Broken Tail: A Tiger's Last Journey
Video: A Mischievous Tiger

Filmmaker Colin Stafford-Johnson recalls Broken Tail’s mischievous personality — he was an explorer and always getting himself into trouble. Watch video:

  • loretta goclowski

    Can’t tell you how much I loved, and hated this film. Absolutely gorgeous tigers, Broken Tail was so very wonderful. I was so very sad to see his end, especially after he showed his unmatched bravery and leadership by traveling all that distance to start his new territory. He was fearless, and everything else wonderful a tiger should be.

    I want to know what I can do to help change the situation?? What can we as average Americans who are not involved in the tiger trade, for any of their parts for medicine, or whatever..can do to help change the situation?? I did see where India is changing some things at the end of your film, but is there anything else we can do?? Is there not a fence around the reserve? I know that sounds elementary, given the size of the park, I am sure, but this is a highly critical situation.

    Can you, Colin, someone we could trust, start a fund to provide a fence around the reserve? And to help fence in the expansion that they are willing to provide? I would bet would could raise the money, not just here in the US>, but around the world, to save the tigers. Then when the fence is installed, we could raise the money annually to help pay for guards to stop the poaching and killing. Similar to what they do in other parts of the world for other endangered animals.

    I am not wanting to just contribute to another existing fund that has to pay staff and what not, and have to worry about tracking where the money goes. I (and I am willing to bet others as well) want you Colin to spearhead this, to buy the fencing yourself to be sure that is where the money goes, and oversee it’s installation. If we buy the fencing, India should be willing to pay for the workers to at least install it, then we continue to fund raise for the cost of patrol workers for protection.

    I know this sounds like a lot, and maybe not what you had in mind, but this is what it is, and WHAT YOU WERE BROUGHTTHERE FOR. IT IS WHY YOU MET BROKEN TAIL AND WHY YOU WERE MEANT TO TELL HIS STORY. So please work at this, we can make it happen.I know that Americans have accomplished bigger things than this, and so have the brits!! Tallyho, mate!

  • mark ciotti

    ur site never works. Love the topics and the show on televisoin. Nothing ever works on this site ever. i want to watch episodes, videos, anything really about nature but i can’t. Very very frustrating

  • Dwain Holmes

    I would like to watch videos on this site also but video won’t play!

  • dana lemay

    I was able to see video but just a short clip. I love nature topics. I hate seeing them die though even though I realize its the circle of life. Snif…still sad to watch at times. PBS is awesome thanx

  • Mike Gannon

    Magnificent but that sad ending…. We have to step up fast and furious to help these wonderful animals. Poaching and habitat encroachment has to be stopped cold and very soon. We donate to the World Wildlife Fund ( ) as well as other organizations such as Defenders Of Wildlife all of whom do excellent work in the effort to halt these illegal operations which are taking these animals from us.
    Please help for all our sake.

  • Deana

    Thank You! For supporting such wonderful programing. So-so sad! and Beautiful,
    How can we help!

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