Frogs: The Thin Green Line
Video: Behind the Scenes

Allison Argo, the filmmaker behind Frogs: The Thin Green Line, discusses the making of the film in this Web-exlusive video. From the construction of an artificial pond set, to seeing the effects of the chytrid fungus first-hand, Allison describes the challenges she encountered in this project. With one-third of amphibian species threatened with extinction, Allison thinks the story of frogs “is probably the most important environmental story of our time.”

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  • Sandra

    Great job Allison and crew–can’t wait to watch it Sunday night!

  • Lori Holland

    Way to go Allison. Looking forward to Sunday night’s show!

  • Tina Gorski-Strong

    Allison- all of us at Wheeler are proud of the work you do. This looks like another amazing project!

  • Siria Gamez

    Fantastic work, can’t wait to see it air!

  • Rupert Hitzig

    What a remarkable film this must be. Just the few shots of the frogs in slo-mo were so impressive. I also believe that this film will be a terrific argument to people on the radio that discount carbon, the environment, and conservation. Thanks for the teaser. I’ll watch.

  • David Winkel

    The frog program is only a snapshot in time. How many generations of frogs were there before this that we don’t know about? It is like one photo in the history of the world.

  • A.Griffin

    Why no words? All I got was the sound of the frogs jumping.

  • Ruth Snapper

    Thank you for producing this important program. It was beautiful and informative, and I hope it brings the attention it deserves.

  • Renee Badertscher

    The behind-the-scene details of the program as well as hearing the commitment of the film makers makes the situation that much more real and urgent.


    Thank you Allison Argo and crew for another ENVIRONMENTAL WAKE UP, that OUR PLANET is flashing

  • April McLauchlin

    Wow, Allison you did a tremendous job!! The photography was beautifully done! Before this show I had no idea what was really going on with the frog population. I saw the show earlier tonight and I am going to watch it again with my son.

  • Paul Jauregui

    Allison ., very powerful and inspiring., my self i am an artista looking into helping the frog awareness through a travelling exhibit ., refer to youtube ranasanar
    Hope to be in touch with you guys

  • laura duffy

    Great program, I was sad to see that the beautiful golden frog population in my country(Panama) are suffering from this devastating fungus. I remember as a child going to “El Valle” walking along the waterfalls and looking for golden frogs. I just hope that one day soon science can find a way to stop this fungus, so that future generations can also enjoy the beauty of frogs.

  • Sher Kong

    Cool video, lol i thought some of those shots were real, they should make another video.

  • the cool claire (oh yeah)

    i cried thank you

  • Margaret

    What can we do in our own back yard for the average person?
    Should be create a small habitat for them?

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