Drakensberg: Barrier of Spears
Video: Fire on the Mountain

In the high alpine meadows of the Drakensberg, eland graze on the lush grasses. But this area is a danger zone. The air at these altitudes is so dry that rain evaporates before it hits the ground. A lightning strike ignites a fire that quickly engulfs the mountain in thick smoke, destroying the eland’s precious pasture.

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  • Co

    thats so awesome but getting through all
    that smoke would be hard work

  • Martyn Armitage

    Started watching Drakensberg, but quit. Why have a narrator if the soundtrack is so loud that it drowns them out. I tune in to nature shows to see and hear about nature, not be deafened by music inappropriate to the subject.

  • Jodi A Sorensen

    Just finished watching Drakensberg – loved it! Excellent photography, narration and music (which by the way I thought to be very appropriate). In fact that’s why I came to this site – to see if I could find out who did the music?

  • sulayman

    i thouthe that you will have a fire blast but you didint i saw you on nature today feberuary sunday 8 2009 thankyou too show us the movie thankyou from sulayman al-jaidi

  • sulayman

    i already watched nature and it was cool that infact i also liked the music of nature the fire blast that it hurt little bit of animals like raindeer and other animals infact i watch evertime nature i like it

  • justin milligan

    The sound and images in this short film are beautiful! I like the ending as it sets forth that this is rebirth by fire!

  • maria

    south african myself, the circle of life….beginning of new life, the drakensberg is one the most beautiful parts of our country.

  • bev

    I am always amazed by nature; to show it in such glory is a wonderful gift to us. Thanks PBS.
    And I agree, I was amazed by the soundtrack, who was the artist(s)?

  • ETap

    Wonderful program. The photography was simply gorgeous and learning about the amimals fascinating – it is hard imagine how the photographers do it. Something about the way F. Murray Abraham narrrates I find very moving. The script itself also excellent.

  • El Rey

    I had a chance to visit the Drakensberg a couple years ago. This Nature episode did a very good job of capturing its magic.

    The music sounded similar to Ladysmith Black Mambazo, but I may be mistaken.

  • Thomas

    I enjoyed this. I wanted to know who did the singing. I’d like to have a bit of that on CD. I thought it was pretty.

  • Steven

    Having lived and worked in the KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg for a number of years: please-please, just don’t claim that lightning induced fires which burn hundreds of hectars at once would be a regular event in the summer-rainfall area of the Drakensberg. That is just not the case! This “pretty” grassland is the result of a century-and-half (and even more) of regular man-made fires. And just remember, how many of the “controlled” veld-fires get annually out of control and wrack havoc among so many creatures of that area!

  • Jim Hollingsworth

    One must be focused on the subject while being aware of one’s personal safety. Well done! Brought home the plight of beast, nature and humankind. A marvelous piece. A haunting package. Thank you.

  • Kristen Bieger


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