Deep Jungle: Monsters of the Forest

In the Amazon — the world’s largest rainforest — trees fight to the death for water and sunlight. Giant spiders as big as dinner plates take shelter in underground lairs. Buzzing bees and scurrying mammals help hold together an amazing web of life that centers on the Brazil nut tree. One of the world’s largest rivers carries floodwaters that turn forests into massive lakes.

NATURE’s Deep Jungle: Monsters of the Forest takes you into the depths of the Amazon, home to millions of marvelous species. Here you will be treated to a front-row seat while….

Bee expert David Roubik takes on a hive of bees in the Peruvian jungle in an effort to understand the bizarre relationship among the bees, a fragrant orchid flower, and the towering Brazil nut tree.

Tarantula expert Martin Nicholas searches for a spider so big and fierce it can reputedly attack a chicken.

A sneaky strangler fig tree takes on a 160-foot-tall Brazil nut tree — and wins.

It’s all part of the amazing web of life that is the Amazon.

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Online content for Deep Jungle was originally posted in April 2005.

  • Michael J. Shields

    Dear Sirs;
    Isn’t it amazing that creatures like the “Arana Polita” spider are still being discovered? So big, and so distinctive. Truly amazing!

  • Curious Lisy

    Really impressive spider. It is a shame that some scientifists because they never met the” monster” contest this discovery .

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