Deep Jungle: New Frontiers
Video: Darwin's Moth

Scientist Phil DeVries is on a quest to find a moth that Darwin predicted more than 150 years ago.

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  • sabrina mcmillan

    this has alot of helpful information and gives answers to the insect that can eat the nector from the orkid.
    thanks for the helpful information on this video i apperciate it.
    love lots sabrina

  • qweqqweq

    this is such a tease! so what does phil find? there can’t really be a moth like that can there?

  • Bill Carpenter

    Great stuff. I plan on using it for a poetry lesson on the concept of metaphor. In a sense Darwin saw the orchid as a “metaphor” that postulated the existence of the moth.

  • Co.

    WOW a moth where i live could not get that
    nectar. it’s just so cool

  • David

    The orchid in question is Angraecum sesquipedale (the species name in Latin means “one and a half feet” referring to the length of the nectary) and the moth now known to visit it is the Morgan’s Sphinx, Xanthopan morganii, with a proboscis of about 9 inches

  • Deborah Lievens

    I agree. So did Phil find the moth or not? How do we get the rest of the video? I’m as interested in moths as I am in the orchid.

  • Philip Knight

    I have just purchased the orchid in question , And I too would like to know did Phil find the moth ? And the rest of the video ?

  • Timothy Shields

    You have got to be kidding me!!! Yes, I just read that he captured it on film but wanted to see the footage for myself…what a rip though…I was totally expecting to see it here…maybe youtube….

  • Timothy Shields

    I was right, starting at about 3 mins into this video, you can see the moth drinking away:

  • Eugene Wu

    So inspirational! My company’s name is Madmoth which is an acronym of “Make a difference” and “Moment of Truth”. Darwin, Phil, the orchid and the moth, National Geographic…all so great and thank you!

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