Crime Scene Creatures
Interactive: Determine the Time of Death

A body has been discovered. Collect and analyze the evidence, then determine the postmortem interval (PMI).

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  • Cody Spencer

    I did not care for this game too much. It was kinda boring because it did not offer much at all. One of the most non-educational games to play. Although, you do slightly learn something.

  • anonymous

    I completely disagree. This game was very good for the educational service it is providing. It’s not meant to be like an interactive “CSI” deal. It’s simply meant to teach that with the help of insects we can learn something important about a death, murder, homicide, etc. And it did exactly what the description claimed it would.

    Oh and saying it was “the most non-educational” game to play and then right after wards say you did learn something makes you look dumb.

  • Adasia V

    Bored… bored… Bored…. NEW GAME PLEASE!

  • rfearing

    Great intro to forensics and using entomology to solve crimes.

  • Nae

    this is whack

  • Mrs.De’Shae’

    This game,to me,was very intresing and fun.Its helping me understand a lot better.

  • I’m His Girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This game is not boring !!!!!!!! It’s a great intro 4 forensic majors

  • dr3@m

    autually dis game was kinda fun since i will be majoring in forensic science when i go to college!!
    CLASS OF ‘11 WE DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • diamond

    *****this games was ok but it wasn’t fun either like for my learning ability!!!!!!! I would prefer that u make this game interesting so we can have fun with our learning!!!!!!!!*******

  • Jack

    Each to there own,l find this game was good..

  • Amber Cook

    While I, too, think the game could use a little refining so people can play more than once, with different outcomes, it DID do what it was supposed to do. I AM already in Forensics class & intend to use this site as one of my references.

  • aiysha

    i think u should treat the tiger right and friendly too.

  • katie

    that was a good game but kind of freaky ina mom is good at telling how long the body has been there and stuff she watches alot of science chanels.i was not graet at this game but i still liked is one of my favorits.

  • ashleigh

    it was good but i found it inconclusive????

  • Aaron Allen

    This activity was beautiful. Words just cannot express the way I feel about the things it taught me. The skills I learned today: I will utilize for the rest of my life. It was like having my first child.

  • anonymous

    I never really played the game, since my computer is slow, but I would like to know what it’s like.

  • Gavin Roman

    weres the challenge!!!!! seriously?

  • grant Y.

    i agree with cody spencer although if u dont Know much about forensic science this game could come in handy!!

  • girly

    this thing is bogas it doesnt help at all

  • haha ull never know:)

    i liked this game. it was pretty fun.

  • desiree torres

    this game was ok it would be better if it ahd more details to it

  • Bandit3

    This game was too easy.It’s not that educational either.

  • mimo

    i hated this game i hate bugs too!!!!

  • hannah

    i hate this game yall should go to cool math they have fun games

  • Troy Williams

    Hey whats up this game was a little short you know try to make it so you accually learn a thing or two.

  • Nero Travestire

    There really is no point in adding a “play again” button, if it’s always going to be the same crime scene, with the same evidence, and the same time of death… Add some variety people

  • Haley

    I didn’t understand. My computer didn’t let me go on to something else after I did the bug thing, did not care for this game very much…. new game anyone?

  • jojo

    wow…. enjoyed de game. can forensic entomologists be said to be legal eagles

  • Chris

    Maybe “game” isn’t the best term to use. It was just a little introductory exercise into forensic entomology.

    Just a head’s-up to those of you in high school – you will always be judged on how you write (and speak). So some of you who think it’s cute to just short-cut your words as if you’re texting, be sure you can actually write properly. Some of you might laugh at this, but just wait till your put on the spot to compose something for a job application and you start to doubt how well you spell and if your grammar is ever correct!

    Not everything in life is a fun X-Box game. Get over it if this was “boring” to you. At least you were doing something interactive.

  • le

    it was so borring it also only has one level the could have at least made two levels

  • blaah

    i feel the same way!! its just like a first child!!!

  • mmasbasj

    i agree with aaron allen. i feel like im a new human after what i saw ther. wowwww

  • blaahs brother and mmasbasj’s uncle

    well i dont know about first child but i have changed completly too!!!!! kinda like my niece mmasbasj!

  • mark

    buzz kill this game is ok for people that are really into it but im not trying to be mean this job does get money but im really not so much of a fan

  • sutton detective agency

    Fun and interesting

  • bob

    boooooooooooring.. buzzkill

  • Gwen

    dat be dahh funnest game eba in my lifee hhomiess

  • bob2

    this game blows.. hiIII

  • student77182

    This was purely beautiful. I cried. I love this game with all my heart. It conveys the basic sense of depth and love.
    Its so beautiful..

  • CamEB(cameron)

    this game=life

  • Hawt Girl

    i fell to tears while playing this game, it is a marvel of human nature, i love this game, i play it every day, what a learning expierince

  • Kimbo Smith

    i thought the game was better than CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPPS!!!!!! I played all night! I really have no life but i was depressed and this game brought up my spirits. now i feel like a new human!

  • hilly billy bob

    this was a wonderful game that has changed the meaning of life. when i finished it i began to cry because it was so life changing

  • keith Morrison

    The game changed my life. I am in love with this game. It is my dearest love.

  • hilly billy joe

    my favorite part was when we learned how to collect the maggots. i have no life because i like to search for bad computer games

  • Kareem Awad

    hey, hey you. No not you, the other guy. YES YOU. No, behind you. The chubby one. Yes, you, eating the big
    Mac. Do you like tacos??

  • barack obama

    i would like to make an emergency state of the union that this game be introduced to every school in these united states of america. this was truly a life changing experience i will never forget. by far the greatest part of the game was the excellent example of teamwork. with the help of the new fly, i was able to win. teamwork is important.

  • Josh Osborne

    this game is a lifer saver. i was going to kill myself but after this game i am not!

  • conor donahue


  • Henry Ho


  • donkey breath

    i cant believe she makes us play these stupid games and do stupid worksheets lets do something fun lady

  • santa claus

    hohohoho this video game will be given 2 all my chldren weather they ask for it or not because it is so incredibly life changing that everyone should own it merry jessus christ i just ran some old bag over

  • smokey the bear

    remeber kids dont text while you drive and only you can put out a forest fire hmmn wats that smell

  • monkeykiller789

    the way the game was portrayed makes me want to go out and live life to the fullest thank you game you saved my brother from commiting suicide (thank you)

  • Tomas

    well this game was the best game i have ever played i mean seriously it was better then halo [only cuz i am horrible and that game] but this one made alot of sense to me.

  • erik rosas

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  • jojomilly

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  • Slimjim2121

    I got pregnant

  • Freidnylpedo25

    I was playing this enjoyable activity while eating a can of tuna and i ate the tuna and died and pood everywhere.
    Devoured shoulders?

  • Robert Tiguan

    OMG dude, i traded in my black ops for this game. I now only play this. the bugs are h4wt.



  • Loquesha Tequan Smith

    this game y’all is tight yo. its like eating a pepper pie on a hot tuesday in june, dagnabbit

  • :P~~~C=====8

    i thought that this game was alright. only if there were different cases and possibly make the cases longer. i dont think that this game taught me much, after all, all we did was take bugs off a body and guess how many days it was there for.

  • Re::P~~~C=====8

    If you want longer cases similar to this, go to:
    the games there are quite educational and very well made

  • Enrobso Jones

    I will report all of you to the NRA for failure to tell the truth when commenting on this game. Obviously it is not fun. Obviously it has no point to it what so ever! All of you are so immature! This game is just bad. Period.

  • Derek Alexander

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    lol we are playing this game in school. oi guys can you see me?

  • Anonym

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  • Mr-Cool

    NAILED IT!!!

  • alex taylor

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  • secret

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  • smokin hot

    nice work on the game it is so easy you should make it a lot harder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tizzy

    this game changed the way i precieve life.

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  • Samantha

    This game is just WOW! Words can’t describe how i feel! I can’t believe i got the chance to experience this game(:

  • 123456789

    This is the greatest game eber!!!!

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  • Danyanily Lamarge

    this game is breath taking. i play it every second of everyday of my life && i can never get past the level where the answer is 16 days –___________–


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  • alexis smith

    i love this game funnest thing of my life..this is a great educational game and it makes me want to go to school for entomologyiez and my life is now complete thiz game really changed my life

  • :3

    u guys r nubes

  • chloe foulds

    wow! this is the best interactive crime scene that i could find online!

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  • tristen aka kimbo slice

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  • Tyler

    Yo dis be da bomb diggity, I’d have my babiez wit it, yo.
    Check it next time, lata hataaaz

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