Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo

For thousands of years, wolves have hunted buffalo across the vast North American plains. Although westward settlement of the continent saw the virtual extinction of these vast herds and their eternal predators, this ancient relationship was not lost altogether. On the northern edge of the continent’s central plains, in a place named Wood Buffalo National Park, buffalo and wolves still engage in epic life and death dramas. By following one pack of wolves, wildlife filmmaker Jeff Turner captures how these two animal species live together in what seems like a forgotten corner of the world.

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  • Junior

    I cannot wait for this to air!!! I am so excited! I love wolves with a passion!!!

  • Don

    Cannot help but to make a comment about the program just viewed about hunters killing Wolves,etc. I think it is despicable and inhumane for a group of big men who like they were all overfed with rifles, to go out and kill these little animals. Seem that man has so a tendency just to find satisfaction into killing. A sport to take a rifle to kill, it’s no wonder that you Americans or most of you anyways has troubles with guns and killings. These men doesn’t need to kill these little animals, what’s their problem I wonder? For God sake quit it and try and find something to do like something that doesn’t require a gun.

  • Ed C

    They are bison, not buffalo. Come on PBS. You really should know better.

  • Chris

    Get over your safe little world you created Don. You are trying to invent a new world where guns do not exist. Guess what, men have killed animals and men from the beginning of time and will do so till the end of time. If we take a Bow, then you’ll find an excuse to say its Cruel. Just have a better understanding for the cycle of life. Speaking of God, he put animals on this Earth for humans to have dominion over. To raise, to eat, to tame, to dominate. Learn the Bible if you are going to speak about God. Unless you read a rainbow Bible where there is no evil and just rainbows.

  • Dan

    Hey Don,

    The program did not even mention hunters, guns, or hunting? Come to Alaska and witness how a few wolves slaughtered 17 sheep due to high snow in the mountains without eating them you may feel different. Also in a meat eating society we either need to inhumanly raise animals in overfed pens or properly manage animals in the wild to supplement human consumption. Either ideal has its faults.

  • Sue

    Regardless of your opinions regarding the program, Don, your racist attitude very unbecoming. Why are you such an angry person? I’m actually surprised that PBS would allow such a foul email to be published. Disappointing.

  • Barbara

    Don, please be aware that very few people in the U.S. kill these beautiful creatures. As in every country around the world, there will always be people who live outside the normal boundaries of what is right. I think perhaps you spend too much time online. Not everything you read online is factual.

  • Tom

    Couldn’t agree more.
    Tom (an American)

  • Arlo Filderman


  • Larry

    How did they film this wonderful film. Did they use a hot air ballon? Helicopter? How did they keep up with the wolves? How did the camera stay on them from above??? Would love to know how it was achieved.. Great show!!!!!

  • Kimber Hawkey

    Beautiful nature. The exploitation of the Tar Sands by Canada frightens me – Don, I could make blanket statements about Canadians and their thirst for Big Oil Money, but that would be just as off-base as your blanket statement regarding Americans and guns. The majority of Americans want gun control or no guns; however, their is big money behind the guns, and it seems that no matter how many people die or fight for change are all for naught. Nevertheless, PLEASE do not lump the whole nation into one stereotypical bag.

    Canadians, please keep fighting the Tar Sands and the Keystone OIl Project to preserve our earth and it’s creatures (including ourselves).

  • James Phillips

    Thank you Jeff and PBS FOR DOING A GREAT JOB ON MAKING TV tonight Great!!! ~ ~

  • Dennis Searcy

    I just saw the program. There are pictures of wolves chasing bison, photographed in many cases from an aircraft flying overhead. As pointed out in the program, when the bison become frightened, they run and become vulnerable to wolf attack from behind. Left undisturbed, they stand and face the wolves, and are relatively safe. Thus, I wonder, did they the helicopter to scare the bison and cause them to run?

    I hope not. I don’t like to be so cynical, but (for example) I dislike the aerial photos of rapidly running herds of African animals. Clearly, the animals are being chased by an airplane. It may make an interesting picture, but is not kind to the animals and not an honest show about nature.

  • Wyman

    I fully agree with what Don has just said. With the obsession to kill – just for the insane thrill??? – cold-blooded hunters have been using traps:- it’s so sad that those so called “human” would even use carcass of pups & adult wolves as prey, letting the social caring nature of wolves to become their own death trap!! This has given me unstoppable chill on my back – what a shame!!!!

  • Bob Walker

    Sorry but I could not watch your video on my Mac. It seems everyone wants to use the Adobe Flash Player and it doesn’t work with everyones operating system. Not everyone can afford to keep up with technology. Can’t you find some other way of presenting your videos???

  • Gordon

    Don [of Feb. 9, '13] is clueless, insofar as:
    -WHICH show did he watch?! I found the NPR “Cold Warriors [wolves]” episode (well-filmed and narrated) most fascinating!
    -his grammar and spelling errors reflect, in appears, both his intellect AND his level of educational accomplishment;
    -his hatred of hunting and firearms blinds him to purposeful tools ethically used, although not relevant to this episode – would he rather see overpopulated animal populations (I don’t necessarily refer to wolves, although a case could be made for their culling, when necessary) starving to death?

    Fortunately, it appears he is not a resident of the USA and cannot, along with the other fools who’ve done so, vote for our President…

  • CowboyVampire

    Watched this last night. What a great show! Thanks so much. Loved the shot of the mother wolf calling her pups back to the shore after trying to swim that lake. And the whole scene where the big male passes up the kill to track down a dying old bull a mile away. That was eerie and intense. Just a great, high quality show.

  • Theresa

    Just finished watching this program earlier today. Before watching and during most of the show, I was thinking “even though this place is so remote, at least they have a place to themselves that is undisturbed by human interference. Human interference which is destroying our planet with no regard for the wildlife”. But then of course it is revealed by the film-maker that this place is is not remote enough. The Alberta Oil Sands are polluting the area and will be doing so even more. Is there no escape for these beautiful animals from the destruction of humans? How sad.

  • John W. Garrett

    The hypocrisy of Jeff Turner is mind-boggling— the guy’s flying around in a helicopter burning all kinds of hydrocarbons and simultaneously whining about development of the Athabaskan oil sands.

    You can’t make this stuff up. What a phony!

  • Hudson D.

    I agree, people trap/shoot wolves for no reason. wolves dont attack people, and if they smell them they run away, its stupid that way.

  • Joe Taylor

    The comments about the show are a little odd and a few left my scratch my head.. guns? Did anyone have guns in this show? How did they shoot it? I think he mentioned a half dozen times how he shot it.. in the air and in blinds. Helicopters pollution..? really, one helicopter to make a great film that will bring more attention to this tragedy that is unfolding. I think we can give him a pass.

    Anyway, lol… great show! I love wolves and I love them even more. The thing that struck me the most was just how intelligent they are.. it makes me look at my dog and think, OH.. that’s where you got your smarts! ;)

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