Christmas in Yellowstone
Video: Meet Photographer Tom Murphy

Photographer and author Tom Murphy is a modern-day adventurer. He has spent part of each winter for the last 26 years camping in the backcountry of Yellowstone.

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  • Carol Smith

    Just saw a documentary with Tom´s pictures of Yellowstone – gorgeous photos – breathtaking! Am hoping to see more.

  • Jeffrey Martin

    Fabulous Yellowstone in winter film was just shown on German TV. Special praise for the whole team. We noticed the names of Shane Moore and Tom Murphy, but I am sure there are many others who deserved to be named.

  • lynn saltzman

    Thanks Tom Murfy.Job well done.

  • Karie Mitchell

    I am watching it right now. It brings back an amazingly wonderful memory about 2 years ago. I was traveling alone, spending the night in West Yellowstone, having dinner, I think, at Bullwinkle’s. Saying to the other diners, “What a shame. I was planning on going into the Park tomorrow, but a snowstorm is coming.” Most everyone had cancelled travel plans and were avoiding the area. “I would think that would be to your advantage,” said someone. “The Park will be nearly deserted.” He was right. It was me and about 5 cars and the vast park and the bison nearly all to myself. I bought Tom Murphy’s beautiful book at the Lodge. What a treat to enjoy this tonight. What a memory.

  • Judy Valcourt

    I just finished watching the documentary ‘Christmas in Yellowstone’ Awesome photography, Awesome Scenery,…I would love to go there someday…
    and I really now want to get Tom Murphys book…
    Thanks for sharing..

  • Mari de Wit

    Absolutely stunning beauty…
    I just finished watching the documentary on PBS and was in awe by the shear beauty of the images and the cinematography. eg. The sunrise, fogbanks and sweeping winds across the snowfields and over the ridges are just fantastic shows of mother nature.
    My biggest hobby is winter photography and am lucky to see what Tom achieved. Mostly impressed I was with his way of camping. Reminds me of my first night out when I was drafted in the army in January… Once my babies grow up, we will be enjoying nature too. Beyond our own 15 acres in the woods of Upstate NY Finger Lakes that is.
    Looking forward to see more of Toms images.

  • Randy Stricker

    What is Tom Murphy’s website?

  • Zane Poulson

    Writing as I’m watching. Keep up the great work WNET. Thru programs like yours just maybe we can preserve the areas of the planet that have not been altered or destroyed. Tom Murphy is a special one-of-a-kind. I truly enjoyed!!


    Zane Poulson

  • karie mitchell

    tom murphy’s site:

  • Sharon Matz

    Visited Yellowstone this past October after a snowfall. Thanks for refreshing those beautiful memories for me.

  • Diana Losacco

    I absolutely could not take my eyes away from the TV as I watched Tom’s breathtaking photo’s of Yellowstone in the winter! Visiting Yellowstone was one of the most memorable trips my husband and I had taken. Our trip was taken in the summer, but to see what it looks like in the dead of winter made me immediately say to my husband ‘when can we go?’ Watching this was like going on a spiritual journey. Thank you Tom and PBS for not only bringing back some wonderful memories, but for reminding me of how truly beautiful LIFE is. It’s something we ALL need a reminder of from time to time.

  • Corbina

    Tom is an amazing! photgrapher and human being. I respect and honor what he does for the animals, for all of us. What a wonderful gift it is to have his work!

  • Norma McHann

    My daughter, grandson and I spent 2 days touring Yellowstone in Aug. 2008, what a wonderful trip. For anyone who hasn’t visited at anytime of the year you should treat yourself to the beauty and wonders of God’s creation. I would like to be able to return each year at different seasons. I don’t think I would ever tire of being there. Your program was great.

  • james Mc Entee

    Words fail to express the fantastic video of Christmas in Yellowstone Park,the scenery the animals and the fantastic photography of Tom Murphy Congratulations to all. God willing, I see this wonderful Park

  • Margo Gabor

    Dear Mr. Murphy:

    I saw your film, “Christmas In Yellowstone” twice, and I was so amazed at all of your HARD work. The images you have captured still stand out in my mind. The one of the buffalo, in the snow, laying down by the steaming gyser is beautiful. I see your photos as painting with light. Golden Light.
    How can I buy a book from you, signed by you, as our local book stores do not have it.

    I would like to make the journey, to Yellowstone, this Christmas, and see through your eyes.

    Pease, let me know.

    Yours truly,

  • Tom Murphy

    Thank you for noticing the wild beauty of Yellowstone. In the winter it becomes more elemental. You may purchase any of my books on my web site and I will sign them for you.

  • Andrew McGlenn

    I go elk hunting in the Snowcrest Range in SW Montana every year and live out of a wall tent with brother and Dad (all packed in 4 miles from the roadhead in multiple trips) spending 8 – 12 days hunting out in the wilderness.

    I very much enjoyed viewing and observing the techniques and knowledge that Tom has ammassed during his many years in the winter wilderness. There is nothing like it and it is a treasured experience that I look forward to every winter. I also help to teach outdoor survival to various folks so really liked seeing someone actually practicing it…

    Thanks for producing this documentary. It’s great to see others who appreciate the challenge and beauty that winter in the Rockies has to offer.


  • Marge & Jim

    Just viewed ‘Christmas In Yellowatone’
    Loved it. It brought back many fond memoriesof our trips to that great park.

  • phentermine 37.5

    Brilliant stuff, man! What you have to say is really important and Im glad you took the time to share it. What you said really spoke to me and I hope that I can learn more about this. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I am yet to find anything as enlightening as this on the web.

  • John Scherder

    Just watched Christmas in Yellowstone! Wow! Beautiful! I’ve been to Yellowstone myself snowmobiling. It’s simply beautiful!

  • Annette Blais

    Dear Tom Murphy:Just watched your” Christmas in yellowstone” for the second time,absolutely stunning photography.I too love the solitude of nature,and would love to visit Yellowstone in winter.My favorite activities are camping,photography,hiking and anything outdoors.I understand your passion for the great outdoors.Keep up the great work and I hope to see more of your stunning photos.

  • Larry Hefling

    Just watched Christmas in Yellowstone and am incredibly impressed with Tom’s endurance and love for the park. I’ve been there twice and will continue to return over and over. It’s a magical place.

  • William J. Murphy

    While visiting the Visitors Center and Gift Shop at Glacier Natl. Park I noticed the name on a wonderful Photografic book of Tom Murphy. The author of this book. I did not have time to view the book due to being a member of a senior bus tour group from Wichita Falls,TX . What surprised me more was tha Author’s name, Tom Murphy. My youngest son’s name is Tom Murphy. I intend to visit our large local book stores in order to be able to purchase a book by Tom Murphy. I enjoy many scenic pictures of various parts of this country . Thank you Tom Murphy for your beautiful pictures etc. Respectfully: Bill Murphy

  • Dan

    Yellowstone is truly a treasure that should be carefully preserved forever! This amazing & beautiful episode of Nature proves just how true that is! Congrats and thank you PBS!

  • Karen Ulmer

    I’ve watched this several times and will be visiting Yellowstone in Feb so the presentation of this was timely. Tom appears to be my kind of guy. Are you single??? Seriously your photography is amazing and the whole program was very well thought out and cohesive. Thanks.

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