Fellowship of the Whales
Video: Humpback Males Fight

Humpback whales congregate in the waters off Hawaii not only to give birth, but also to mate. This female humpback releases pheromones into the water, indicating that she’s ready to mate. A fight soon breaks out among the humpback bulls that are vying to be her escort.

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  • Tim

    A little worried about the cast/people in the boat but great job thanks.Keep up the good works.

  • Paul

    Good story line and video work although I prefer all “nature” and no human intervention in the filming. The narration by F. Murray Abraham is terribly dry and boring to listen to. Lifeless! Not a good thing for a nature documentary.

  • Heidi

    I disagree about the narration. It is good to be able to get the context of what is happening, and I think the style is appropriate. This is a documentary, not a cartoon or an ad to buy soda pop. An over enthusiastic, cartoonish, commentary would be obtrusive and would take away from the film footage. This was very well done, and though I see this documentary is a few years old, I look forward to seeing it in full when it airs again!

  • Chuck

    Astounding video. Thanks. I kayak with humpbacks in Alaska. Not sure how many from Hawaii and how many from the Baja. I think we have many characteristics in common with them, including intelligence and social nature. They do a lot better out there in the vast oceans than we do.

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