Great White Bear
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Writer: David Malakoff
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Graphic Art: Lenny Drozner
Production Artist: Meiza Fleitas
Technical Director: Brian Lee
Scientific Consultant: Gianna Scaralia

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  • Jon Lechich

    I thought you would find this interesting. Back in the 60’s I was on an Coast Guard Ice Breaker doing oceanographic survey work up about Point Barrow. Anyway we had to set hydrophone on the ice and retrieve them by hand. This would require a party of two going out on the ice and into the pressure ridges lay cable and the instruments. I never thought to much about it as we had a gunner mate on the ship to watch out for us with M1 Carbines. Well I was just a kid and one day I got to go with the civilian scientist to gather up the survey equipment and we were rounding one of the pressure ridges and I was a little bit nervous because we could not see the ship. I asked the civilian scientist what would happen if we ran into a polar bear? He just replied and reached into pocket and said he had some fire crackers and would just light them to scare away the bear. I kind of remember that statement as it seemed kind of redicuous at the time a fire cracker and my life in his hands. Jon

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