Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air
Video: Expert Hunters

Although hummingbirds are built to feed on nectar, they cannot live on nectar alone. Hummingbirds fill out their diet with protein by hunting insects. Check out this high-speed video footage of hummingbirds catching bugs.

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  • cm cameron

    Excellent! More information about the feeding habits of hummingbirds on a nature program would be great to view. I never get tired of watching these incredable birds.

  • Lou Krystnik

    this is super love to see more on the hummming birds

  • sandie ross d’xon

    wonderful footage. i have watched the annas feed as the sun is lowering in the western sky filtering through evergreens above a clearing of mowed lawn. the clouds of insects are evident because of the angle of the sun’s rays and the drama is backlit. natural footage could thus be obtained.
    a note on the clip. it is interesting to see your set-up and to put a face on your voice, but once you have revealed your technique to the viewer the time is too short for anything but hummingbird images.
    I noted with great interest that the tongue emerged at the end of your footage. I look forward to your clarification of its role… any more info on the comparative anatomy with the swifts?
    thank you so much for your inspiration.

  • John H. Marvin

    What a wonderful program to watch during Wisconsin winter, while looking through nursery catalogs for plants that attract hummingbirds, and eagerly awaiting their early return in April!

  • amentha Dymally

    I tell people, “My only pets are the Hummingbirds.” I make their necter and cherish their presence in my City of Los Angeles backyard. There are many trees in my yard, but I’ve not been able to locate their nests. Please provide an up close video of what the nest looks like – within the tree branches.

  • David Allen

    The nest is the size of a infant’s fist, It is made of spiderweb and other fibers, then lichen is stuck to the outside. They are difficult to find. Usually in the crotch between two branches. Because of the lichen, the are very well camouflaged. The stretchy spider web allows the nest to stretch as the babies grow and also provides a natural adhesive for the lichen. To see a photo, do a google image search for hummingbird nest.

  • Helene L. Leighton

    Superb video on Hummingbirds on Sunday, January 10, 2010. How do I order the video of this as offered during the video? Thank you!!!!

  • Helene L. Leighton

    Superb video on Hummingbirds on Sunday, January 10, 2010. How do I order the video of this as offered during the video? Thank you!!!!The video was shown from 8:00-9:00 P.M.

  • P Foley

    Terrific show. We really enjoyed it. Hopefully pbs will air more videos like this one. I will definitely order the DVD.

  • Dustins Mom

    Excellent program on January 10th. The hummingbirds are my all-time favorite. I was so mesmerized at the images and the interesting hummer facts you portrayed on this show. I could not believe what I didn’t know about these beauties. More more!!

  • Kit Kalin

    I was so interested in seeing your outstanding program about hummingbirds. We have a hummingbird building a nest in our ficus tree for the second year. We watched the entire process take place as well as the first flight of her babies.If anyone is interested in documenting this process feel free to contact me. Thanks for your informative video.

  • kara green

    Can’t begin to tell you how thrilling these videos are to me. I have a feeder on my balcony and love watching these tiny acrobates in action, but cannot for the life of me get a decent photo. Thank you

  • natalie

    these birds are REALLY scary when they open there mouth lol

  • Mignonne

    Do hummers eat fish? There is a picture circulating that shows a hummer swooping out of the water with three tiny fish in its mouth. I have checked several web sites that talk about the food hummers eat; none of them mention fish. I think it is a doctored picture, but have not found a definite answer so far.

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