Birds of the Gods
Video: Making of Birds of the Gods

In this behind-the-scenes video, David Attenborough explores what goes into filming wild birds of paradise for the documentary Birds of the Gods.

  • Christine McCardle

    How breathtaking our world can be! These people who enable us to see the glory of the natural world are my absolute heroes!!!!!! I’m so grateful to them.

  • kesar

    Yes, and we who are so proud of our intelligence are even more “bonkers” than these our little brothers and sisters in the precious forests of our planet, whatever is left.

  • mary d cohen

    Wonderful experience seeing how Attenborough and the fellow scientists explore the mating processes of various birds of paradise. I hope it will be available for small museums. The Buffalo Museum of Science in Buffalo, NY is preparing an exhibit on PNG peoples and the customs of ceremonial dress.
    Thank you,
    Mary D. Cohen

  • Norman Imbrock

    My wife and I worked as missionaries for the Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea for 31 years. We were impressed and pleased by this video and would like to find out if it is available for purchase.
    During my hikes through the Southern Highlands where I was stationed with the responsibility of coordinating the work of national evangelists, pastors, and teachers I would occasionaly see or hear these wonderful birds along the trail. I have accepted an occasional gift of the harvested plumage from my Papua New Guinea friends. But I only kept them in my house for a limited period of time as courtesy to the giver. It was illegal for me as an expatriate to own it and take it with me to America. Then it would be returned to the actual National who owned it.

  • phyllis

    I just viewed this program and was completely blown away by the beautiful birds of paradise as well as the footage the photographers were able to get. I was wondering about Paul, the researcher featured on the program. How did he pass away?

  • phyllis

    Fantastic footage!!! What happened to Paul, the biologist? I noticed that he passed on.

  • La’son

    Simply beautiful. I enjoyed watching that so much. The patience of these men astounds me. But oh what a treat was in store for them! Wish I was there.

  • maria

    this video was amazing. we love watching nature.i would like to purchase a video of thisBirds of the God.

  • rob kennedy

    loved the show…same question as others, what happened to Paul?

  • CeCe

    What a bird’s eye view! I was captivated by the graceful, yet comedic courtship rituals and the splendor of the these Birds of Paradise! Thank you for capturing these moments in time. They are WOW moments!

  • Moved

    How can one watch this video and not be moved. Who could ever believe birds could be so beautiful, forget dance around like they do! We shouldn’t be surprised though, David Attenbourough had been awing us with wonderful specticles from nature for over 50 years. We should all thank him for not only the beauty of nature but for all he has done to protect it through showing us the wonders they behold. Thank You Mr. Attenbourough!

  • Stephen

    Amazing!! Our world is amazing and God’s gifts abound – how wonderful and fantastic the film {technically, HD video] able to record and make history so vivid and alive. “kesar” hit the nail right on the head when he/she said that we were the one’s that were “bonkers”. These ‘little brothers and sisters in the precious forests of our planet, whatever is left’ are the gifts of a loving, amazing (astounding, incredible, miraculous… there aren’t words to describe Him and the) wonders of this small planet in the middle of the universe. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, who help reveal and preserve these remarkable Wonders!

  • Julie B

    What a wonderful testimonial for such fantastic people who give chunks of their lives to sit in bug infested hides to observe the fabulous natural world.
    Many of the displays brought me to tears, but most of all for Paul Igag, the man who had grown up in these hills. I can only say that he saw his beloved bird of paradise dance at least one time…
    Rest in peace sir, and I hope you are with your birds in paradise.

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