • Parker Fritz

    I have watched the Nature series my entire life, and watch it every week. I remember falling asleep next to my mother as a small child watching Nature. I want to thank you for the work you do. Your work shows the natural raw beauty of wilderness. I look froward to watching this episode and the final as well.

    The Nature programming on PBS opened my eyes at a very early age to the world around me. I wish that one day, I will be a cinematographer for a show. I carry a camera everyday with me in hopes of capturing that “moment”. It’s a great feeling knowing every Sunday evening, there is something on television worth watching.

  • Mike

    Interesting! I hope that everyone’s Sunday was great and I hope that they have a great week, as well as another great weekend. I also hope that they had a great Mother’s Day! I’m sorry that I didn’t say aything about this last time, but it slipped my mind.

  • Mike

    I meant “anything.” I’m sorry about the typo.

  • Parker Fritz

    Did you get that last message?

  • Pamela

    GREAT show!!! I’m looking forward to the 3rd hour. I know it has taken a few years to finish this one, but I hope you are working on another sooner than later. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the photography, Joe. Beautifully done!!!!!!!!!!!!

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