Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions
Video: Stallions Compete for Mares

It’s springtime, and competition among band stallions is fierce. When a group of bachelors challenges Prince for his mares, at first Cloud only watches, standing by his lead mare Sitka. But when Cloud decides to join the fray, he gets more than he bargained for. Who will emerge victorious?

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  • Jackie

    Its out its out dacnes in a happy cricle YAYZ

  • annette

    man that mare at :33 is hard to get

  • taytay

    peace,love,and horses

  • Margaret

    I can’t wait for part 3!!!! If you haven’t seen part 1 and 2 get the dvd–you will NOT be disappointed. The books are also superb.

  • Emily F.

    It’s not out until October 25, 2009. This sneak peek looks AWESOME, but I wish Storm (though he died in 2006) was in it, and I wish Bolder was, too. I have the new Cloud breyer toy, the one with Arrow, Image, Ember, and Bolder in it! I own the DVD with the 2 episodes and the bonus, “My Life with Cloud” by Ginger Kathrens. I thought Velvet was still black…anyways. I can’t wait. Only 15 more days! (Today is October 10, 2009 when I post this.)

  • Candace

    Sadly, this herd has been separated and sold at auction. The Pryor Mountain Wild Horses were rounded up by helicopter and run over 30 miles to a holding pen. There were a number of foals who were around a month old, nearly run to exhaustion,injured, frightened. Cloud and his band were captured, even the oldest stallion, Conquestidor.They will never run free again. Some were sold, the others will live out their lives in a holding pen. This decision was made by the Montana BLM. I am a native Montanan and am proud to say so, but this makes me ashamed of our state and federal government. For anyone interested in learning more go to the Cloud Foundation on line. The BLM says the land cannot sustain a herd this large, that horses were dying, etc. The land CAN sustain the herd and horses die. It is Mother Nature. They did re-release some after the mares were given birth control. Now what is left of the herd will figure out who will lead, stallions will fight, mares will have new leaders. It will be a stressful time for them. I dont understand why we just cant leave things alone. It cost all of us alot of money to do this roundup and the end result is well, the end. Again, so much information is available through the Cloud Foundation. Please go there. Thank you

  • Emily F.

    Actually, Conquistidor was rounded up and sold for 2,000+ ! (less than 3,000) Cloud was rounded up with his large herd. Image, Ember, Arrow, and Cloud Dancer, I believe, were removed. This is so maddening, if the BLM interfered once every 5 – 10 years, we wouldn’t have this population problem so much.

  • Nini

    I hope PBS allows time for an update on what the BLM did to Cloud and the Pryor Mountain mustangs this September — and continues to do wild horse populations this the rest of this year and the next — all apparently under the gaze (and tacit approval) of Ken Salazar. Why hasn’t Obama intervened?

  • Rhonda Harris

    Ken Salazar is a moron whether it comes to handling matters of immigration, mustangs and now the Yellowstone Wolves who were closed to extinction and revived only to be slaughtered again.He must be stopped.

  • Jocie

    well they should do something but i think its just glorious to see these wild horses free and yes i believe they shouldnt be captured and slaughtered but hopefully after all the wars and economical crisises Obama can finally help with these types of situations. For now we can only marval at some of this beauty that we need to protect.

  • Suze

    Not only was Cloud captured, but he was returned to the Pryors injured. As was one of the mares in his band. I hope that PBS permits Ginger to provide an afterword upon their current state — I am so worried since winter has already begun with a vengeance in the Pryors! (And this roundup was watched by a number of people, just think what a typical roundup with few people to observe does to the mustangs, esp the foals) Appalling.

  • MJ Wilson

    Obama was wrong in hiring Salazar, so far Obama hasn’t stood up for any of the animals and this has me worried. He said he would cut subsidies to factory farming but he’s now given them our money. He didn’t rescue a dog, he bought one from a breeder. He was a co-sponsor of 311 at the end of the year. I love the guy but he’s got to come around on these animal issues. If the horses go with the wolves and polar bears, I don’t want my tax money to be used to bring them back again, just let them go, because if it gets that bad, the people of our nation will not deserve to ever see them again. GOD help us all, including our animals.

  • jean

    It looks like Obama has made another big mistake
    by hiring Salazar. He certainly isn’t looking
    out for one of our most treasured icons, the
    American wild horse mustang. The American Mustang
    is part of our heritage and they must be preserved. In my opionion, they are one of our
    greatest gift to the world.

  • Kyra

    Is this really true, that Clouds herd was rounded up? I was wondering what happened to him and his family. This angers me beyond reason, I was routing for this band to remain free and wild. I am still in shock over what I just read, I can’t believe that the BLM think they have the right too take these magnificent animals off the lands that they have known for centuries. This land was set aside especially for the wild horses to live out their lives wild and free so why is the BLM not allowing them to do that? This reminds me of what the white people did to the Native Americans, took away their lands and put them on reservations that were supposed to be for them and then slowly they took the reservations from them too. When are people going to learn that every living thing on this earth has the right to live their lives without interference and without having to live in fear for their lives? Let Mother Nature take care of the herds and the numbers herself and stay out of it!

  • Bob

    Apparently no one is safe from the U.S. powers that be from snatching freedom “for their own good.”….sad fact that we are powerless once the freedom was taken, these horses can’t legally be returned? Do we have any power other than just opinion?

  • Morgan J Williams

    No matter how many times I watch any of the Cloud series or clips, the hair on my arms goes up along with on my neck, I take this huge gulp of breath in through my nose(because I wasn’t breathing deep) and tears well up. No words to describe the soulful emotions.

  • 3 Hawks

    B L M…..badly lacking management. It is their way, their history and their future. Every time humans step in to ‘regulate’ things, nature becomes unbalanced and the BLM with all their possible good intentions simply have no clue. Let the Native Americans regulate these beautiful horses..they are one with nature..not apart from it. Great videos…thank each of you for seeing this beauty and voicing your thoughts. We need all the bugs, birds, fish, animals and etc. to keep nature in balance…not one of them needs a human. Humans only ‘think’ they know what is best but most of you here have the insight to know when to leave things alone without human intervention. Gad…we screw things up enough as it is…look at the environmental mess we are in now. Keep supporting these horses and their right to be free!!!! Blessing to each of you!!

  • Chris Nelson

    Thank you to those of you in Montana who have updated us. After the program tonight I tried to find out what happened but didn’t see anything except here in the comments. Please keep us updated about these horses. I am dismayed by the hubris of humans to think we know better than nature. I’ll check the Cloud Foundation now.

  • Suzanne Moore

    You can also keep up with the Pryor herd at Pryor Wild Blog. This is a good post with links to a new video of Cloud and he is just fine.

  • Kaia Perez



  • Bethany

    I love horses! I have one myself. It’s name is Mazy. She is one years old. And she is solid black. Bye!

  • krystal

    Horses are the best! I wish they would show cloud and horse specials more often

  • Yellow Hawk

    As an American Indian, this documentary is very fancinating to watch, I hope Cloud and his Band of horses will run free forever. I know that the BLM with thier good intentions should really leave the Nature alone, Every time humans step in to balance things, nature becomes unbalanced .

  • Sandra Nord

    I just don’t understand why pictures of animals can’t be left as they are. Why must they be enhanced?
    They are majestic just the way they are.

    The screensaver of Cloud on a mountain ridge is fantastic, except for one thing….
    he doesn’t have back legs! He only has two front legs.

  • MustangPrincess

    As an African-American I used to admire Obama, I was 13 when he became president now I can’t stand him! I love horses so much and just hearing about this breaks my heart! Mustangs should be allowed to run free, now I can see BLM trying to limit the numbers a little but this is going to far! I can’t believe they captured Conquestidor! Did they capture Raven, Red Raven, Looking Glass, Boomer and Shamen’s bands too?! Instead of bickering back and forth with idiots like McCain, Palin and any other DC idiots Obama should trying to save the wild horses and the wolves of our country. I hope one day I can buy some of these horses, they might not be free and be able to roam wherever they want but they’ll be loved and cared for and they will have an extent of freedom. Barack Obama is no better that than the very people who he talked about during his run for president. I not only believe in saving horses and wolves but also pit bulls who get an abd name for the trashy good for nothing people who buy them just to fight them and then kill the dogs who have a gental temperment. Animals should be loved and cared for not killed! Remember in the bible God created the animals first and told the first man and woman to care for them. Killing mustangs, shooting wolves from helicopters, running foals until they limp and rounding up horses just about every three days is not helping and caring for the animals!

    Obama you have let me down, you have let the African-American community, you have let the wolves down, you have let the wild horses down and you have let down you country you broke your promise!

  • taylor

    hury get the 3 one out

  • Sizu Quader

    It is now April 2011. I am brought here through the beautiful filming done – in 2007? What has happened to these striking horses, who asked nothing, but were, it sounds, destroyed. Ginger, do you know of their outcome? And how we can help stop this terrible injustice from happening ever again. They were meant to be free. It is our duty to protect them.

  • Ralph M. Demers

    Nature isn’t unbalanced, the BLM is unbalanced!!! Unhinged!

    J. Frank Dobie’s poem “The Mustangs”. The last stanza is: “So sometimes yet, in the realities of silence and solitude,/ For a few people unhampered a while by things,/ The mustangs walk out with dawn, stand high, then/Sweep away, wild with sheer life, and free, free, free–/Free of all confines of time and flesh”.

  • kelly star

    I love watching nature. I watched one last night on here, I’m only 8!!! And I love this show. The episode I watched last night was called White Falcon, White Wolf. It was very good. Watch it.

  • kate midnight star

    that was very funny to me and at :33 that mare was very hard to get and i know why she was becoming in heat and protecting her foal that was weird though.

  • kate midnight star

    were is the other cloud vidoes! i want to see i love cloud! and his band

  • wild horse lover1

    kate midnight star the other videos are at youtube and some are on here

  • mustangprince

    has anyone heard of wolf quest?

  • lily109

    hey velvet and her filly are very pretty who agrees with me?

  • emo girl

    f____the government.>Dthey need to understand that we have a voice in the laws they make…im gonna send several pettintions for the same reason XD eventualy theyd get sick of me and save cloud and the herd

  • cowgirl

    i love this horse cloud is the best horse i have ever seen he is cool unpredettlibull p.s my spelling is not that graet i am 11 can’t wait for part 3

  • cowgirl

    p.s at school

  • Helen

    Cloud was so lucky to have Sitka; he could have lost his entire band if she hadn’t run back to him.

  • Madeline

    The blm is stupid stupid stupid they doent know wat it does to use I have horses and my mom trains them but people need to listen it would do them lots of good we need to enforce our fealings and set all the mustangs free I mean god made them and tought them how to live blm needs to leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!!! i am fed up with this BS arent you

  • Carlyne

    Cloud has a lot challenges to face I guess but I hope he makes it and lives for a long long long time and beyond that.

  • Carlyne or Other

    Animals are greate and well as others and they are good and natural I hope that they no longer disect them and humans but allow them to live happily with one another like they always have. I think animals are important in this world and on this planet. Animals mean a lot but some anmals if not all and some humans if not all according to science are cannibals or canables and that is where we need space enough space for life to continue every day and night and every second if that is the case. Animals are not slaves but are friends and feeding them or growing food for them to eat and leaving and keeping the environment clean is good for them.
    I probably will not live that long but I try to do the right thing especially when it comes to my planet and where I live and often I think I see sucess and natural things like growing plants, vegitation and others like nutrients/foods for the whole body and that makes me happy and I believe it makes every one happy. So cannibals you are ban for more than 150 years and beyond if you are hurting/eating me of course and others too. Let education continue for ever…….
    Love from me always :).

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