Born Wild: The First Days of Life
Your Baby Animal Photos

Have you snapped a great baby animal photo? It’s too late to enter the Born Wild Photo Contest, but you can still add your photos to the slideshow.

Check out these photos that have already been submitted. To see your photo here, add your photo to the NATURE Flickr group with the tag “born wild.” Then, once your photo is approved, it will appear on this page.

Created with flickrSLiDR.

  • brittany

    I like this photos about new born animals babays it is so cute.

  • Ashley

    awe the video photos of the baby animals is sooo cute

  • tina frost

    What baby animal is is adorable:-0

  • mirrjnid

    they really need to make sure that their videos work when they post them online sometimes i dont want to give bad reviews because im a very big critic and i think that the things on here are great but you guys really need to put some nature games onm here people might get on here a little bit more if it was a little bit more entertaining so thanks for listening very much




    When I watch a show about baby animals, I don’t want to see them being dragged off by hyenas. I had to stop watching right there.

  • Lorraine

    I think the pictures are beautiful……. I don’t like snakes but I run through them fast.
    As for a baby animal being dragged of by hyenas. It’s the the law of the jungle.
    Preditors…. it happens, you wouldn’t eat steak if you saw them kill a Steer, I suppose.

    As far as PBS Nature Org., I haven’t seen anything that bothers me at all. I enjoy all the Nature shows.
    I send them to my little great granddaughter as she loves animals as we all love animals in our family.

  • John kibe.

    This picture Is beatiful.This makes God creation much Intreasting but us human beings goes against this by poarching the wildlife In order to generate cash.This should cease forthwith.

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