Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History
Video: Ron and Thoto

Several months ago, Ron began retaining water — for chimpanzees, a symptom of heart disease. Because of his poor health, he’s being sent to a sanctuary in Florida, and his friend Thoto is going to keep him company.

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  • Elizabeth Olney

    thank you for introducing Ron & Thoto to us. I found this to be heart-wrenching. Being that love is the ultimat healer, I am grateful to those of you who give of yourselves to care for them; give them a chance to live out their lives with love, respect & dignity. Do you; on behalf of Ron & Thoto welcome visiters ?

  • Shelbie

    Wow… I couldn’t help but smile when Ron first stepped out of his cage. I nearly cried when Thoto went out into the grass and hung onto a tree. Nothing better could have happened at that point. They served us, the unthankful thoughtless humans, and now they finally recieved some sort of reward. I don’t g to circuses because of animal treatment like this.

  • InsightAnalytical-GRL

    This show made me weep throughout…Touching…I will be writing about the chimps in a post or two that I’m doing on the humanity of animals and the inhumanity of humans just before Christmas 08….

  • Jean

    This is one of the most moving programs I have ever seen. I am grateful to those that brought these chimps’ stories to us. We really need to know the cost of our fun and noble experimentation to our cousins. Thank you.

  • ann desantis

    I would like to know the address of the sanctuaries that housed the chimps in your show

  • elizabeth k. rogers

    I should like to send a contribution to the chimp sanctuary. please let me have their address

  • Cheryl Crabtree

    Me too. God bless your work.

  • Lourdes Caress

    I wish I could help some way. Please let me know how I can contribute.

  • Julia

    um……….. ok?

  • Wanda P. USA

    We need to demand that all chimpanzees be removed from research, please write letters to your state representatives, senators, etc. Keep doing this until they are released…..

  • Wanda

    Dr.Carole Noon, and her staff are such remarkable people. She has done so much for these Chimpanzees. Now, we need to get the rest of the Chimpanzees out of the research labs, and we can if we demand their release…..

  • Wanda Perry

    You can go to savethechimps, and get all the info there.

  • Tom

    I wanted to take the time to thank all those involved with the rescue of chimps. They don’t belong in the zoo or on display of any kind. They certainly don’t belong being kept as “pets”. They belong in the wild, and barring that, in a sancturary that does not allow the general public to come and look at the “monkeys”. How would you like to be starred at? They are far too DANGEROUS to be around untrained people. Aside from that, they should be given respect, dignity to live out their lives with their families in privacy .

  • taylor

    They look very sad where they are. I think that they should build an island, where no person can bother them. They should be aloud to live in an area where they can be alone with there own species….

  • Charlie Sorrell

    I have watched your show 2 times .I can’t enough of it. You are amazing human beings.My wife an I love all of u for what u do.Thank You Thank You THANK You!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bruce Sly

    What a great show. So many things that a person doesnt know and after watching this my heart just melted with love for these animals. What can we do to help? Running a sanctuary would make me feel like I could contribute to helping the chimps. Can you tell me what it takes to set one up?

  • marilyn spaziano

    I watched this program just before I went to work. I turned it on in time to see Thoto. My heart lifted when he took off. How that must feel after being abuse and captive for that long. You are wonderful human beings, and I would love to help if I can.

  • H Wainaina

    Thanks for letting us know what is happening to chimpazees. I sobbed uncontrollably after watching this show. God bless you for all your hard work to save those animals.

  • Joanne

    What a horrible life these chimpanzees were forced to endure. They were treated so inhumanely and forced to live their lives in captivity when they should be free in their natural environment. It breaks my heart to know that man could inflict such torture and cruelty on these poor animals. These chimpanzees belong in the wild just as all wild animals do. Man should just leave nature alone. Wild animals don’t belong in captivity or as people’s pets, or in circuses or scientific labs. When is this ever going to end. When stupid people realize that they forced all animals out of extinction! Maybe they should feel what it is like to be put through that pain and forced to live in a cage for the rest of their lives!

  • r

    I saw a few people asking where to find the sanctuaries that these chimpanzees are retired at. Most of them are named in their segment, and can be found on facebook. I do know that Ron and Thoto were rescued by Save The Chimps. I hope that helps.

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