Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions
Video: Bait Trap

The Bureau of Land Management lures horses into a corral baited with protein blocks. While Cloud’s band lingers dangerously close to the trap, an entirely separate peril claims its victim.

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  • jocie

    i am very sorry that this had happen the beautiful coalt should not have died thanks to the blm they shouldnt try to capture the wild horses this way or any other way i hope they change thank you.

  • Annette

    this just tells how desprate and how far the BLM will go to the point that it douse not mater what happens to the horses

  • Emily

    jocie – it’s “colt”
    Annatte – it’s “desperate” and “does” and “matter”
    ANYWAYS…this is so sad! I read about Dusty, and I’m sad he got attacked by a mountain lion. But that’s just nature taking it’s course… :(

  • Charlotte

    such a sad commentary on what government officials & programs consider “important” Are their desperate & cruel actions to decrease numbers connected to Ranchers’ concerns about wild horses grazing on OUR public land, which Ranchers want their cattle to continue to graze on for free?? ($$)

  • Sharon

    I think the blm for the most part is misplaced values, there is no reason that wild horses can’t run free…i am tired of everyone putting people wants in front of the needs of wild life. like the water shortage, if we hadn’t filled in all the swamp land that filters water for housing we might not be in this bind.

  • Madelyn

    Sharon– at times it is appropriate for human needs to be put ahead of animal needs. However, in the case of the BLM you are totally right. The BLM does not “need” to manage the horse population. If they left it up to nature, it would be taken care of. But the BLM wants power. It’s just another example of flawed government.

  • Laura

    What adds insult to injury, is that BLM should have better implementation of making sure these adopted mustangs go to worthy animal lovers. I have a neighbor who gave false information to BLM about the so called pastures that she owned when in reality she has two adopted mustangs in a barren paddock.

  • daf finley

    it was good i like it

  • Susan Courtemanche


  • Nadeem

    100 points to Emily! I am so glad there are still people like you. The mustangs are a beautiful accident of immigration. In a way, I think they found a way back here on those Spanish ships. I wish people would stop messing with them.

  • Ursula

    BLM and people will not stop messing with nature – people are not willing to live WITH nature. It is the same all over the world people always have to control everything in some ways. Watch BLM now they will zero out ALL the horses. I whish we all could do more in order to stop all these stupid actions. Keep pressuring BLM! Go also to the website of Madeleine Pickens she needs more support.Also sign in the petition we need more signature.

  • Jessica Rein

    i dont think that they should round up the mustangs because it desrupts their ecosystem. like mares could lose foals, stallions could lose their herds, herds could just completally split apart from pure fear, and horses could get trampled, kicked, bitten, etc. i just think they should be left alone. WE MOVED IN ON THEIR LAND NOT VICE-VERSA.

  • makayla

    no one should try to capture wild horses like that. wild horses are a free spirit and should stay that way!

  • Kate

    I don’t understand why the Government can put laws against horse abuse, but then they think our land is being over crowded and inhumanley take the wild horses. Your documentaries are a great learning exprience for anybody and everybody. My wish is to photograph or follow in yur steps and make a documentary on another band of wild horses :)
    Thank you for everything you do- have done- and will do! Keep up the good work!

  • Ellen Bauchope

    It’s true that this should not have happened, but, at the same time, Dusty might have been killed anyway by mountain lions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% against this, but I just have a feeling that it could have happened anyway. It’s devastating for the wild horse population, but, for example, people who love mountain lions won’t want to see them get shot, or deprived of food. It’s the cruel circle of life.
    On a higher note, when Ginger is explaining how Dusty was killed, the sequence with the storm really made me feel like I was there at the moment.

    Keep up the good work, Ginger!!!

  • Ellie

    I can’t see how some people can be so stupid those horses belong their running free not in a riding school or wherever else they might end up. They were born wild and in the wild is where they belong would the people who trap the horses like to be taken away from their home land and seperated from there family this makes me so angry i want to help the wild horses but i’m only 11 so I don’t feel as if people take me seriously anyway Ginger you are amazing the cloud series is simply breathtaking it’s a wonderful insight on the world of horses and every one I know who has watched this series has been moved for that and everything else you have done to help thes magnificent animals i am truely greatful.

  • Sandra Nord

    Cloud and his herd are one example of what is happening to so many thousands of horses. When will man’s cruelty, greed, and desire for power end? Animals have just as much right as we do to live, love, have families and be free. The people who kill and torture animals for personal gain are cut off from the most basic parts of their humanity.
    I find it difficult to understand how they can look at these Cloud videos and not see the humanity in the horses!

  • tiani

    when will there be the 3rd dvd out of cloud?

  • Diane Ernst

    I love horses and want to hear more about Cloud.I am 10 and want to help. I a scared that Cloud will be captured again and sold or worst killed. I hope someone stops this soon or there will be no mustangs on Arrowhead Mountain. Once I saw Raven and Cloud’s mom in a book called Wild Horses I have Met or else look up Wild Horses I have Knonw. Giger I love the cloud series. I just hope he dies of old age and hothing else. Animals should do whatever they want becuase they were on the earth before humans.

  • Christie F.

    If you want to help Cloud and his herd, why not write the President at the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC.

  • Sarah

    I am a very experienced horseback rider and I compete in the Ontario county fair every year. I have seen this show 6 times and I just love it. I am glad to see that people are enjoying horses just like I am. I think Cloud is one of those animals that just sets you free. I hope that you are glad of horses beauty now!

  • Ralph M. Demers

    As touched as I was by this magnificent series, I’m even more moved by the sensitive and heartfelt comments I’ve just read here!! It reaffirms my belief that most people are intrinsically good. Thank you everyone.

  • Ralph M. Demers

    May I add: J. Frank Dobie’s poem “The Mustangs”. The last stanza is: “So sometimes yet, in the realities of silence and solitude,/ For a few people unhampered a while by things,/ The mustangs walk out with dawn, stand high, then/Sweep away, wild with sheer life, and free, free, free–/Free of all confines of time and flesh”.

  • Dennis B

    What to do with our invasive species? From Russian boar other wild hogs in the South, to Chinese Carp in our rivers, to these horses. So many… So many. And no reason to keep so many. But America has lost the ability to make any hard choices. Kill all the English sparrows or European Starlings? Never happen. Kill the horses? Oh, they are such ” noble” creatures, we couldn’t have that.

  • Mary F.


  • carpentrysteveatgmail

    the BLM ??? they take are natural food give us garbage tell us it’s better for us.—- tell people to not breast feed and shoot your self up with h1n1 and most dumb american listen ! im sad about the colt but happy to share it’s short life on the great show . ellen said it best life is a balance always. except when it comes to government it will always be out of balance with the land . corporate america some one please open a web site for a new bill ready???? earn your right to be in government example top 10 6 yr. grads in agriculture run it replace every 4-years and can never run again . top 10 in political science etc. all fresh minds the web a weekly voting site to draft a new bill –for the people by the people sent to all college students . o the 6-year grads stay on for a 1 year mentorship

  • Jon F.

    I’m very disappointed in WNET’s Nature. When I began watching George Page in the 80’s, I looked to this series for natural history, for factual information and for stunning photography and video captures of things I will never get to see in my life. But I never asked for, nor wanted a political commentary or opinion thrown into the delivery of the product. Channel 13 – please do not use Nature as your platform to deliver someone’s governmnet agenda unless you specifically title and narrate the story as such. I have no problem with an episode that features the political climate on the delisting of wolves, or the federal ruling on bald eagles – as long as you clearly market the episode as such. In this particular case however, I was extremely disappointed by what I considered to be a 3 part series on one person’s desire to paint a clearly one-sided view. In this case, it has nothing to do with whether you believe horses are a part of the ecosystem or you believe they are an introduced invasive exotic. It has to do with letting your direct financial supporters know if a particular series is going to try to sway public opinion.

  • Vicki Beerman

    The real issue is that there is an over population of horses in the wild. I was glad to hear that they shot some mares with birth control to help this issue. Yes Ranchers do complain about horses eating the grass, no they lease the rights to the land. Yes it is sad to take anything that was born to be free and place it in captivity, but with the over population it sometimes is needed. What happen to the colt was nature and no the trapper, who was not a BLM employee was right not to leave the camper. Mountain lions eat people too. There is no clear answer to the over population of the wild horses. Right now we have an over population of all domestic animals including dogs and cats AND horses. Domestic animals need a shot of birth control.

  • Samantha

    I completely agree with Jon and Vicki. As much as I love horses, there is an excess of horses in the United States, and not nearly enough loving and knowledgeable people to care and watch over them. That being said, roundups by the BLM SHOULD invoke birth control in forms of tasty treats placed randomly throughout their area.

  • axelle

    this video made me soo upset because it made me think of a horse at my ridding school who is called dusty and has the same coat as clouds son dusty!!!

  • axelle

    so sad and im so sorry for dusty ! :(

  • emo girl

    Do ppl with the blm think they are HELPING the horses because all there are doing is killing them to death.

  • Mohammad Denfip

    Thank you for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do some investigation on this. We got a grab a book from our location library but I think I learned additional from this post. I’m very glad to determine such terrific information being shared freely out there.

  • Galen

    this is natutre at its finest . If the blm does not do something about these horses there way of life will be reduced greatly look at the yakima indian res. there have to many horses and they are starving to death . the tribes hands are tied because of all of the bleeding hearts out there . it is better to die quick and humane than to die slow and pain full . this being said I am a horse lover I have four of my own . I take great pride in my horses . Saveing every horses life is doing them more harm than good .

  • historia gospodarki

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  • judy collins

    thanks for the great video ginger…we had not seen these bait traps in action before…now it makes more sense. i’m so sorry the little colt got killed by a mountain lion but happy cloud got spooked and ran out of the trap, freeing those horses! blm stop rounding up our wild horses that are supposed to be protected by you. what a travesty!

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