Christmas in Yellowstone
Video: Hibernating Bear

This grizzly bear is not sleeping. She’s been in a state of hibernation since November. Her heart rate has slowed, she takes fewer than two breaths per minute, and she won’t eat or drink for up to five months.

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  • Jennifer

    Thanks for making these short clips available. I put this on the SmartBoard for our class unit on Hibernation in First Grade.

  • Pierina

    This is a sad but intresting video!

  • Brenda

    Absolutely wonderful. Yellowstone is my husband and I’s favorite place. We will be going back out again. I am a photographer and it doesn’t get any better than Yellowstone and the Tetons. I wish I could team up with some other photographers for a winter trip.

  • Monica

    This is sad.But interesting video.I showed this to my first graders (i am a teacher) one little girl named chloe said “what can we do to help her?” i said “Well nothing she is hibernating she is sleeping for the winter”

  • Madalyn

    I used this a 1st grade reading/science resource for our Changes in Nature study. It is certainly wonderful for the students to SEE the bears hibernate as part of their life cycle. In valuable to access stuff like this. Thank you, Nature!

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