Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies
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  • barbara massey

    the beauty of cloud and the other wild horses are a wonder to behold. this land is theirs and should not ever be developed or mis-managed by the BLM.
    the number of wild horses should not be interfered with by humans.

  • angel duckworth

    i agree with barbara. why the blm would catch wild horses to sell instead of people buying the thousands of broke horses ready for sell is beyond me. anyway… i put cloud for my wallpaper it turned out great. everyone should at least try it.

  • Arvin


  • sierra

    i like this wallpaper so much that i’m going to make it my walpaper for my Portible Computer. and you have butifull i mean really butifull pictures.

  • Lillian

    I enjoyed the story of Cloud so much that I continue to watch it whenever it’s on. The wild mustangs like all of our wildlife needs to be managed & preserved for generations to come.

  • Irene

    Hi, I’ve just discovered this site – it’s very nice.
    I wanted to ask you if you raise the volume of the videos? The sound is so low…

  • randall musolino

    this is my first time checking things out.i,m very impressed thank you

  • Riaan

    Hey every one if somone can help me with pictures of mustang horses I would very much like that I’m crazy about mustang’s they just describe me in so many ways ”A free spirit” I’ve been search for pictures for a long time I want to make it a background for my PC please…Thank you

  • cloudlove2

    i love cloud and so does my friend!*****

  • Denise Lefebvre

    I saw the film of Cloud and I love it.

  • MustangLover#1

    ~I don’t want to be the only kid saving the Mustangs~
    If you love horses, Mustangs, or just cloud, help save the Mustangs! Get your friends envoled, do rescerch, FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHT!

  • Phyllis

    After attending a BLM auction I heard horrible stories of slaughter houses buying the horses (even the foals) by the dozens to use as filler meat and other animal food. And seeing the film of how they are slaughtered killed me. And then other people who bid and won horses said they are the easiest horses to “break” and once tamed remain excellent pets/friends……who knows what the answer should be.

  • 209 pony luver

    I LOVE CLOUDS videos the person that makes them

  • axelle

    cloud is an amazing horse and though he is a buatiful horse u would love to ride he’s wild and he should stay wild

  • westernpleasurecountrygirl

    I was so emotionally moved, by Ginger Kathren’s unconditional love, passion, & dedication, in capturing the life and times of wild horses, for so many years, & then sharing it with horse lovers like us. I have always wished I could live on a horse ranch, & experience the timeless pleasures of being around horses & mountain scenery..

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