Crime Scene Creatures
Video: Diatom Detective

After a woman drowns mysteriously, diatoms found on recovered clothing help convict her husband.

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  • Victor Young

    I am interested in using nature videos in my class. I teach 4th, 5th, and 6th year students

  • Amani Sutton

    This was incredibly helpful. I am currently taking a Bio Laboratory, and the end of semester assignment was to do a group presentation on something interesting discussed over the course of the semester. We decided on diatoms and their role in crime scenes. This could not have came about in any better way. Thanks so much! We will be showing and citing this in our presentation. I just wish we could put the actual video in the presentation, but the link works just fine.

  • El Capatino

    NICE. everyone loves diatoms

  • Victor Youn

    man i am a total moron

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