Crash: A Tale of Two Species
Video: Netting the Red Knots

With the red knots around for only a few weeks, these researchers have a limited window for collecting data.

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  • jabari

    nice video

  • Yerrik

    This is a very good picture of how rocket netting is done, and how biologists get information on populations of birds that move around so much, like the Red Knot. Kudos to the film team.

  • Co

    that was awsome!

  • Glenn Hauser

    While watching the outstanding episode on the Red Knots, I was startled to hear the name Larry Niles.
    After watching with astonishment I realized that Larry was my former grade school and high school classmate from Southampton, Pa.
    Way to go Larry!!! I know that your entire walking life you’ve been the outdoorsman and naturalist. I’m very happy to see that you’ve been so successful in fulfilling your life’s vocation…your dedication to the understanding and nurturing of nature and it’s habitat. Thank’s to you and your wife’s dedication.

    Happy 40th anniversary Archbishop Wood “Class of ‘69″ and here’s to Mr. Sharpe’s biology class.

  • Susan Shaw

    I just watched “Crash: A Tale of Two Species” on PBS tonight and was very impressed with the photography, narration, and science that was presented in the program. I did notice that it was available on the PBS site and looked it up and now I am excited to be able to see other features that I have missed in the past. Very Nice Work!

  • Mark R. Albertson

    The Nature series is the best programming on television. PBS is to be commended for such wonderful work and the production crews for this and other similar programs are the very best in the business.

  • Harpers Ferry Middle School

    “The scenery photography was awsome.” “It was pretty interesting.” “I liked the bubble part.” “The netting part was cool.” “The baby crabs needed swimming lessons.”

  • Helen Bertole

    How can I follow up and know what happens with the continuation of this story of the red knots…will there be another program about their fate? This was so interesting and beyond well done!!!

  • Thomas smith

    I cant wate to see it im…..well under 15 and i watch every nature im almost positive iv seen this one before but idc i want to see it again lol i love all of the natures!!! BTW older then 2 lol

  • Paul E.

    I want to commend and thank Nature and the wonderful people who brought this story to us.
    This was done in 2008 so my wife and I would love to know the status of these two wonderful animals.
    We want to thank PBS for supporting this vital programming.
    Let’s hope that people in all of our States act to preserve Life on this planet.

  • Gail

    The Nature episode was fascinating. What a true testimony to one species depending on another.
    I just moved to a community in Southern Chester Co in PA and the 3rd week of April I was delighted to spot 2 red knots on the shore of our retention pond. I didn’t get any indication of their size as I only saw them through binoculars, but what a treat. Were they ready to hit the Arctic?

  • Mad Jayhawk

    An excellent video. Well written. Beautiful photography. Hats off to everyone involved and thanks to all those volunteers trying to help the horeseshoes and the red knots.

  • david

    Isn’t doing this is AGAINST nature?
    What exactly are they doing there?
    I’m not jumping to conclusions, maybe they’re trying to save them or something
    this doesn’t look so nice to catch birds with nets

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