Clash: Encounters of Bears and Wolves
Video: Battle for a Carcass

When a bison goes down, grizzlies vie for control of the carcass. Ravens and wolves call for reinforcements.

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  • Mike


  • Black

    well it would be a bloody battle if i took on him i would win, i would take an AK-47 a knife and thats all i would need, yep bloody.

  • Zulliet

    i luv it!!!!!

  • Lorenzo Stehlin

    Hi! Just dropped by to say good web site. Continue with the great job you’re doing!

  • Jon Morgan

    Awesome fight scene, superb footage.

  • Kristen Bieger

    very interesting battle!!!

  • Artem

    Always enjoy bear fights, just waht i was looking for, good job!

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