Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies
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  • Desiree Barbazon

    Why can’t they geld Cloud and other males to control breeding and turn them back out to live their lives.I’m sure we can raise enough $$ to accomplish this and save the wild herds from extinction and from multiplying.

  • Pamelia Brown

    In response to Desiree Barbazon’s post, 7-2-08…If they geld or castrate Cloud and the other males to control breeding this will lead to extinction. I Mustangs are part of are national heritage and a real treasure and should be treated as such. I don’t think she has a clue as to what she’s just stated!

  • Judy Tokar

    As a lover of God’s creations, wild mustangs, let’s save Cloud and the herd. Let’s be good stewards of the earth and preserve this national heritage.

  • Barbara Favara

    I’ve always thought the wild horses should run free and have always admired their beauty, grace and spirit. We should do whatever we can to give them what they need to survive.

  • Tim

    These constituents are of the worst quality I have ever seen.
    They are Roman nosed, pig eyed, short necked (my God, their heads are longer than their necks), low neck set, apple butted, short croup, low tail set junk that should all be shot! Craaaaaaap!

    I wish I could attach a photo of what a proper constituent is suppose to look like. There is no comparison. The only reason anyone would think these horses are valuable is 1.) ignorance, 2.) Because they are roaming being wild, 3.) Some unknown reason I haven’t thought of.

    The bottom line is they are not good examples of what a horse should look like. Go study conformation and breeding before gasping with awe.

  • rydyr

    Cloud is NOT WHITE – he’s a rare pale shade of palomino known as CREMELLO. In the closeups you can clearly see the white marking of his face, while his body color is a few shades darker.

  • Pat

    Tim, you are obviously a horse snob of gigantic proportions. “Shot” That’s pretty strong language from someone who must think of himself as a horse lover – true horse lovers admire and respect all breeds and even ‘wild’ horses for who they are. Go back to your show ring of small boned, head and necks in the air, tails over their backs horses and quit watching PBS! As far as wild horses go – these looked pretty darned good.

  • CJ

    Re: Tim’s comments 07/06/2008 … sounds like you are a believer of breeding the ‘Master Race’ … “should all be shot”?? Shades of the horrors of WWII. You are wound up too tight if you can’t find the beauty in these beautiful animals.

    You are one scary ‘human’ being (i use the term loosely)!

  • Ertha

    While a wonderful show on wildlife and freedom.

  • Bonnie Towles

    I’m a believer that believers in “breeding” to the extent that there is no room for the true, wild breeds, are themselves throwbacks … and should be breed out of the human population. In the meanwhile, saving wilderness trumps all the inbreed, overbred species perpetuated by the pinhead purists.

  • Elaine Leach

    I have worked with horse for years and they’re indomitable spirits never cease to amaze me. They’re undying passion for purpose and love for all things will forever remain imprinted on my heart. They are an incredible gift from God; here only to make our journey’s full of joy. I pray anyone watching this wonderful series will come to expereince the horse as he was meant to be experienced. Thereby,understanding our responsibility to God in how to care for our gifts. Thank you Ginger Katherns for honoring them!

  • Marcos

    I am not a hunter nor a country boy, strickly a city boy for 50 years and I was fortunate to have lived in Montana 2 years in the 70s while in the Armed Forces. I had the wonderful opportunity to go off roading on my motorbike many times, in one of thos occasions we came accross a band of wild horses, about 15 of them. The term wild is no joke for whatever reason they came after us. One of our riders was bitten by a horse and almost knocked him off the motorbike. I have shear respect for the speed and the aggresiveness these horses displayed. I am not a “horse” person but I do believe that they are a greeat part of out heritage. It is important to keep in mind that without horses we would not have the rich western culture of the past 150 years, that without these animals the lands west of the Mississippi would have taken much longer to settle. I hope that young Americans and “new” Americans understand that the future of this issue and other similar issues concerning wildlife has to be kept on the forefront of education.

    Oh yes, Tim is you know nothing.

  • Mike Breiding

    These horses are not native.
    Why should they be allowed to breed?

  • Bobbie

    No, the horses aren’t native. However, they’ve been here for hundreds of yrs. To not see the beauty in them is ridiculous! Watch Cloud when he’s running. His mane and tail flowing, the muscles moving. Absolutely beautiful. Whether or you believe in God or some other supreme being, we are to take care of the animals. They let Cloud go because of his unusual color, to breed with a mare(s) to see his offspring. Surely, adoption and the laws of nature, their numbers could be kept intact. (The thunderstorm took several horses out during the show. Some froze during the winter.) The area they roam in is so remote, at least in Cloud’s case. I think it would be a terrible loss to not have them here any more. I LOVE horses, altho I can’t afford to have one. I live in huge horse country here in north central FL – ALL types of breeds including horses brought in from out west for adoption. Tim’s not right and neither is Mike. People are known by the way they treat animals.

  • Mike Breiding

    They are beautiful animals. That is not in dispute
    Kudzu vine and Purple Loosestrife are beautiful also.
    And Nutria are SO cute.
    But, we are destroying what is unique by allowing this constant stream of alien invaders to supplant our native species.

  • cinamin

    I love Mustangs. I think they should be allowed to roam free and live wild.

  • camille

    I believe humans should mind their own business. Our government needs to figure out how to take care of the people first, before they decided how to take care of wild horses or other animals. The animals seem to do much better than we humans. It’s called having a heart and soul.

  • dina

    RE:Tim: yikes! What do YOU look like? These animals are likely much kinder than you could ever become, based on your remarks.
    RE: Mike: Are you a native here? Have you bred? And if so, what do YOUR children look like. I wouldn’t want to see you in person. You sound quite scary!

    What have these animals done to either or both of you that you are so full of venom?

  • Kate

    The simple fact is that Tim has a very valid point, and I will add to. Wild horses were introduced to Northern America. They are feral. They do not belong here in the wild. There is not enough land, not enough food, not enough water, and not enough resources for an introduced species that is suffering from years and years of inbreeding.
    Shot? Well, would you rather have them shot or starve to death?

  • Peggy Crowley

    Tim, you are narrow minded and clearly evil and apparently mentally ill (i.e., in the category of Hitler and a master race).
    Mike, you are just plain ignorant. I like what Dina says to you, “Have you bred?” And if so, what gives you the right? Unless you are an American Indian, you are not native. Why should you breed? And what gives you the right to determine what other species breed?

  • Mike Breiding

    07/07/2008 :: 11:30:15 PM
    Dina Says:

    RE: Mike: Are you a native here? Have you bred? And if so, what do YOUR children look like. I wouldn’t want to see you in person. You sound quite scary!
    To Dina:
    I am native and have not bred. It is my way of giving back to the planet.

    What have these animals done to either or both of you that you are so full of venom?
    To Dina:
    They have done nothing.They are victims of human meddling and manipulation. There is no venom. Only a realistic and pratical viewpoin concerning our ever dwindleing native speices.

  • Jan

    Who among us has the right to say who lives and who dies? Tim, you must be in the horse business for money only. If you own horses, you have learned nothing from them and you have flunked your test here on Earth!

  • Cindi McG

    This country wouldn’t be what it is today without the contribution these hourses have made in its history.

  • Theresa

    All horses came to this country one way or another the wild horses have survived for hundreds of years. As for inbreeding by looking at them I don’t see the effects they are a beautiful animal in the fact that they are free to roam. I beleive that in a way it is called selective breeding because only the strongest and wisest stallions have mares.

  • Ashleigh

    It seems as though Tim is comparing these wild mustangs to quality show horses–REALITY CHECK!! These AREN’T show-quality horses! They are not thoroughbreds, nor should they be compared as such. Thoroughbreds are ungainly, emaciated, brittle-boned horses who collapse when too much weight is applied. Wild horses are the exact opposite–They are magnificent creatures who yes, inter-breed,(*gasp*) not for beauty but for the SURVIVAL of the species. Why is that any worse than mix-breed dogs, cats, or humans?
    And if they can survive in this brutal world we humans have created for them, I’d say they’re doing rather well. So how dare you say they should all be murdered!! SHAME on you.

  • Sigourney

    Yes I too think that Gelding the stallions is better then killing the wil horses. they can do around ups, geld most of the stallions they have then let them go, and also I no they have a number of wild horses in a very small paddock and are thinking of killing them all since they don’t have enough money to feed them. But what i think is they should let them go, and no there may not be enough food, since there numbers would be greatter so some may die but from natual causes. & Mustanges are none to live in Harsh conditions. SO they may even be able to live though the no food, or find something else to eat. we have to stop this soon though, contact th BLM and tell them your point.
    I own 2 horses, one which is a mustang, there wonderful :)

    Oh and RE to: Pamelia Brow, they don’t have to geld all the stallions just most, say 7 out of 10. so that there still will be wild foals, but not as many.

  • Jeanne

    Thank you,Ginger Katherns, for the deeply moving (to me)films about Cloud and his greater tribe. I am thrilled they exist, saddened to know they are rounded up regularly. Unlike some above, I do not have a solution in mind for their situation. Maybe one isn’t needed. That which people call God doesn’t seem to interfere with homosapiens. I would love to know your view on this.

  • Nakita

    the horses are awsome and really should be considered as native as they are part of the main foundation of the original american west you should be greatfull to have such wonderful animals as part of your heritage afterall they have battled the harsh elemnts to survive for so many years and a reply to tim is that these horses are purebreds!… purebred MUSTANGS probably the best bush horses to walk the earth they are very sure footed and have amazing natural instincts i would definatley feel safer out there on the back of one of those sturdy looking little horses than the fine boned horses you seem to take pride in a horse that diddnt stumble on every bump in he ground would be a much better ride! hmm maybe one like cloud! and their heads and necks arent ugly they are built that way inorder to survive the terrain on which they live. maybethe BLM could still round up the horses but not so many and if there are any ranchers around that want mustangs let them o out and catch what they want by themselves if they know how to muster cattle then surley they could do the same for the horses it would be less stressful for them anyway

  • Sharon Collins

    You know, I think Tim himself is a Roman nosed, pig eyed, short necked,low neck set, apple butted, short crouped, low tail set junk of a horse lover himself. To what he said, all I can give is a wild snort and shake of my mane! What I feel about his little comment is not expressable. We Mustangs know what people say about us online, got it?

  • Brittny

    Cloud is a beutiful horse.I was so excited when he got his first mare.please keep filming him becausewe want to see if his first foul looks like him or not.

  • Kelley from NZ

    HI All. It has been as interesting reading the comments as it has been watching the clip. I believe there is beauty in all and there is so much to protect, from the lowest blade of grass to those beautiful wild horses running free. In this world such a feat is hard to achieve when people continue to condemn other groups/other ideas etc. Without each other be it a native plant to a wild horse we are/have nothing. Physically, spiritually, mentally all has a place on the earth now. However Tim, your comments are negative and you forget that the genetics these horses carry are the beginnings of the fancy warmbloods that some covert.

  • Sam F.

    Wow, talk about battle of the opposites!
    To such wonderful, considerate people such as Dina, Sharon, and Ashleigh among others: thank you for being such awesome supporters of mustangs and horses in general! The world needs more people like you. Horses, mustangs, and Cloud in particular are one of the most beautiful things God put on this green earth.
    To Tim and Mike and similar…people. (Perhaps.) I see no ‘constituents’ here. I see Horses. Just because your idea of supreme equine beauty is a shiny, inbred showpony with a stack of papers higher than your narrow mind is tall does NOT mean that anyone else feels this way. All horses are beautiful and deserve to be so. Should we shoot all ugly humans? Have I ever seen you in a Gucci for Men ad? NO! And, Mike, unless you are a Native American, you’re just as ‘foreign’ as the mustangs.

  • Loraine R.

    I personally agree with Tim and Mike. I hate to admit it, but there is so much more we (as a country) could be doing with our money! And it is stupid, ignorant people like you that have caused so much hurt in the horse world. Now, before name calling starts, I DO love horses. Had them ever since I was nine, and I’ll proably have them till the day I die. But the fact of the matter is, there’s too many of them! Domestic or not, there is just too many to care for. And for all you city slicker idiots who want to say, ‘There’s a home for every unwanted horse’, get a life! I don’t see you out there, trying to support these animals. And being that I work with a rescue group, I do know what I’m talking about. We’ve been having so many people phone in, saying ‘Please take our horses. We love them, but we’ve lost our job and they’re starving.’ We want to take the horses, but we already have way more than WE can feed! So where do THESE horses go? Lets just get rid of the mustangs, or just leave them be, and put our money into the horses that matter, the horses that CAN’T fend for themselves. Instead of donating to BLM or where ever, donate to a Horse Rescue group who needs it. And honestly, if you really want to help the issue all around. Re-Open Slaughter. It is one of those nessacary evils. And instead of banning it, put your money, time and energy into making it humane and quick. It would really help boost the econonmy. I really do love horses, but we must be practical. I mean, look at the breeders over in Arabia. For centuries they have done so well. And why? Because they kill stuff that is crap. That is really blunt, but true. So please people, stop being dumb and put your effort into securing the horses that CAN’T fend for themselves. Who can’t forage for food. I personally think its kinder to humanly end their life in a slaughter house, than to let them starve for monthes until they die simply because their owners can’t afford to feed them. And again, I repeat, I own, and love horses, I’m just trying to be practical. And before you say ‘Would you send your horse to slaughter?’ NO! But she has a purpose. She is pure bred. She is worth loads of money. She is helping the economy. She isn’t taking up space. She has a job. She has perfect conformation. SHE IS WANTED! So really, get your head out of the clouds people. Being practical doesn’t make you Hitler.

  • emma hartvig

    i love cloud and all the other horses!!!!

  • Patty

    How can anyone talk the way some of the people that have posted here have… horses of any breed or color are beautiful animals. Gosh, isn’t there enough for the sicko’s of the world to complain about without bashing wild horses. Get a life. AND, on another note, it is not just about looks! I glad Tim, comment #5 is not my heartless nasty significant other!

  • Patty

    To #33-Loraine…. get a grip! You started name calling with this statement “And it is stupid, ignorant people like you” before you stated “Now, before name calling starts”. DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF?

  • Bella

    Well I can see who is an actual horse lover and who is just in it for the money. These animals have been here quite a long while…before any of us were here. there is absolutely no reason that they need to be ‘exterminated’. And as for Mike…What tribe are you from? The tribes I know including mine embrace these animals as a symbol of their history as well as white man’s. These animals are the ancestors of those that helped my people along. And as for Tim…you make me just a little bit sick. Your comparing freedom with captivation. What a shame. Your obviously one of the ones that are in the horse business for money alone, and NOTHING else.

  • Krysta

    cloud is a beutiful horse i think that horses are animals are suposed to be free.

  • freedomk

    For the love of horses.If you have ever had the chance to live around or worked with wild horses and studied their own language such as body language, verbal sounds, body movements, their enter-action with each other and the way they protect their own you would see how strong willed and smart these horses are. They have their own way without a GPS of healing searching for water & food and finding one another. They have a purpose for every movement. I’ve seen little spurts of water coming out of the earth where they naturally scent and knew where to dig ever so lightly. These horses by nature always are teaching and training which horse will take over when the leader is gone. Usually when they die it’s their time and there is purpose for their meat (feeding the wild animals). Nature has a way of thinning them out. Usually, one dies one is born. Birth control in my opinion only messes up their cycle of (What would of been natural & natures way at the right time) Wild horses are naturally strong, tough, muscle bound to take what it takes to live in the wild weather it is hot, cold, sandy, flat or hilly land. When its time to move on to another area one way or the other they move on. Watching wild horses is when I realized every body movement & their own language & location(s) was for a purpose. It’s really interesting to study all harem of horses. I wish someday you could just watch and study them. They are amazing. Kay

  • marion

    It is a crime to kill or destroy these beautiful wild horses. Let nature alone as there are untold miles of native forests and grass lands in the Western states. Shame on the federal government. They put the Indians, the first Americans, on the worst land called reservations and now they are destroying these beautiful animals. In the mid 19880s they were destroying cattle herds to up the price of milk by branding the poor animals on their faces, the most painful sensitive site on cows. What is this inherent need by the feds to make the animals suffer needlessly and then kill them?
    I’m ashamed of some of the things that go on in our government. This is the democracy and freedom that lured so many foreign immigrants to America thru the centuries?

  • Tim

    I agree with Loraine. I am a horse owner and lover, and tend to, primp, and ride my grade quarter horse every day after work. Doesn’t change the fact that slaughter does work and IS a necessary evil in today’s horse world. Living in a world of “never harm the horse” mentality just doesn’t work. It leads to over population, starvation and desease, and worse of all, gross neglect. Sad but true.

  • Farsouthofocala

    Re: Value of (wild) horses

    As with many equines to determine value, prepare these captured horses for a sale at auction. Arrange for a legitimate professional sales company (Fasig-Tipton, Keeneland Association, Barretts Equine Limited, Ocala Breeder’s Sales,etc.) to catalogue individuals, advertise for buyers, and run them through the ring. Then and only then will a “true value” of these animals be established and known.
    All the rest of this dialogue is emotion and “hot air”!!!!

  • Mel

    Loraine…you live in a sad world :(

  • Brigid Courtney

    I am just beginning to learn about Cloud! What a beautiful horse. They all should be free They are a part of our heritage..

  • kat

    To contol the population put the mares on birth control

  • cheryl g

    I am new to this but I just had to reply;

    TO LORAINE: My experience with “pure bred horses” is that a lot of them are all looks no brains. they are lost outside the show ring. papers are nothing but paper. my experience with mustangs is that they are intelligent and able to think for themselves when necessary .They are quick to learn and can do many “jobs” what kind of a job does your horse have? bet a mustang could do it better. And how does your horse help the economy?

    TO TIM ” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” Each horse breed is conformed according to job it was created to do, you cannot compare one breed to another. The mustangs are conformed to survive in harsh conditions and to navigate all kinds of territory. Bet they are more sure footed then your grade quarter horse and they could probably go places that your hose couldn’t, and a mustang would go for longer and work him into the ground.

    AND TO BOTH OF YOU; you seem to think of horses in terms of money, papers and bloodlines. Are your horses friends or property to you? AND NO HUMAN SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXTERMINATE ANY LIVING THING AND THAT INCLUDES THE MUSTANGS MAY THE RUN FREE FOEVER.

  • Jill

    It seems that there is a lack of concern since the publishing of these films. Shame on any one that says they care there are many horses left in paddocks and corrals around the country that need homes. Looking into giving a home for one of these animals is a lot of work but well worth it. though I do not own one now I will in the future and the most important thing that I can do is teach my daughter that the importance of the horse did not start with a quarter horse or an arabian but with native americans providing for their families. We are a horse family and love all of them no matter what. Big, sleek, and beautifu, or short swaybacked and oddly colored.

  • Karla

    You people are comparing apples and oranges. These horses don’t look like today’s race and show horses because they are not related!!

    These horses’ ancestors have been here since the 1500’s when the Spanish arrived. Way before most of yours. People are the feral population if you aren’t native American.

    It’s the fight for grazing land and natural resourses that stem this battle. The wild horses don’t make any MONEY!!!!!!! Heaven forbid letting them exist if they aren’t creating revenue…..

  • Hayley

    look this is a silly argument ok. But i do agree with some of you Cloud lovers out there. They should be allowed to roam free they are beautiful horses. I have four horses of my own and if the law threatened to put mine down cause they were wild then i would rather do it myself. Obviously wild horses are going to be different than our perfectly broken and show horses. God never put them here to be wiped off the planet but to live along side man in peace and harmony. I know a wild horse and when i fainted a couple of years ago it took me home and i still see the horse now and again. It is all about peace love and trust. Cloud is beautiful and instead of destroying Gods creation why cant they just catch him and his band, break them and make a rescue for them. If none of you know what I am talking about then watch the movie Flicka!

  • Abby

    I really cant believe some of you people on here. The mustangs have just as much right as we do to this earth and frankly, I believe they own more of that right than we do. Dont be mad at the horses being able to roam free. Be mad at the government for not spending their money the right way. Money isn’t always the most important thing. Why not be proud of the fact that these animals have been preserved and able to live in their natural state? There is enough flipping land for cattle and whatever else. Too many mustangs? I don’t believe so. Nature takes its own course in keeping numbers down. Gelding some stallions, yes. I believe that should be done. But not shooting them! Honestly, if you dont have something nice to say, keep your mouth closed.

  • Phoebe

    I can’t watch our national heritage die. The mustang is our heritage, and they are dieing

  • shelbye

    i have like 5000 people helping me out with the donating and protesting and i created a page o facebook called Save The Horses and there are like 1000 others trying to help

  • Lori

    The Mustangs should be allowed to roam free. And as far as the government – what a freaking bunch of greedy people! All they care about is how much money they can put in their pockets and how much “free” healthcare, cars, etc., they can get! Leave them alone, stop the roundups (that kill so many horses), stop the “birth control darts”-all these do is cause births during the wrong season. Nature takes care of the horse population in the wild. And for all you who do these roundups by helicopter or whatever – perhaps you should be hunted down the same way.
    This whole issue just makes me angry as I’m sure it does a lot of people. Let them be. Their heritage is so important. And for God’s sake, there is enough land out there for them and the human population to share.
    Or make more wild horse reserves. Put aside some land for them-hey there you go, the government can use some of their money for more wild horse reserves!
    LEAVE THE WILD HORSES ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lori

    PS – At Loraine: Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! to you!

  • Lori

    PSS – At Tim: Were you really describing yourself in your comment???? Roman nosed, pig eyed, short necked, Oh my God, I bet your head is longer than your neck – and apple butted is a hot look by the way.
    You obviously don’t get the beauty of the wild horse. Poor you. We are a family of Quarter Horse and Walking Horse owners but would never speak of ANY breed of horse the way you speak of the wild mustangs.
    Shame on you loser!

  • Tara M.

    Re: to Kate – I agree that these horses are not indigenous to this continent. But, neither are we. When we came here, we did everything in our power to eradicate the people who were indigenous to this continent, the Native Americans, so that we could usurp every last resource we could get our hands on. But shame on the wild mustang for needing grass, water and a little bit of space. So if you want to shoot the wild mustangs for being a foreign, feral species, then you ought to shoot yourself, too. Honestly, people, do you actually think about what comes out of your mouth? Think about it……… are not originally from this continent. You are a species which has taken over and is doing more damage than every other foreign species COMBINED.

    As for everyone in agreement of letting these horses stay put…………I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

  • meli25700

    trop bien les filme de cloud j’adore je suis une fane

  • vanessa s.

    suposly horses are taking space,were the ones taking space. i agree we should let them free.and everyone who thinks money is there whole life,iits not.we could sell horses all we want.but horses have a heart and a soul.we shouldnt be treatin horses like there things.

  • vanessa s.

    kat says:to control the population put the mares on birth control i say:it makes mares give birth on the wrong season most of the time,

  • Stephanie

    To be honest all this argument of what to do with the mustangs, kill them, save them, it really is not truly necessary. As humans we seem so driven to interfere with all other species, including these wild horses, when really they should just be left alone. Nature has its own way of dealing with overpopulation, when there is not enough food to go around animals die, the next year is plentiful so the population grows. To be frank the removing of these horses for sale seems rather pointless to me, and could even be harmful to the balance of the ecosystem. These horses they take that may have otherwise died are also, as shown in the video, a valuable food source for the predators of the land. So the horse population control is in fact also affecting these species as well. And yes they are not “native” species, but as other have stated they have been around for a few hundred years already and are as such a true part of their ecosystem.
    Some people have also mentioned inbreeding in regards to the mustangs as something horrible, when in fact it is a fact of life. Many species of animals inbreed, some at greater rates then others. At least in the case of the mustangs this inbreeding is minimized by natural behavior (chasing matured offspring from the herd). Inbreeding is even commonly used in regulated purebred breeding practices, in fact any horse that is purebred is by definition inbred. Just to give you an idea of how inbred some of our purebred horses are: of the entire world’s population of race horses all are descended from just 28 stallions, three of which contribute 80% of the entire gene pool. You can read more about these astonishing inbreeding rates (and resulting issues) at:
    Also in regards to peoples mention of the “ugly” appearance of the horses, that is truly short sighted. They may not adhere to today’s standards for beauty in show horse, but in the wild where nature reigns supreme those traits mean nothing. The builds these animals have reflect a sturdiness, strength and vitality that enables them to survive their harsh environment. If one where to do a little research on purebred horse, such as the thoroughbred for example, it would quickly become apparent that such a “perfect” horse structure would not meet the demands of life in the wild. Thoroughbreds have small feet in comparison to their body resulting in lameness and foot sores, tend to get bleeding lungs when running too strenuously and have a tendency to break their leg bones. Even ignoring those last issues the problems involved with breeding alone would mark the purebred thoroughbreds to be ill prepared for life in the mustangs wild home (ex. foaling requiring assistance, high rates of foal morbidity and birth defects). To be honest in my view these wild mustangs have much truer beauty that our manufactured purebreds. They are a beauty of strength and health, something that is as it was meant to be not what someone else decided it should be. All in all I think if people want to refer to the mustangs as true wild horse they should treat them as a true wild species. Let it flourish on its own and interfere as little as possible.

  • Allan

    Tim,if you had said all that nasty stuff about wild horses in real life than you would be sorry you’d ever said that to me.This bunch of wild horses that Ginger Katherins is so kindly filming for us, are probably the best in the Pryor Mountains.If you want to a bunch of BAD looking horses than go look at the lightning- struck one’s.But as far as I’m concerned you had NO right whatsoever to diss those BEAUTIFUL wild ones.And as far as I’m concerned I will spend every penny in my savings to save Cloud AND his family if they need saving(mainly if they get caught by the BLM and they decide to take Cloud and his entire herd off the range,though that is highly unlikely).And I bet that that,is more than what you(Tim)would ever do for any show horse.In fact, from what I have just read,you are more than likely to abandon or put down the poor animal if he were to go lame.And that poor horse would be in heaven if you set him free just because he went lame.And that poor horse would be lucky if you haven’t already gelded him already so he can pass on his “perfect” confirmation.In reality I think you (Tim)don’t deserve to have a horse.Because I bet that horse would be happier to die from a mountain lion attack than be your horse.- Allan

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