Can Animals Predict Disaster?
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  • kiran khan

    too good

  • Jennifer erickson


  • Laura


  • Eisa

    hi there

  • chase

    this is great….. one of the best.. but maybe some more light

  • .Renee

    This is a beautiful picture, almost like he’s looking at you.

  • kathy

    just beautiful…..breathtaking!

  • Diana

    Wonderful opportunity to safely come ‘face to face’ with this magnificient predator! Renee, more than ‘looking,’ it appears to be stalking the camera!

  • claud

    this is one of the best tiger pics i have ever seen. I Am very involved with the zoo and there are rarely photo opportunities as amazing as this. They are still very majestic creatures. They are one of my favorite animals at the zoo. They are so fun. They need all the enrichment they can get so last year i wove a zebra out of firehose for them to play with then we glued camel fur onto it so it was like tigernip… they loved it they played for hours and hours… so many amazing pictures. they had a huge tug of war to see who got it first.. they were fighting in the water… i had never seen them move so fast in all my time taking classes at the zoo.. good times.

  • SandyLB

    Beautiful animal/tiger. Let’s keep our animals around on this earth. Member of World Wide Wildlife Funds.

  • Reza

    too secret

  • Luis

    So god tks for your effort.

  • meadow

    so cute ;)

  • Ren’e

    Awesome Picture.The animal looks like it’s playing Hide and go Seek!

  • Nancy

    I’ve had this as my computer background for several years. My computer crashed in June and I have been searching for this since then. This is my favorite photograph….second is Jabulani (close up of her elephant’s eye). I spend hours seeking out magnificent photography – hard to beat this photo!

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