Cuba: Wild Island of the Caribbean
Video: Crabs Spawn a New Generation

Each year, Cuban land crabs return to the sea en masse to release their eggs in the surf.

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  • Mary

    Wow I want to go to cuba!

  • Mary

    The guy talking sounds weird

  • Susan

    What are these crabs called?

  • Stephanie

    That video was very short. It was kind of interesting.

  • Liz

    I was born in Cuba and we lived on the beach. My mom told me about when the crabs would come and coat every inch of our land. Including the walls of the house. It’s great to get a visual of what she was talking about.

  • Barbara

    I was born in Cuba also, I have wonderful memories of my country Cuba. I hope I could see it again one day.

  • crab claire

    I have 428 crabs in cuba

  • kristin

    AMAZING, love the islands!

  • Kella

    Wow……….Cool. It was kind of weird, but still cool.

  • ian

    AAAWWOOSSOOMMEE i want to se a crab get swallowed by the se (>:{(

  • Michaela Hoffman

    that was awesome did you see all those eggs i wonder what kind of crabs are those.

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