Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions
Video: Behind the Scenes

In this Web-exclusive video, filmmaker Ginger Kathrens discusses the remarkable family drama that set the stage for Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions, the power of the hunch to lead her to the action when logic told her there was none to film, and her relationship with Trace, the wild horse she adopted from the Pryors in the first Cloud film.

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  • Mary Adkins

    Ginger .. you make us all feel like we are right there with you feeling exactly the way that you do. The love of these horses is something that you can not escape. We will continue to help you to keep Cloud Free and pray he is not removed in 2012 when he will be more than 10 years old. Thank You!
    MaryA from Dayton Ohio

  • K..Chain

    Just as the birthright of humans is to be free so should that of all living creatures.

  • Alison

    Fantastic movie. Thank you so much for showing us these beautiful wild creatures in a beautiful part of our country.

  • Dawn Pollock

    Enjoy your work! The films are wounderful! Thank you for opening your world to us the viewers. Cloud and his family now feel like our family also. God Bless you, Ginger and all thoses that work along side you for what you do for the mustage,& for the world they live in. We are all better because of you. Thanks so much.

  • M. Romeo

    When I was young, my favorite book was about wild mustangs. I read it over and over and over. I’m so sad to hear that these special animals are still being rounded up. It’s so frustrating. I’m so glad you haven’t given up. Please keep bringing us these programs. I feel that it’s our greatest hope to reach the goal of saving our wild horses.

  • Darla

    Fantastic! My whole family enjoyed this! Thank you!

  • Page

    Wow. You’ve been blessed with a gift and we’ve been blessed with the results of that gift. Thank you for personalizing the story of the wild horses. By making these beautiful films, you have allowed us to have a brief glimpse into their lives as well as informing us of their continued plight. I’d love to see many more of these programs!

  • Teddi

    Cloud–Challenge of the Staillions. Thank you so much for this wonderful film….for showing the love of wild horses for freedom and love of their family. I hope to see more of your films on PBS. Thank you for your love of these beautiful creatures.

  • Alex

    Ginger – you have opened my eyes to a beautiful world. I am grateful to be living in an age when this kind of media is accessible to the masses. I can only imagine the great lineage of horses that have come before our time. I feel very humbled to have stumbled upon your program by chance tonight. When I dream tonight I hope to find myself back in the mountains with Cloud and all the others. Cheers.

  • Teresa

    We thoroughly enjoyed watching the show last night! What a wonderful gift you give to all Americans, to continue to follow Cloud and the other wild horses of the mountains. America’s herd is a national treasure. I wish the BLM would leave them alone. With the predation of the lions, their numbers are kept down by natural means.

  • MARY


  • Suzanne Moore

    Mesmerizing, Ginger. Cloud and the others seem like family members. I hope to continue to see these wonderful stories about Cloud and his family and friends.

  • Roxy


    CONGRATULATIONS on Cloud Challenge of the Stallions! Once again, I am more in love with these wild horses, their epic drama, and their wonderful home than ever. You and your wonderful crew have provided us with a magnificent artful living portrait of these most special iconic beings, with this panoramic view of strength, freedom, love, family, and the wildness of our Western landscape and history.

    Thank you and thank you PBS Nature! And hopeful for a fourth continuing saga.

  • barbara jo

    What can we do to set Cloud free? Is there any system in place to continue to report on the foals that were auctioned? I was so glad to have seen the third installment of Clouds story and to see Image was as you said breathtaking. Then at the end to hear that Cloud, Boulder and the rest had been captured was heartbreaking! Please keep us informed on the journey of the wild horse herds, you are fantastic!

  • Emily F.

    The 3rd Cloud film was fantastic. My top 2 favorite scenes are of Shaman attacking Bolder around the end, and then the birth of Dusty.
    I wish more characters could have been introduced, though. Cloud Dancer, Image’s mother, wasn’t really introduced, Ember was never seen or named, Aztec, Shadow’s mother, was never named. But other then that, FANTASTIC!

  • Susan

    Ginger, You are my hero! This has been a supper experience through your eyes. Sad that our Cloud had to be captured. Just not right! Thank you for all of your effort, and again You are my hero!

  • Kathy

    Ginger, my husband and I loved Clouds story. I am relieved to hear that he will remain wild. Thank you for your wonderful documentary(I’ve seen all three parts) and much success in your quest to protect wild horses.

  • Annette

    i love your work Ginger my dream is to do what u do or fix the the way the BLM douse maneges things

  • Shurley

    I have seen all three of your episodes over the years…luckily have just happened to catch them on PBS ! (Have never seen previously advertisement, etc… so do consider myself lucky in catching them! This time, I was so very saddened by the ending…I am glad that I did not witness those glorious creatures being rounded up! ( If I understood correctly, they were moved to lower pastures or ?) Please Please keep us Cloud fans updated on the fate of those now-so-familiar mustangs! Will you do a documentary from their new location??? I will surely watch for anything from you in the future. Bless you for your devotion …

  • Kendra

    We are an equestrian family. I need to get in touch w/ Ginger PLS! We must save Cloud, his band, and the others…Together we can accomplish this!!

  • christy

    I love horses but I can’t just ride on

  • Karen

    Thank you Ginger……I have enjoyed the two previous films you have done on Cloud….yes we must save the wild horse population……Karen

  • sylvia

    Dear MS. Kathrens, Thank you so much for the joy you bring to me . I appreciate your passion and love for cloud and all the other horses. I always look forward to the update on how he is doing and the others. In series three my heart weighed heavy to here at the end of the news of the others being sold. This may not be a bad thing if they are treated right. But to loose freedom from the natural habitat appears to be a sad thing. I just hate the winters that they must survive in. What is the right thing to do for these majestic animals? What a wonderful career you have. I thank you and your staff or who ever it is with you on the filming, Your calm voice and the feeling I get is that you are a good person on this earth. I ran away when I was six years old because I wanted a horse; now well in my 50’s and still have the same deep feelings for horses Also. I am grateful to you because you brought back thankful memories of my Dad who bought me my first horse. I will help.

  • karen

    I want to thank you for these programs. I have had horses for 20 plus years and when I heard that cloud and his band had been rounded up my heart just sank. What a travesty. It just does NOT seem fair to cage these wild animals. What can I do to help? There must be something we as horse people and those who just enjoy the magnificent animal can do to free them. I well help.

  • Dana

    I love the little foals in the spring time. They are alwase so cute. And I love watching Cloud. He’s such a beautiful horse.

  • Shirley

    Ms.Ginger Kathren,I have been following your videos and forums about Cloud’s family band and all the bands ,and I went on this site to look up information about the race horse Barbaro,and through watching a video on this fellow named Alex Brown in his passion welfare of horses,I think maybe if there was some way to get him involved with the situation with Cloud and all the wild horse bands and the treatment by BLM.Maybe he could help in getting the BLM disbanded so they can’t hurt another horse.And I believe our President knows what is going on and what the BLM is doing to these magnificent horses.It makes me very sad to read hear what the BLM does to these precious horses,Gods beloved creations.I pray everyday that some how and some way these people will be prosecuted for the mean, cruel,and inhumane treatment of all the horses they’ve detroyed, crippled ,so they had to be put down.Some how we need to stop these killers that call themselves BLM,these horses don’t need man to manage them,God does that his way and doesn’t need their help at all.Besides it’s public land and grassing cattle and etc.on that land should be illegal.And the land should be given back to all the wild animals horses included as it was intended for them to have.People of distinction,money in other words should not be allowed to take what they want and destroy magniicent horses,because they want to drill for oil or grase their cattle on land that was meant for the wild aniimals.

  • Shirley

    hello,Ms.Ginger Kathren,I just got on the wspca facebook and informed them about the BLM and what they are intending on doing with Cloud and his family and all the bands,hopefully they can step in and stop the BLM,also informed the ASPCA,I am going to e-mail,facebook anyone,anywhere that can do something about the BLM,I also e-mailed Salazar and the President Obama.we have to stop these cruel,heartless individuals called the BLM.we need to get them prosecuted for what they’ve done and what they’re still doing illegally,and when I hear a horse trainer is chosing sides with them it makes me sick.And the cattlemen need to take their little doggies home to their own ranches and graze them on their own land and leave the public land to the wild horses as it was intended for,not to fatten the pockets of the BLM and those in high places.All I can say is SHAME ON THE BLM AND THE GOVERMENT for the things that are being done to these magnificent horses.

  • Sitka

    I’m suprised, when I first saw this I never relised that I would the same name as that beautiful lead mare… You make me fell like I’m there. I’m now intent to go some where and so some thing like this… Thank you so much!

  • tiani

    oh my gosh!! i love u so much i love ur movies of the wild horses pleasemake more i love cloud!!! u have inspired me to want to adopt a mustang when im older!! i am a horse lover and rider thank u so much!

  • hannah g

    hey i love cloud. did sitka die with the foal or did she give birth and then die

  • Rodney Wright

    I owned 6 rescued horese. I would like to know more about your programs.
    I would like to help.

    Question: How did you get so much financial help?

    My family give no more support of any kind.

    But I am driving for the love of horses.

  • R Wright

    Great program.

    How can I get involved?

  • Genevieve Esson

    I watched your special tonight on Channel 9, Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions. I love these horses! They are so brave and beautiful. The multitude of colors on these Mustangs are amazing. Cannot the BLM see they belong to the mountains wild and free? I love Cloud the Magnificent and Flint. I know Sitka had that horrible bulge on her side, did not look good. She was so brave and a wonderful horse. I wish these horses well, and you also Ginger Kathrens! :) Godspeed and blessings to you and these wild and beautiful horses! You do good work! :)

    I would like to donate in the near future. Please advise. Thank you!

  • Trey Willinger

    Ginger, thank you for bringing us this beautiful story and for all the hard work you’ve endeavored in doing so! I wish, like you, i could make a living doing doing what i truly love. Please keep up the great and inspiring work! As well as continuing the life story and saga of Cloud; even if, one day, its not a happy ending or tragedy strikes.

  • Alan Toney

    This kind of stuff is the reason I do not eat beef. Cattlemen are the problem not wolves, bears, bison, or wild horses.All of which seem to be under attack by cattle ranchers and their buddies at the BLM.
    Also the rain forest is coming down to raise cattle. The more you look the worse it gets. Stop blaming Obama or anyone else. Just stop eating beef and let them know why you did it.

  • Lissa Caputo

    Ginger, I am truly fascinated by what you have to say, and your strong love for these horses. I feel the exact same way, and I’ve told my parents that I want to move to Montana, and have a ranch of my own. Right now, I’m only 11, but I have 60 dollars in an old apple sauce jar and that’s what I’m saving it for. I have all 8 of the Cloud breyer horses, and the first two books and first two movies. I could really read, and listen to you talk about this for hours, without even getting bored. Thanks so much, for going to the Arrowheads personally and filming, and writing these stories for us. We really do appreciate it.

    Lissa Caputo
    Chadds Ford, PA

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