Clever Monkeys
Photo Caption Challenge!

White-faced capuchins in a tree. Image © BBC

Monkeys are clever, but we think that NATURE viewers are even more clever! Think you can come up with a funny caption for what’s going on in this photo?

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  • t

    “if we’re so clever, why can’t we figure out how to separate conjoined monkey twins?”

  • doreen

    Just another day in the jungle… What do you want to do, Marty?

  • Ramona

    “There goes our stock portfolio.”

  • Gregg

    “Has the election line gone down yet?”

  • Greg W.

    It’s Monday

  • David

    “When is this photographer gonna give us some food! I’m tired of waiting.”

  • Delph

    ‘I’m a little bit country …and I’m a little bit rock ‘n roll.’

  • fred van deuson

    “……..I don’t know, what do you want to do…..”

  • Diana

    Strike a pose, let’s get to it, come on and vogue.

  • Allyson

    Time to make the doughnuts.

  • Cheryl

    Oh no. It looks like Ms. Green is planning another activity. Lie quietly. Maybe she won’t notice us. Play school wears me out.

  • Donald

    two heads are better than one.

  • Beverly

    I’m not sure, but I think 2 legged ones are called Humans.

  • Mavis

    Its your turn to do something funny for the camera. I did it last time.

  • Thomas

    They tried to enjoy their vacation, but neither could remember turning off the iron.

  • Ricky Garcia

    (Sing-songy) Two Monkeys hanging on a tree H-A-N-G-I-N-G!

  • Greg Hurley

    One monkey said to the other: “What do you mean 1729 is the smallest number expressed as the sum of 2 cubes in two different ways?”

    The other monkey said: “Forget it. You are just not as evolved as I am.”

  • Martha Treder

    I can’t believe we’ve climbed the WHOLE tree! Are we there yet?!?!

  • Paul Demers

    Now, if we put on a big raincoat, we can fit in with the bigger monkeys.

  • J Rodewald

    “When does PBS pledge week end?”

  • Lacaplin

    Hey Dude… wanna take a nap?

  • Lisa

    So what are you doing standing there with that camera and staring at us?

  • Max the Bunny

    You on the right is that your feet, or two long toes?

  • jack

    Ya know, sometimes I don’t know if I have what it takes to be a “clever monkey.”?

  • Evelyn

    “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.”

  • Gordon

    Do you really think they’ll buy our DVD?

  • Adam

    Where’s the remote?

  • Hank Ball

    “they never seem to tire of creating clever captions” Evolution…huh!

  • Joe

    Our bark’s bigger than our bite.

  • Paul

    Hey Joe, did you hear that we’re closely related to humans? Yeah, Romero, I heard. I’m bummed too.

  • T2

    “Year of the Rat… eh?”
    “Yup, we still have to wait until 2016.”
    [Translated from the Chinese]

  • Meghan

    “If we just put our heads together like this, we will soon devise a plan clever enough to rid us of them for good this time.”

  • Eleanore Rhodes

    How many days ’til Christmas?

  • Melissa

    “There’s always next year.” “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

  • Laura T.

    “You’re probably right,he hasn’t moved in a long while.

  • JoAnne

    Why can’t Mom and Dad just say “Good Night” and leave?

  • Matt

    “The Cubs are never gonna win the World Series, are they?” “Nope.”

  • al

    Wow… Maybe I should have stopped after that third shot of tequila.

  • landa

    “Can we go now? My chin is getting itchy.”


    “Ya think that humans can separate our heads, now that they’ve done it successfully with humans?”

    “Yep, I thinks so, there is no need to evolve for this!”

  • claire b

    the usual.
    double cappuchino, for here.

  • rachel

    where’s Ross?

  • james

    I told you my head would not fit in your ear

  • Pepper

    Seriously Albert, if I had known the hanging chad would have become such the big deal, well, we simply wouldn’t have gone there!!!

  • desire taylor

    Monkey #1 Ever since Cocoa lost those 2 pounds from her belly, she’s been nothing but a show-off.
    Monkey #2 Amen. Imagine, wearing white lily garlands this late in the season.

  • Debra

    Thank a monkey. We broke the evolutionary code so you don’t have to.

  • J Asbury Toledo OH

    SHUSH !!! We`re watching PBS !

  • Brian

    “Two heads are better than one…” is a completely different concept, gentlemen.


    “I hate timeout…”

  • Janice

    “Whata mean ? ….. We ARE smiling !”

  • Carol Ann Pitner

    Playing really tires me out

  • shelli

    was it as good for you as it was for me

  • Lesley

    “I love this show! I had no idea that humans could be so interesting.”
    “Shush, it’s just getting interesting.”

  • Ashley

    “You smell that?”

  • trixx

    how’s the day??

  • madhu

    Now will you stop crying and let me watch this program a little peacefully? I told you they are not going to sent you to connecticut.

  • Linda

    Monkey see, monkey do!

  • lulu

    hey why does your foot get to be in the picture its so obvious my foot is better

  • Avarie

    those monkeys are cutter the some people i know

  • maria

    Oh, it’s you again? Don’t you have some lions to stalk or something?

  • Sridhar Ramakrishnan

    Lets see which of us can resemble Mr. George Bush better !

  • Sterry

    Darn, it’s the paparazzi again. They’re ruining our lives!

  • joe

    why do I always get stuck by the butt? your the baby

  • R. b

    ahhhhh monkey rest…so goood…dang dude…why is that girl monkey over there so hot?

  • bunny

    Sorry God we give up! We can’t help save this planet earth from the humans monkeying with it!

  • Azure Malbone

    Unemployment is a drag.

  • Deborah Liberatore

    We need health insurance too.

  • Erika

    Play hard. Rest. Repeat! ;)

  • Rachel

    ” We’re melting! We’re MELTING! MEH-EH-LLL-TIIING!!! “

  • Heather

    …maybe if we put our heads together…hey! what’s going on in there?

  • Edwin

    ” Capuchins, the graduates of the animal kingdom”

  • Ruth Knox

    “If one more person asks if we’re twins, I’m gonna scream!”

  • Phillip Lemons

    Mother always liked you best!

  • Lori Reed

    Mom, when you are done grooming the baby would you check out our heads? I think we found some tree sap the hard way …

  • Blah

    I hate when dad tries to impress us with his home cuisine

  • Wallinski

    Monkey on Right: “Ugh, what a day! I’m pooped!
    Monkey on left: ” Hey Andy, check out that hot babe over there! Wooowee!”

  • Roy Wilson

    Another successful e-Harmony match.

  • brian s

    Aw!!! How cute!!!

  • Janet

    This is the most comfortable tree in the WORLD!

  • Jenny

    Ooooh (burp), I pigged out. You, too?

  • Randi

    Monkey on viewers’ right:
    Whad’ya suppose they’re thinking about?

    Monkey on viewers’ left:
    Thinking? THOSE dumb animals?

  • Katherine

    “Ooh, even with a helmet, that gotta hurt.”

  • Sam Holcombe

    Okay Binkie, we’ve put our heads together; so why can’t we still not figure out how to open that whatchamacallit?

  • Jmmy

    Its no fun being this good Lookin!!

  • Jim

    Think we should tell the zebra about the lion in the bush
    Na, better him than us.

  • Mariel

    yeah yeah yeah, take the darn picture already! now move it along…..

  • LilBastiid

    That’s no exactly what I had in mind when you said your neighbor was a Cougar

  • Nikki

    hmmm…what should we do today?

  • aynzan

    How long have we got to wait for the Tooth Fairy to say ‘Cheese’?

  • haley

    that a cute picccc

  • Mary

    Monkey 1 : “she hasnt got it that Lion arent into touch football yet huh?”
    Monkey 2 : “shh! you’re running the plot!”

  • Siddhartha

    I just emailed this picture to my daughter telling her daddy on left and his loving lazy daughter to his right…Ha…Ha.

  • SP

    Boy friend tells his girlfriend, “Lets not get out from the bed today, lets stay home until we overcome this hang over, I guess we had way too many drinks last night”.

  • SRP

    They look depressed, may be husband lost his job, and both are thinking how they are going to survive in this recession, and how they are going to pay incoming bills?

  • thegirlthatleftacomment

    thsi is the life

  • JL

    Are we there yet?

  • Lauryn

    1: “what do you want to do today?”
    2: “I dunno, what do you want to do today?”
    3: *sigh* I don’t know.

  • susan

    can you believe school starts tomorrow?

  • Eric

    Oh Honey, the kids are beautiful!

  • Donald R.

    “They said this show would be funny….??”

  • Heather

    I’m so tired of the paparrazi.

  • Janet Chafe

    Can you see any evil?

    Nope. Do you hear any evil?

    Nope. So I guess we should turn on the television.

  • Celina (Brasil)

    - night, Dad
    - night, Son…

  • Deonna

    “Alan…… It’s watchin us…”

  • Debra C Holley

    Back to school and they worked us so hard to make up those missed days from all that bad weather. I’m exhausted!
    Yeah finally all sun and no rain and I’m just to tired to play. What a BUMMER!!!!!

  • Mary McCord

    “It’s your turn to go get the fruit, I got it last time.”
    “I can’t. I just feel too lazy today.”

  • prakash

    let me pause first, to update in facebook

  • ENYA

    “….I’m burnt out on the poo flinging already.”

  • Catherine H

    NOW WHAT?? are we supposed to do with those Red Sox Play-Off tickets our friends gave us?? Excellent seats, too–of course!
    OH MAN……

    We can always blame it on that Rain Delay!

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