Horse and Rider
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  • Michay

    Cool! A dressage horse!

  • judy

    i dnt like it

  • yazimin

    this is lik soooo borin come on is soo lame lol!

  • alice

    this is lik soooo borin come on is soo lame lol!

  • na-na

    that was sooooo stupid!!!!!!!

  • john thomas harris

    cool very fun really easy

  • john thomas harris


  • Emily

    Hey john thomas harris that game was really fun and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy so simple and every thing in between hey remember charley????

  • danniee

    this game is rubbish have had better fun doing a baby jigsaw

  • ♥alex♥

    where didja think of this i m tooo old for this game

  • Billy bob joe

    That was ssssoooooooooooooo dumb.
    and VERY sad.
    All you do is click each one four times. WOW.

  • hi

    its very fun not

  • lovley lily bum

    this game ia quite cool itis better than some of the other games that i have played!!!!

  • lovley lily bum

    once you have done this game once then you dont want to do it again!!! changed my mind this is a lame game!!!

  • i rock01

    so easy a baby could do it!!!!!!!!
    i love horses but that was just plian SAD!!!!!!!

  • katie

    alright, that as okay but it could be a little more interesting.but the rest of you that were very mean about it i mean come on cant you be nice realy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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