Cuba: The Accidental Eden
Photos: Cuba's Natural Diversity

  • Doris

    I like to help Emma Palacios Lemagna ,with her painted snails,and sent her same mony to help her.with the Polymita .i net her adres thank you Doris Hensley

  • bee

    because of the US blockcade we can’t help Cuba; it’s really sad.

  • animallover

    These are so cool and pretty!!!!!!!!

  • linda lane

    there has to be a way to donate to this cause. i will research it….if anyone has any information please post it.
    Thank You

  • regular old guy

    i would like to help the guy with the turtle hatchery..sea turtles are so awsome i swam with one in hawaii and its a feeling i cant describe.

  • Maritza Ruiz

    Please don’t blame the US for the communist regimes problems. It is not the US at fault but the dictatorship that leaves Cuba alone. I should know, I had to leave my country, Cuba, 40 years ago. I do thank PBS for accurately portraying the beauty of my country, that not even communism has destroyed. I can’t wait for the day Cuba is free and I, along with others, will be able to enjoy Cuba’s natural beauty.

  • Jacqueline

    I am still excited about this program on Cuba and telling my friends about it. The beauty of Cuba was exquisitely portrayed. I too would love to donate to the cause of perserving this pristine world. I found the remark that the constitution of the republic addresses conservation of the resources of the island’s flower and fauna. It’s hard to reconcile this beauty with the harshness of the dictatorship.

  • Maria

    I left my beautiful Cuba in 1980 during the Mariel boatlift I was only 13 and my sister was 14, we have been living in the US for 30 years now and although I’m very grateful to my adopted country I still love and miss my Cuba , I will I carry it in my heart always and I love to see its beauty shown on tv for the world to see, it feels my heart with pride. Thank you PBS.

  • Sharon

    Those of us who ‘try’ to conserve in the materialistic society of the U.S., would like to provide some small help to the ’snail lady’ and the ‘turtle man’.

    Could PBS please provide an address so that we can take part in preserving ‘our’ world.

    Thank you.

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