Cuba: Wild Island of the Caribbean
Video: Rare "Leaping" Croc Grabs a Snack

These crocodiles have evolved to hunt hutias — and not only in the water.

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  • Co

    im sorry for that animal
    but it is kinda cool

  • Black

    i agree with Co, but it was sort of rather depressing :I

  • KATE

    This was awesome to watch my friend told me about it and i was amazed. Didn’t know crocodiles could jump.


    i am trying to find video on the “urion”/indigenous to cuba-they look like the capivala

  • Kella

    Awwwwww………I feel sad. That animal was cute. But it was cool. I still feel sad though.

  • mdrag

    lol that was soooooooo cool i <3 the crocodiles high jump… corcodiles should enter in the olimpics!!! lol

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