Fortress of the Bears
Additional Resources

Want to learn more about the Tongass National Forest and the wildlife that inhabits it? Here are some helpful resources:

  1. U.S. National Forest Service: Tongass National Forest
    Information and facts about the Tongass, maps, as well as information on visiting the country’s largest national forest.
  2. Audubon Alaska
    Information about the Tongass National Forest, and Audubon Alaska’s work to preserve the area.
  3. The Wilderness Society
    Facts about the state’s national forest, and information about measures being taken to protect the land.
  • Joseph and Mary Kostansek

    We were in Alaska in July and August of 2008. The summer was unusually cold and wet. The salmon were late. We are wondering if this episode was filmed that summer.

  • Robin Carmichael

    This was a Beautiful production. The are and the animals are fantastic, so many things to see and done so well. Ty

  • Joyce

    I like several others would be interested in knowing what year this was filmed. Credits show 2011, is that the same as when it was filmed ? GREAT production !! Loved It !! Lived in Juneau ‘94-’96..Love Bears !!
    Thanks for such an Awesome job !!

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