Encountering Sea Monsters
Video: Humboldt Squid Makes Contact

A Humboldt squid rockets up out of the darkness, meeting Bob Cranston in the middle of a cloud of krill. Agressive at first, the squid grabs hold of Bob’s light. Then, a more peaceful form of curiosity takes over.

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  • Jamie

    That is cool i can not believe he stayed still i would be rocketing to the top!

  • Dorothy Hust

    I watched the program on tpt in MN Sunday night. It was utterly fascinating. It definitely made me wonder what else is in the sea yet to be discovered. The photography was marvelous. I hoped there would be a CD available which I could give to my son-in-law.

  • foo

    i’d like to know who was filming him during the encounter and why they dont get credit for also being on the superbalsy dive

  • Marvin Fenner

    Shame on you! The last fifteen minutes of the show was an all too typical “dumbed down” presentation following the Crocodile Hunter-esque model of, “I’m going to do something dangerous for no substantial reason.”. Please, please, please don’t cave in to this, “viewership doesn’t want to have to think (too much” mentality. Nature’s intellectual content is WHY I prefer it over all of the cable produced “educational” drivel.

  • Vinlend Sanchez

    this is amazing! i thought it was gonna eat the video camera at first nd it seemed to be a bit scared. but later it showed it’s funni nd friendly when played with that guy

  • Jacob

    Groundbreaking, maybe the flashing lights were some kind of communication to the squid.

  • Jordan

    I’ve dived at night and can tell you it like swimming in ink. They of course had better lights then I had but I can tell you it is very unnerving experience to things come at you out of the dark and disappear just as quick; especially if they are bigger and tougher then you are. I have to agree with foo…everyone in the water has to get credit

  • Pat Cpstello

    I am so in love with the Humboldt Squid when will we realize that we are not the only ones on the planet with an inquirering mind, and to thhink its a squid! Bob Cranston BRAVO!

  • bkbirge

    Amazing video, one of the cooler creature encounters. A little bit like playing with fire though.

  • Donna

    Probably one of the MOST facinating and educational videos I’ve ever seen! Haven’t been able to get it off my mind. Now, today I hear on my local TV news channel here in British Columbia Canada, that the Humboldt Squid have started washing up on our Vancouver Island beaches in the hundreds!!

  • Ms. Samson

    My SVE Class loves learning about animals in the ocean, and found the squid amazing!
    Thank you for the up close and personal video.
    Viewing from a South Florida middle School.
    Ms. Samson

  • underwater camera

    I want to take some photos with a digital camera while scuba diving. I have heard that strobes are better to use. How do they work? Can you just buy a separate strobe and connect it to any underwater digital camera? Thanks.

  • Aubree Thomas

    My mom and dad showed me that video to show me that squids are harmless and peaceful and attracted to light and are playful

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