Cuba: The Accidental Eden
Photos: Behind the Scenes

All photos by taken by Doug Shultz unless otherwise noted.

  • Deborah Horner

    I am absolutely thrilled by the photo of the baby sea turtle! My initial feelings after seeing it were clouded a bit by realizing the odds of his/her survival, but I choose to be an optimist about this one. At any rate, I applaud your photography and all your hard work. You made my entire week!

  • Lesli T

    While many of your stories touch me, something about the sea turtles in Cuba struck me more than usual. It started with the eyes of the mother as she made her way up the beach, somehow having found her way back to the beach she was born, to lay her eggs. Such beautiful creatures, and up against such difficult challenges we have created. I would like to support the efforts of the man who is working so hard, for so little, to help them. If there is any information your team can share, please send to the email address provided. Not sure how I could help, but the intent is pure. Thank you for the work you do to educate and inform.

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