Dogs That Changed the World
Video: Behind the Scenes

In this Web exclusive video, producer and director Corinna Faith discusses the making of Dogs That Changed the World, including how locations were selected, what her favorite sequence was, and why this miniseries was so important to her.

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  • Diane E. Conner

    One of Man-kind greatest accomplishments is the dog how can I purchase a video of Dogs that Changed the World

  • Betty Bauer

    Will “Dogs That Changed the World” be shown again on Channel 6 Sacramento. If so, please advise the schedule.

  • not given

    dogs are soooo important i love mine and that nature episode is one of my favorites

  • Tom

    Great Program. Made me look at dogs with a little more respect.

  • Namu

    I miss my first dog, Johnny:(

  • justin

    dogs rule, my first dog was Rusty, he was an awesome guard dog, but he got killed in a fight with another dog.

  • sue

    Am writing a kids novel based on dogs with humans as subsidiary so would like to buy the dvd but for zone 2 ie UK. Is this possible?

  • Wolf

    When are you going to show the series online?

  • Yo Mamma


  • Anthony

    I’ve never had a dog, i like this Video

  • batman

    I believe that dogs are man best friend because man made dogs so dogs were made for man

  • Christopher M.

    I like dogs, there like other memebers of the family. The most exciting thing about this miniseries is that it teaches the orgin of the dogs. I would like to watch this miniseries because it seems really intresting and informative. That is why i would like to watch this miniseries.

  • batman

    I believe that dog is man best friend because man had made dogs so man made themself pets

  • Brenda

    I think dogs are awesome animals, they fit almost everyone’s lifestyle.Most dogs are small and easy to take care of while others need a little more attention.
    The most exciting thing from these mini-series is how dogs evolved into what we have now.
    I would like to watch this miniseries b/c it sounds interesting.

  • john wayne

    is that you john wayne, is this me?

  • fat campa

    i eat dogssss!!!!

  • Campa

    i eat dogsss thats y i love em

  • berenice&lucero

    (lucero) i love hukies!!!!!! their so cute:D… (berenice) i like huskies but when they are puppys

  • Tanya

    I never new that people and dogs helped eachother. And dogs are helpful and useful for people!

  • Alejandra R

    This is from Alejandra and Daniela. Daniela: I like dogs, but at the same time I dont. I only like puppies not big dogs. Because puppies wont attack me. Alejandra: I like dogs. I really dont care what breed they are as long as they dont attack me, Daniela: The most exciting thing, about these miniserious is; The explanation of the stupendous dogs are well explanatory. Alejandra: The most exciting thing about these miniseries is that I love dogs, so them been showing being playful with kids is nice. Daniela: I would not watch these mineserious because already showed me everything I need to know. Alejandra: I would also not watch this miniserious because I really dont like watching educational things when its not requred.

  • lucero

    campa u like to eat dogs?

  • edwin

    i think dogs are the best

  • kat balou

    … great video ! thanks

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