Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions

Acclaimed wildlife filmmaker Ginger Kathrens has been filming the life of the remarkable wild stallion, Cloud, since the day of his birth in 1995, allowing NATURE viewers to watch as he grew from tiny foal to the powerful leader of the largest band of wild horses in the Arrowhead Mountains that he is today. Along the way, much has been learned about wild horse society and the importance of family and loyalty in their dangerous and unpredictable world.

In this chapter of his story, Cloud is one of two fathers who bring up each other’s sons. Bolder is Cloud’s son by birth – beautiful and golden, but raised by Shaman, a rival band stallion. Flint, dark and determined, was sired by Shaman, but became Cloud’s adopted son. The two sons mature and progress from playful youths into valid contenders for mares and bands of their own. Will one of them rise to take Cloud’s place?

This poignant and engrossing chronicle explores the challenges presented not only by ambitious sons, but also by the harsh mountain weather, deadly mountain lion attacks, and the changing relationships within and between bands of wild horses in the mountains.

The film also touches upon the effect of the on-going efforts of the Bureau of Land Management (the BLM) to administer a program of population control, including infertility drugs and bait trapping, to remove animals from the mountains. It is yet another hurdle that Cloud and his family and the rest of the horses in the Arrowheads must overcome in the day-to-day efforts to survive in the wilderness.

Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions premieres Sunday, October 25 (check local listings).

You can follow the developments of Cloud’s family, along with updates about the BLM measures to control horse population at the Cloud Blog.

If you missed the first two installments, watch Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies and Cloud’s Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns online.

  • Elyse Gardner

    A must-see for any horselover. Thrilling, intimate footage of these horses and their truly natural social structure and survival in the mountains. Go to to see how you can help these noble horses. Let this incredibly pristine series inspire us to take action to protect these horses which are now endangered by the Bureau of Land Management.

  • Sheila Thompson

    Will you be airing the stories about Cloud the Wild Stallion again?

  • katherine

    I love cloud and i want to know lots more on how he is doing!!!

  • Alyssa

    I can’t wait to see the third! A great website is because it shows all kinds of ways to help all mustangs!

  • mia

    i love cloud did you know breyer model horses has the cloud family its awsom

  • mia

    sheila just to let you know wile you on this sit go to the video section and the full episods of cloud bart 1 and 2 is one this sit just search for it till ya findd it!may the horse be with you lol!

  • gina

    I can’t wait to see this part 3. I loved the first 2 and I love horses. I don’t own one (yet… crosses fingers) but I love learning about them and the Cloud episodes from Nature are very well done.

  • Sara

    When is the third Cloud airing?

  • maddie

    Hey! I LOVE Cloud and all other horses. Do you have any movies or anything on Raven? I

  • Madi

    When is Cloud 3 airing?!! I’m sooooo excited.

  • T wengert

    I have been to visit and photogragh Cloud and the other horses for the last 7 summers, and if you love horses,, then this is heaven….. They do need all the help you can give to ensure their future…and their is a new special baby on the mountain.

  • alyssa

    daer ginger kathrens! I wish i could go out there and buy all those horses in the pens!! i worte a letter to you about 4 months ago i drew the ‘clouds Band’ picture.i love cloud !!! horseles in parker

  • alexandria

    when is the secound video airing i want to see it soooooo bad .

  • Ricardo Guillen

    when is the third installment airing, i remembered watching the first one when i was younger i never thought i would see cloud as again thanks to you and the horse after the military i found a perfect therapy for me she is a yearling and i call her sand-storm, best investment evermade.

  • NATURE Online

    Look for the third installment of the Cloud story to appear sometime next season, which begins fall 2009. More details to come.

  • jocie

    I cant wait for the 3rd installment! Cloud is the best series for all horse lovers!! I have the first 2 movies and I was amazed at what Katheren has done with the wild horses!!!

  • erin

    i love cloud i wonder how he sikita flint and storm are doing???? Cloud Rocks :)

  • Blue Hige

    cloud is a real insperation to many people because of what he does to protect his family! Cloud Rocks! Live on!

  • roxy

    is he still with sikca? and what happend to boulder?

  • Deb

    The biogenics of these wild horses must be preserved. Surely our government, who can supply funds for clunkers, can find a way to fund the BLM and the wild horses. If we lose our wildlife, we will lose our freedom as well. The American people need to realize that when we let the government control everything, we the people will be left with nothing of our own. The wild horses must be preserved, if for no other reason than that this country owes the horse for it’s very existance. Without the horse, we would have had to walk through out country as it expanded from sea to sea. I hope and pray that there are a few good horsement sitting in Congress that will come to the aid of our wild horse legacy.

  • chance

    hi i have never see and of the cloud series but i herd there great i have been hoping to maybe catch a rerun but so far nothing i cant wait fot the 3 one to come out does he still have sika and what about her filly and blue sues filly

  • Julia

    i have seen Clould, Wild Stallion of the Rockies and Clouds Legacy, Wild Stallion Returns. at the end of the second one Sitca had a foal named Storm. then when i watched the preview of Cloud, Challenge of The Stallions, Storm wasnt in it. What happened to Storm??

  • Sam

    I cannot wait for this. I’m so upset that many of the horses may be gone. Cloud and his family has fascinated me since when I first got the book. I really want to know what’s going on with his herd. I love Flint!

  • Morgan Offutt

    OMG, I am a HUGE fan of Cloud! I’m really sad that a bunch of his family is being rounded up, but at least he is okay. I can’t wait for this one to come out!!!!!

  • jo bunny

    i would like to see a rerun of the first two Cloud documentaries, Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies & Cloud’s Legacy – The Wild Stallion Returns, before the third one, Cloud – Challenge of the Stallions, is aired next month!

  • david ball

    i am get verry exected about the new Clould CHapter i cant get chanel 7 i have to wate to get at AMzon .com

  • Sydney Johnson

    You did an awsome job! I wish I could have been with you when you filmed it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE horses! And soooooooo want to own one some day. Maybe if I get married I can talk my husband into it. IDK. Well, I cant wait for the third movie and want to see it badly. Please keep filming, and trying your best to keep these animals alive. Including cloud. From watching the videos, I have grown to love Cloud even thogh I have never seen him up close. Keep up the good work, Sydney

  • katie

    OMG I love Cloud so much! This show is so amazing, it gave me so much insight into natural horse behavior! Ginger Kathrens did such an amazing job on these videos! I can’t wait for the third one to come out on October 25! It’s so much fun learning about horses by watching Cloud and his family! Thank you Ginger for going through all the trouble of filming cloud for us! I can’t wait to find out whats been happening to Cloud!

  • Annette

    have to see this i love horses i love the wild i love wild horses i want to see them all red raven, dimond , flint, bolder, cloud, raven and everyone

  • muriel ferris

    Can’t wait to see the 3rd….

  • Mike


  • Susan Gleason

    “The Judas horse was released and raced past him. What happened next was a first for me. Cloud completely ignored the lure of the Judas horse! When the corral came into view he slowed and the band pushed in around him, trying to run away from the helicopter. Dust swirled around them as Cloud stopped and turned to face the chopper and stood still for a few seconds. Then, he turned following his family into the corral. I have never seen this kind of defiant courage . . . ever. And so, I ask that we take his lead. Courage is what we need now. Courage and tenacity. We must keep up the fight.”

  • Cayce

    Senator Graham and Senator Wilson are going to help save Cloud, his family, and his herd. I E-Mailed them and they said Yes.

  • David ball

    i am Gong to Record Clould Challenge of Stillon on tv i got detal Vrs and DVD player show i Can Record it 7:00 pm

  • Wayne Dunlap

    I think it sad that the Government cannot let these horses alone. We have national parks. This should also include wild horse which are allowed to roam free without the threat of being captured and sold into bondage. Why can’t we all enjoy these horses instead of just a few? Was this under Bush’s administration or Obama’s?

  • robin maca

    Check out this website for more information!!! Help these wonderful creatures be free!

  • Lynette

    This is such a great story, too bad Ginger was not able to tell about the tragic out come of the round ups to Clouds herd and other wild horse herds. Some horses are still lame from the helicopter chase and wild horse herds will never be the same. They will never be able to come back from these round ups and all wild horses will be lost thanks to the BLM who has their heart set on killing off ALL wild horses left in the wild and the ones already in long term holding pens. Call today and tell the BLM you want them to stop killing the wild horses and let them run free again.

  • tia

    seriously pissed right now. Why doesn’t PBS post their videos online??? I was lookign for this all week—but cant watch it on tv as our pbs was replaced wid something else. very very disapointed.

  • NATURE Online

    Don’t worry! This episode will be available online starting tomorrow.

  • ron flett

    Cloud smoud, what about raven. Is he still alive?



  • charlie blackwolf


  • Kathy Countiss

    What a wonderful documentary about our wild horses! Ginger did a fantastic job. Why is the BLM darting horses to control the population but putting foals born late in jeopardy? I think this method of limiting births should be stopped or we will no longer have our wild horses left to make great videos of.

  • Pat Houser

    I’m so disgusted right now that I can’t get the chat with Ginger to work. I have hated the BLM since the 1970s, when I was a little kid and read about these helicopter roundups of wild horses. I, too, want to know: WHAT HAPPENED TO CLOUD AND THE OTHERS?

  • Nicole

    I too am so sad to hear about the round up of all the horses.Why cant people just let nature take its course.It makes me so angry and I am deeply deeply disturbed and very sad hearing what is going on.I wish something can be done.

  • Esme

    This was a beautiful and inspirational program. Thank you very much for all the time and love that went into it.

    I am appalled that the BLM believes rounding up horses is a good thing to do. Thanks for the questions and answers on the other page. I intend to write to everyone I can and let them know this is wrong. This has to be stopped.

  • Thomas Meachem


  • Johnnie Forquer

    Ginger never fails to deliver. Her love for these horses comes through in every scene and word she says. I hope there are many more programs on the wild horses of the Pryors in the works.

  • Trish

    I loved it I just watched it on tv but I did not know that there were different parts I only seen part 3 not the other 2 parts Cloud is so beautiful.

  • MB McMichael

    Laughable & deplorable that this show was included in the “Nature” series, which otherwise focuses on science. The show would have been acceptable under “POV.” It’s fine that people love feral livestock and want to champion their cause, but the film was subjective, ignored the environmental impact of human-introduced species, and had no scientific merit.

  • Betty

    I just saw the 3rd part of the “Cloud” saga…it was beautiful and so interesting. I don’t know who BLM is and don’t understand why they have to control or limit births…can’t anyone leave nature alone??

  • Steve

    Watched the 3rd installment and was hooked. Have since bought the 1st & 2nd also. Hats off to Ginger for the EXCELLENT series she has produced. Some of the footage is amazing. Thanks again!!!!

  • Pontus

    I have seen these wild horses on my numerous motorcyle rides in the Pryor Mountains. They are amazing creatures.

  • Lee Parker

    I am a furm believer and lover of what you represent. I am so interested in purchesing the full volume of cloud I see there are three epesodes. Lee

  • Joel

    MB McMichael – Yes, the horse was introduced to America. But it had a profound impact in the culture and behavior of both the indigenous Americans and immigrants alike. Understanding the behavior of a domesticated animal is of tremendous importance for ensuring the appropriate treatment of these animals. I always found how we handled horses to be a little rough handed, and hopefully work done by Ms. Kathrens and others can help improve their lives. Quite an appropriate goal for the program. I wholeheartedly disagree with the “Laughable & deplorable” epithet you ascribe to it.

    Ellen, Charlie and Thomas – The land that is not within a park and not owned by private individuals is under the control of the BLM, a unit of the Department of the Interior. There is a LOT of land in the US under the BLM and for the most part it is completely unregulated.

    If you are upset about what is happening in the BLM, talk to your local congressperson and express your opinion on increasing funding and land allocation to the national park services.

    Don’t take my word for it. Look up the BLM, the Nation Park Service and organizations that work with them. Google is your friend :).

  • Roberta Answini

    I loved watching the saga of cloud and am glad to hear via the last show that he is corraled and safe and that his family can eat and not be mountain lion food. Roberta

  • Rachel

    I love watching Cloud. I am so happy his family didn’t get caught by the BLM. why does the BLM have to round so many horses anyway? Thank you so much Miss Ginger for the amazing series you’ve produced. I understand alot more about wild horses then I ever did before. Thanks again!!!! Rachel

  • Paula Cates

    Years ago I cared for a herd of horses that lived
    more or less on their won & free for 9 months out of each year.
    This series brings back those memories & so much more.
    I appluade Ms. Kathrens for her dedication in keeping the majesty & plight of the wild horses in the public eye.
    I look forward to many more episodes.

  • Holly Holt

    My husband and I were looking for something to watch and stumbled across the the last 10 minutes of Challenge of the Stallions on PBS and were so impressed with the film we wanted to see the whole show. We caught another showing and loved the film. We both were bothered by the so called round up to these wonderful horses and want to know what happened to Cloud and his family. How are these wonderful animals being treated if they have been captured? What happens to them if they do not find a home for the horses? I had trouble sleeping thinking these wonderful animals might be put down rather than released back to the wild. If the point is to thin them out so they do not over populate and die of hunger or disease, why not let the ones they can not find homes for back into the wild rather than killing them. If some are given to homes that would thin out the population, correct? Just want to know what happen to Cloud?

  • mary coder

    10/31/09 i caught one of clouds story it was breath taken of the wild horses have servived i would truley loved to be kepted on coulds future and would enjoy to be part of knowing his pastof where he was born i am so into horses i cant have one where i live at my age i am only able to to handle dogs and cats. so i do dog and cat rescue. my heart is into al those that do horse rscue. i some day before i pass that i could visit a horse rescue in the mountain and maybe be able to go out to see wild horses. i thank you mary j coder

  • Irv

    What a great show I’m not a horse person but while channel surfing this morning I saw this show Cloud challenge of the stallions. was instantly hooked.Now I would like to know more.What passion it must take to follow the lives of these beautifull animals. Thank you

  • Jessica Rein

    i love mustangs! this show is deffinatly horse lover material! i cant wait to see another episode. i never seem to find it on though. DX im so mad that Image was auctioned off!!! i think he was a spitting image of his father. its not fair, i dont think ive ever seen a mustang of that color until i watched this show. GREAT WORK KEEP IT UP!!! i cant wait for a new episode! btw your mustang (i forget the name) is beautiful!

  • danedra roark

    how do i purchase all three cloud episodes?

  • Liz Camps

    So beautiful and inspiring, thank you for this portrait of these gorgeous and noble eocene mammals. (my birds are squawking, i guess they’re jealous :)

  • Leah

    I’ve only gotten to see the 3rd episode Did not expect Cloud’s story to end this way. Round ups have to be stopped!! Go to live discussion with Ginger. VERY informative of how we can all help stop these tragic events and interuption of nature.Ginger also has up to date info on there about how Cloud and the others are doing.

  • shelley

    I like so many others am heart sick when told Cloud and his family was captured. I’ve enjoyed each of the 3 episodes and by fluke have inherited a Pryor Mt. mustang that I adore. He looks very much like many in the show. His spirit is different than other domesticated horses. Tigger was taken from the wild when just 1 yr old. I don’t like captivity for these beautiful horses but if they are already captured I feel privileged to share my life with him. I will write my Congressmen to express my views.

  • Chuck

    We saw this wonderful film 2 days before going to Assateaque Island. While on the other side of the country, the social life is the same. We will be re-viewing online as much of the “Cloud” films as possible.

  • Violet

    Oh no! I have been waiting months for this episode, and I have missed it!!! Will it be aired again, or will the episode be posted on here? I am really disappointed and upset that I have missed it :’(

  • Roxy

    Exciting news! At The Cloud Foundation you will learn of several special people who have worked pro bono to file a suite and have succeeded in the interim in a 28 day moretorium on roundups. The upcoming Calico roundup will be devastating (as are they all), thousands of horses affected, not just the few in comparison to Cloud’s Pryor roundup, pregnant mares on the long runs in the freezing winter rugged Calico mountains.

    WE can help by pressuring our government, DOI and BLM into reason – a permanent moretoreum until the intent of the 1971 law and ROAM Act are followed – write, call, fax, e-mail the President, Ken Salazar and all your congressional representatives – that is what this country is about – we the people speaking out.

  • Carole Ostergren

    Where is Cloud now, is he still in captivity, or has he been released back into the wild?????

  • Sue Holt

    While this videographer is a brilliant one, and she seems to be amazingly astute, she needs to show how “living wild & free” is what is creating the surplus horses! Don’t blame the BLM! Folks, we need to manage these herds, & keep the numbers reasonable. With ao many humans on the planet, there IS no more wild & free, for anyone or anything.

    So Cloud has the largest herd now? What is wrong with this picture, people!?! What on earth is wrong with adopting this stallion into a good home? And his progeny? No one has space? No one can adopt them all?

    Of course not! So, limiting their numbers IS necessary, by gelding, vasectomizing, hormone disruption, or relocation or… .other horrible alternatives.

    Cloud is making a bad situation worse, think about it. And romantizing the situation, doesn’t solve the problem!


  • Roxy

    Sue Holt, do your research. And please post here where we can find the facts to back up what you have posted (none of these types of posts EVER include links to their research or facts – that is a clue)

    Go to, and follow the links (even to BLM) to every resource available and the “real” science articles there, not those bought and paid for by cattle and energy. Then find George Knapp Investigative report “Stampede to Oblivion”. And then keep going from there.

    Sue, The only truth you have told is that the wild horse populations need to be managed – and mother nature, if the predadors were not hunted to extinction or near extinction, did that for 500 years before BLM. And anyone in just a little time of research will see that BLM is MISMANAGING.

    Wayne, BLM escalated tremendously under Bush, BLM researchers resigned when told to change thier reports to be anti horse instead of the truth. Enen previous BLM and DOI directors are agast at what is occuring. So far, unfortunalty under Obama the escalation is increasing.

  • Shirley

    you know the BLM is definitely wrong in the way they do things with the wild horses,they’re are cruel and inhumane with the roundups using helicopters,especially with the foals are concerned,they can’t run like the adults,thats how alot of them end up dead or crippled where they end up being put to death.If man would leave mother nature and Gods creations alone,they would equal out on all sides of the equasion,our Lord made preditors and prey of each creation,so they would keep all animals and etc.equal in size of herds and etc.So I blame man for messing with the law of Nature,leave it alone and it will equal out themselves.Man is just greedy and want everything out there,don’t want anything left for our chilrens,children to ever see in their life timeunless it’s in a book or animals that once roamed this earth free and beautiful as God intended.And Sue Holt you need to think about what you say about Gods creations,as you are very wrong in the way you think and talk!

  • Ally Mclaughlin

    Ginger please dont let the BLM kill them!!!!

  • A.J.

    When is the next preview of Cloud challenge of the stallions? I LOVE THE OTHER ONES… and I also was wonderind since Cloud would be 15 or something is he still alive? I am in desperate need to see that. I haven’t before. I love Trace and I have a palomino stallion that was wild to. He got a cracked hoof and they had to take him off.

  • A.J.

    One more thing I forgot… Cloud’s son, Boulder and OR Cloud have a dished arabian face but not to much… a pink star on his black nose or a very important feature a front hoof that looks like pink fire but is black other than that. He aslo keeps his head high or curved when around mares or stallions even geldings. I think it could be one of them or one of him sons. Mabey not. I hope it isnt because like you I want them to stay free but MY boy now named Blazing Star because of his star on nose and his golden bright coat. My is capalatized because he is well MINE and ONLY MINE!!!! Sorry but I have grown to attached to him.

  • Brittany

    All i know is that once Americas horses are gone so is history.If i could go to Montana all those horses the blm has been auctioning off would be mine but i’m too far away as of now. I love the horses and Cows take up more public lands than horses and what is done to them ? Nothing.I really hope this is stopped.

  • kudro

    is there a fourth show this is interesting i mean i can see where they would need jto take a couple horses off the land but not all of them thats just unjust

  • Sylvestor

    I loved all three chapters of Cloud. I was wonderring does anyone remember Storm, Cloud’s son. What ever happenned to him? (I hope he wasn’t taken by mountain lions.) I was also so sad when Ginger pulled Dusty’s bone from the ground. Lst will there be a fourth installement of Cloud’s saga?

  • Kim

    What I would like to know is what happened to all the heavily pregnant mares that were heading into winter? Pumped full of hormones, did they have healthy births? Did the foals survive in the dead of winter? I cried so hard to learn that Dusty did not make it. I fell in love with that little buckskin as soon as I saw him! I would love to hear how Image is doing. Please make another Video!!

  • Rose

    I love the ones about dogs, woves, harses and nater! if you can email me the list of whats comming up every month! PS.I have two puppies and one dog.

  • Sara

    i love watching these episodes about cloud and the other horses but im wondering what happened to cloud, its been awhile since i have heard anything about him

  • diane

    I just saw pictures of mustangs and in one of them I saw Cloud’s mom and the caption said 12 morse horses died 2010. I think Cloud’s mother died. I love horses but this is getting out of hand. People need to help these mustangs

  • Diane

    I can’t believe the BLM would kill horses in Montana just so ranchers will have more space for cattle. Even if they all died the mountain lions would try to kill their cattle. What would be in the arrow heads if cloud, his hed and the other mustangs were gone is what I wonder. Those horses deserve as much land as we do. The mustangs. Cloud is depending on us do to help him survive. Do we wnat him to hate us or love. Horse lovers everywhere do we want more cloud episodes, if so lets help those mustangs in the arrow head mountains. If cloud dies I would never watch nature again because I just want to see if cloud is on. Cloud was born in the arrow heads near people. Do we wnt to destroy that trust between nan and horse. I say we ask people to sign petions to help cloud and to riase money for him to stay. If we get enough people to know what the BLM is doing we could stand up like a giant to the BLM. Do you want to be the only one living in your family because that will happen to cloud. Lets not break that trust beyween him or his herd. We could keep writing to the presidant to stop the BLM for good. Lets send letters to the presidnat so he will stop this and have hundreds of generations of little clouds.

  • Diane

    There will not be a forth episode of cloud if we dono’t help him and his herd.

    P.S.Please write back Ginger

  • Diane

    Dear Ginger,

    I think I have 11 signatures to stop the BLM from killing Cloud and the other mustangs. I have about 7 people helping me get signatures.

  • Diane

    Right now I have 36 signatures to ban the BLM and about 6 people helping.

  • Jeanie

    I have watched the first 2 videos and am very interested in seeing the 3rd, I am wondering when it will be available on this website. Does anyone know? I accidentally stumbled on Cloud’s story and I’d like to see what has become of him and his family.

  • Linda

    I have owned a mustang and a currently own a BLM donkey. My mustang was 20 years old when I had to put her down. I will adopt another mustang. They are wonderful and one of the most loyal horses I have ever owned. They don’t have all the medical and confirmation problems that most breeds have now a days. I really dislike the way they are rounded up and I wish their could be another way. Most don’t understand this is a necessary evil. Too many are killed by ranchers or just because they are there. In Neveda 75 mustangs were shot to death. In California 50 donkeys died of thirst because they couldn’t get to water. When they were found the bodies were on top of each other looking for water for the water source that had dried up. My donkey was one of the babies of the few survivors. I pray this doesn’t happen to Cloud and his family.

  • lizzie

    can you tell me cloud members of his herd

  • natasha

    this spring in 2011 i thought of a cloud colt prancing across the arrowhead mountains and i can’t belive he chose velvet instead of sitca.i really am eager to find out about cloud and his colorfull family, i also want to thank Ginger Kathrens fo making these films about cloud and his family . when i thought cloud wasgoing to be sold i cried . i am mad at the BLM please find ways to help cloud and his family. also send requests to the BLM saying to please keep the number of wild horses at a decent and his family need to be safe from the BLM and go to the of people will agree with me and also help keep all of the other wild horses safe.

  • Ralph M. Demers

    J. Frank Dobie’s poem “The Mustangs”. The last stanza is: “So sometimes yet, in the realities of silence and solitude,/ For a few people unhampered a while by things,/ The mustangs walk out with dawn, stand high, then/Sweep away, wild with sheer life, and free, free, free–/Free of all confines of time and flesh”.

  • Brianna

    I seen this one it’s awesome! I watch cloud sometimes but I’ve never seen the very 1st episode. Whats the name of the 1st one?

  • Marivel Sakovitch

    Can one just say what a relief to uncover someone who actually is aware of what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and allow it to be important. More people need to learn this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely hold the gift.

  • Jill

    Even though this was posted in April 2011 this says it airs on Sunday October 25th. Ummmm October 25th isn’t a Sunday. Some help here?

  • Jessica

    Why does the BLM capture wild horses?To prevent over population and thus over grazing and starvation? Certainly not to make money seeing as it cost them thousands of dollars to house the mustangs that nobody buys. So why exactly ? If what I’ve heard is true the mustang just starve to death in holding pens, thus they’re not trying to prevent starvation. And according to one of the BLM employees said basically that it was their job to take care of the land and not the animals who live on it. I’ve read many of the comments on this page and many make valid and reasonable points but what good will it do posting on some obscure website page that no one ever visits twice? Will BLM worker come read this page,feel remorse and fix this? No! Make your self heard! Post in places where the BLM will have to notice– email governors state officials , go the extra mile! You never know what you can accomplish till you try!

  • jasmin

    Hey guys I cant seem to find the first episode thing and just work my way up can someone please help me I just keep going back and forward I just cant seem to find it

  • Jessica

    I think if you go to episodes, then sort by animal, then horses, all three should be under that.

  • Cynthia

    How does the BLM think they are going to feed all of these horses this winter? We had a HUGE drought in this country this year. Will there be enough hay and other feed for them? What will the BLM do? I’ll tell you what they will do. SELL THEM FOR HORSEMEAT AMD SEND IT OVERSEAS. That is what will happen!!!! The roundups must stop now before it is to late. Write to congress,the BLM,actors any one to get this stoped now!!!!! Ginger please don’t stop the word must continue to be spread all across this country. Long live Cloud and all the other wild horses!!!!!!!!

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    We’re first viewing Episode 3. What is the genetic relationship between Cloud and Shaman? Are we looking at reciprocal altruism or kin altruism?

  • Lori Lyman

    I so hope to see more of Cloud and the others. I someday hope I can see them up close too! It is my dream and going on my bucket list.

  • Viki

    The only thing that bothers me here is that they are trying to save sertain “colors” that they like. Is this the way to determine who gets freedom and who does not? Just because you have a delute gene? Most of the original wild horses did not even have delute genes? Other than that, I think this i a great program.

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