Christmas in Yellowstone
Video: Red Fox Hunts Mice

Under the snow, insulated from the wind and cold, is a network of tunnels inhabited by mice and voles. This red fox can’t see them, but he can hear them moving. Diving nose first through the snow’s surface, the fox searches out a meal.

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  • Susanna – Italy

    How funny this smart fox!!!! Absolutely great!!
    Thanks PBS!

  • James Rochford

    What a fantastic episode of Nature! It’s perfect for the holidays and my son and I enjoy watching this clip over and over again! Thank you, PBS!

  • Jeff Chungath

    My son and daughter could not stop laughing watching the segment during the show. Their anticipation while the fox was prepping for dive was priceless.

  • Karen

    This was stunningly beautiful to see. Fascinating shots of the hibernating bear and fox on the hunt. It was also the first time that my cat got off the warm couch, stood straight up to touch the TV and watched the show for 20 minutes in rapt attention. Even he was captivated- that has never happened before!

  • sunni

    he is so cute I thought this was funny<33333 luv yall

  • Lynn

    Those dives are great!

  • Reanef

    I watched this video on a trip to Yellowstone last week and loved it! I love foxes and watching this is so funny my class can’t stop laughing!

  • rogerbatista

    creatures of God…beautiful

  • midwesterner

    when does this show air?

  • Hayleigh

    My boyfriend has grey foxes out in his backyard and he says they do this too. I would love to see this in real life one day!

    The music is perfect with the video! Excellent, well done!

  • Alex

    OMG! He is so cute! I just want to hug him! Such a cute face and adorable!

  • Helen

    what an amazing episode. Linda Hunt as narrator was a great choice, and made us feel as if we were in Yellowstone celebrating Christmas! I purchased two copies, one as a gift.

  • anita powal

    beautyful !!!!!!! I love it…

  • maneschijn3

    The sound of the fox is so clear! And the music, like Peter and the Wolf, was it written and performed to the film? Is fabulous. The high tones like mice, the drums like we’re in the circus. And of course so well filmed. Thank you very much!

  • maneschijn3

    At second thought: it must be an existing piece of music to which the film is cut, isn’t it? Who is the composer and what is the name of the piece, what orchestra? Where the sounds the fox seem to make put to it later as well?

  • Meezer3

    This short clip makes me even more appreciative of the wonderful and fascinating world around us…

    Fox are smart, beautiful animals and I absolutely love his fluffy, beautiful tail.
    (Not that I would want it for myself…it, and all his fur, should stay right where it is, on him to serve its purpose to keep him warm…NOT for us to wear.)
    I thank God every day for the beauty and incredible creatures that we live with in this great circle of life. Without them it would be so very lonely, not to mention boring. ;-)

  • billy

    Ohhh this is soooo funny. do you know how many mice died. NO. but everybody just thinks its soooo cute. its sick. watching a fox destroy a mouse.

  • pearl

    Oh, please. It is not sick. He cannot eat veggies. And read the clip about yours.

  • selena

    i have to say that way funyy and it was so cooooooooooooooooool (L) (K)

  • Sheila

    This has to be my favorite clip ever. I laugh every single time I watch it, whether it’s the full video on here, or the one-dive clip that is included in one of the stream of advertisements for our public tv station.

  • Jerry

    This fall, on my property in CA, while watching through binoculars, I had the rare opportunity to view a red fox at approx. 70 yards dive off a log head first into the grass and capture a mouse. It was executed exactly the same as the fox in the video. Very exciting.

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  • Brianna

    this was amazing! i love foxes!! :D

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