Can Animals Predict Disaster?
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In interviews with scientists and eyewitnesses, NATURE probes the evidence that some animals may have senses that allow them to predict impending natural disasters long before we can. This film premiered on November 13, 2005.

  • Laura

    WOW!!!!! Thank you.

  • Juan Jose Chajon

    great programing, I was in a earthwake in 1974 and still remember how the dogs react previus to the big earthwake, so the days after with the after shokes we put attention to the barking of the dogs in the block.

  • Calvin Perry

    I am truly thankful for the ability to watch this program online. I hav ebeen watching Nature ever since I was a small child and this is just one new way to share with my children what I have come to look forward to every Sunday and now with online any time they or I wish to do so…Thank You

  • sivakumar

    thanks informations-
    siva from coimbatore-india

  • walp710

    I appreciate this program,hope it’s becoming better and better.Welcome to watch Olympic games and learn more about China.
    –from ShenYang,China.

  • DJ. Hindu

    Yo Yo Yo Yo!!!

  • BettyH

    Nice videos ! Thanks ;

  • I Dont Know

    Awsome Video!!!!
    Thank you very much!!

  • Hari

    Great effort. Good work and thank you. This confirms our beliefs. Animals are capable of sensing natural disasters in advance.

  • Arena

    I am used to being able to watch your videos in full screen. Has this function been taken away? If so, very disappointing as will not use them in the future if this is the case.

  • a person

    i really needed to know this! i have many animals that can help me. this can save lives!!!!!

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  • me mo

    the last piece where the guy played music then hippo play backs DID NOT prove anything beyond the fact that hippos recognized their own calls. It was wasted effort.

  • Robert C. Dewitt

    My grandmother was 12 years old when the big one hit (1906) She told us many times that ALL of the cats and dogs in San Francisco KNEW that it was coming at least two days in advance. Dogs and cats ran away from home, and if they couldn`t they tried to make the stupid bi-peds understand that the city was about to bite the big one! Of course nobody listened…

    Side Pocket Bob (R. C. De Witt)
    S.F. native for 57 yrs.

  • diane :)

    wow my grandpa was in one of those and his dog was crazy and his sister said her dog was barking and wouldn’t stop they knew something was wrong so they told each other what there dogs were doing and they said at the same time the dogs put there head on the ground and the tsunami hit

  • michael

    This helped Q1+3 aL0t. thanks!!!

    I sp33K L33T

  • Liz

    COOL! Amazing! Thank you so much!

  • Brenda

    WOW!!! This is amazing. I loved this. Thanks a lot!!!

  • og dude

    not to many people pay atention to animals god put them here for more then killing for sport.

  • Rin

    A lot of people call animals dumb, and say that humans are the smart ones. But once you think about it animals are the smart ones, and humans are the dumb ones.

  • A

    COOL! Can you put on more full episode videos?

  • B Flat

    While camping at Estes State Park-Colo late August, it was a morning ritual to watch the birds, Dad called ‘Camp Robbers’ literally eat off our plates even though we were sitting at the table. One morning he observed the birds were gone and decided we should pack up a day earlier than planned, and head off to Denver. By the time we reached Monarch Pass, we were one of the last cars allowed through before the pass was closed for two weeks due to an unusually large snow storm. Had we not left when we did, we would have been stranded at the park in the snow with limited resources. True story.

  • lauren

    hah, makes me feel like staring at my pets

  • B Salt

    Maybe God is looking out for them?

  • Claire

    This episode was VERY informative. It’s made me more aware of animals’ behavior and I now hold a brand new respect for them after watching this show. Thanks for making such an awesome show, P.B.S.!!!!!!!!

  • Mary

    I really enjoyed this video. It was very interesting!

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