Eagles of Mull
Video: At the White-tailed Sea Eagle Nest

It’s a clear, sunny day on the Isle of Mull, and Gordon Buchanan has found the perfect opportunity to get closer to the white-tailed sea eagle nest, where a couple of two-week-old chicks are peaking their heads up. Suddenly, one of the adults swoops in carrying a lamb – a good meal for the growing chicks.

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  • http://forargyll.com/2009/05/isle-of-mull-showcased-in-premiere-on-pbs-television-in-america-sunday-3rd-may/ Argyll News: Argyll,Scotland,Mull,wildlife: Isle of Mull showcased in premiere on PBS TV in America, Sunday 3rd May | For Argyll

    [...] to make a film of a year on Mull for the BBC. The outcome – Eagle Island – has been rechristened Eagles of Mull by the PBS television station which transmits it tomorrow (Sunday 3rd May) at 8.00pm Eastern [...]

  • Michael C.

    Very good show. Put together well with all the eagle shots you could ever want. Nature on PBS has never let me down and always keeps me thinking. Thanks PBS & Nature for another job well done.

  • Beth J

    So happy I saw this show…great beautiful scenery and video of wildlife especially the eagles in nests and sharks under water! Just come from New Zealand, now think my next trip must be Mull! Thanks so much!

  • Sarafinablu

    A Scottish delight! Absolutely mesmerizing! Job well done!

  • Meredith Wales

    Beautiful…I just got back from Moss Landing in California and enjoyed sea otters and pelicans! These wonders I did not see as a child because of DDT and such and they have returned..thank you Gordon for sharing the universal love of Nature!!!

  • Norma Straw

    Heading for Scotland this week…this put me in the mood to head back to Mull again!

  • susan

    is it possible to get a copy of the video?

  • RB Perkinson

    Wonderful film. I visited Mull 20+ years ago; nice seeing it again.

  • Andy

    Loved this show! Great work.

  • Madeleine S. Sullivan

    I was mesmerized for the hour.What incredible photography.The white belly of the whales were a surprise.G. Buchanan is a magician!

  • kris

    A woderful program.I live by a lake in pennsylvania,were we finaly have got Bald Eagles and Osprey.When I was a child they were non-existant.I love watching them.AWESOME!!!!!

  • ann wills

    Beautiful!Beautiful! Beautiful! Can this film be purchased?

  • RM

    This was a beautiful and informative show. The Scottish people who live in the country, as all country people it seems, are warm, caring and you can feel their enthusiasm for our animal brethren. Thanks for showing this. Hope we see more from Gordon Buchanan.

  • caroline murphy

    A nature lovers dream come true. I was glued to my television for the hour.Can this film be purchased? I would love to share it with friends.We are going to Scotand in July

  • NATURE Online

    Unfortunately, this episode of NATURE will not be available on DVD. You can see the full selection of episodes available by clicking the “shop” link at the top of the site.

  • Jackie Humphrey

    Show was breathtaking, filming spectacular. Thank you Gordon Buchanan for capturing a place I can not see in person. Eagles and other raptors are my passion and I was not disappointed with the filming or the content.

  • Randall

    This episode of Nature set in Mull was fantastic. Scotland is a wonderful place and I miss it terribly. PLEASE more nature programmes set in the UK and Europe.

  • Diane Ruben

    Yesterday, people in our community have witnessed 7 Eagles together, soaring in the middle of town, circling for several mins. We have never seen them come down here b4. We live in a small community called Paulatuk, NWT, Canada, on the coastal shores of the Beaufort Sea. And to see these amazing birds here together, was quite amazing and a little scary. Something’s up and they know it. I’m not sure what to do with this information. Can some1 direct me?

  • Majestic

    I love the Scottish people and Scotland. They are a warm and friendly people. It seems to be such a romantic country in many ways. It is so small and yet, the Scots are loved the world over. For nature, fishing, bird watching, castle and loch hopping, it is quite heavenly. I’d love to retire to a wee croft in the Highlands, with nothing around me but, wildlife, sea and castles. How charming that would be.

  • Linda in Arizona

    The magic is intact. What a wonderful tribute to the island. Breathtaking and mesmerizing. Thank you for showing me some of my heritage I am sure I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I was agape at the beauty.

  • Carol/Geoff Stubbs

    Just watched your wonderful program on the sea eagles of Mull (and other wildlife there) My husband and I recently returned from 2 weeks in the Hebrides… We were with a renowned bird watcher from Yorkshire and spent wonderful long days searching for those ellusive eagles…we did see one nest on our way to Bunessan .It was thrilling to see. Watching your program brought back all of those spectacular vistas, the sheep on the roads, the brisk weather, the wildness of the Isle…plus it filled in the details on those magnificent eagles. The scottish music and the personable Mr.Buchanan made it perfect. Bravo !!

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