Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air
Web-Exclusive Video: Behind the Scenes

We all have preconceived ideas about what hummingbirds’ lives are like, but so much of their world is imperceptible to the human eye. Filmmaker Ann Prum describes the breakthrough science and latest technologies that allowed her and the crew to reveal incredible new insights about these aerial athletes.

Join us Sunday, January 10 starting at 9pm ET for a live chat with Ann Prum.

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  • alberto

    I can say congratulations great job….. muy lindo nice job for everybody……I dont have to many worl to say that great it’s …..

  • Mike Roy

    This is so wonderful!! Just can’t wait to see it tonight on tv ! Just did put a link to it on my flickr account If you need a wildlife photographer one day let me know!! Wow !! ;-) Keep the great work ! Mike

  • Susan J

    Awesome, incredible footage. Can’t wait to watch tonight.

  • Lois C Roller

    Another totally awesome program. Beautiful photos and color with accompanying facts, pictures and explanations of the birds unique behaviors and habits. Incredibly photographed.

  • Emma

    Beautiful photography. You and your crew did a terrific job. I live in Northern California, and we have hummingbirds year round. There is something about these little birds that brighten our day. I am glad they exist. They really are a tough little creature! A big Thank You for this program!!!

  • Mickey T

    Incredible video documentary! I learned so much from this and will definitely order the DVD. I have at least two Annas that use my backyard feeder in the winter, one of them chases the other one off, even after I put two up. They’re so much fun to watch.

  • Hal Hunt

    Thank you! I’ve ordered the video for my adult daughter, who at the age of six or seven wanted to name her little soccer team the “Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds.” Best Regards.

  • Thomas Vollmer

    Would appreciate how to order a copy of this program.

  • Paulette King

    Wow, what a fantastic show! The photography was awesome!!! Can the video be ordered? It was really informative as well, I have always been fascinated by the little marvels but even more so now after watching nature! Bravo on a wonderful documentary!

  • kathy

    Wow, what incredible photography!!!
    I learned so much more about Hummingbirds.
    We watch them endlessly every summer as we sit on our patio swing. Must buy a copy for my sister.
    Excellent, excellent film.

  • Robert Ross Smith

    Perfect, I’ll let all my Friends know about this site

  • Penny

    The presentation was just fantastic and as an avid hummingbird gardener in western NY state and an active member of the HUMMINGBIRD FORUM at my only complaint was that it left me wanting MORE! I am so thankful to my dear friend in Connecticut who kept us abreast of the airing date and our other forum members Nan, Joan and Kevin who were part of the presentation, banding in Baton Rouge. The presentaion was just spectacular!

  • helen walsh

    when will hummingbirds episode be shown again?

  • Sonja L

    Absolutely fabulous. I want to buy the dvd

  • Donald G. Rickner

    The Nature Program on Hummingbirds reached an all time high. We are so grateful for programming that engages the brain as well as the eyes and ears. Thank God for
    PBS. The photography was spectacular. Keep up the good work. We will be watching!

  • Hilda Brugh Jacksonville, Florida

    I am a lover of Hummers. I Feed the Rubies every year. What a fabulous job you all did filming them, just wish I could have been there. I Thank You and our God for giving us this.
    Looking forward to watching it again and again.

  • Richard

    Many many thanks for all the time and effort that you all put into this program. Excellent job, one of the best I have seen as well as providing eye opening scenes that we have never seen before.

  • Susan Gary

    Oh I just heard about this film and missed it last night! Will it be re-broadcast? or is there a DVD available..I am a nature photographer and one of my specialties is capturing hummingbirds! I did enjoy the clip..esp. about the h-bird capturing bugs..I have a pretty nice shot of a h-bird about to capture a bug for lunch..I am on Flickr if you are interested in seeing my bird images! Please let me know about if and where I can purchase the DVD if there is one!

  • Susan Gary

    I very much enjoyed the clip..I only wish I would have known about this I just learned of it today..I am a hummingbird photographer in So. California..I have many images of these gorgeous there a DVD of the show available?

  • Lynette Leka

    This spectacular film should win EVERY possible award!

  • Jennifer Army

    Wow! does not even do this film justice. So beautifully done and answers many questions I’ve always had about hummers. This film makes me appreciate the hummingbirds that visit us even more now. And I am especially grateful to see their diversity and zest from their perspective. This film really showcases how wonderful and awesome our world is–BRAVO!!

  • Roy Niswanger

    I’ve shot (photographed) a few humming birds with flash and a DSLR and I must say just doing that is hard enough…those high speed HD video cams must be sweet…I WANT ONE!

    Thanks for making this film.

  • Erin Weeks

    Equisitely beautiful and informative–Would like to purchase a copy–DVD. We have the Anna Hummingbird on Vancouver Island in British Columbia–Have been told it is here all year round and has its babies in February–we are feeding two males at this time.

  • Alison Sheehey

    Thank you for this beautiful film Ann. I hope you, Andrew, and David have an opportunity to revisit the Audubon Kern River Preserve. You are always welcome.

  • Linda Enriquez, El Paso, TX

    This film was just Awsome…beautiful. I will make sure to add a few more feeders to our yard this summer. Your goal was accomplished, you do make people appreciate nature more by showing how amazing it truly is. Thank you….

  • Maria Navarro

    Incredible!! Thanks for such an amazing video! Keep working hard! and good luck!

  • Jorge Vargas

    Amazing, I can not believe the quality of the film, I spent 6 months doing a research about the Black flowerpiercer at the Parque Metropolitano de Quito, it is interesting to see the interaction between hummingbirds and other species, keep working and if you need help let me know!!!

  • Erika Hornisch

    This is an amazing film. Thank you

  • Ada Ortiz-Martínez

    ¡Gracias! ¡Gracias! ¡Gracias! por tan excelente entrega de PBS, Nature, Ms. Prumm y su equipo de trabajo. Vi este programa en Sí TV, Puerto Rico el martes 23 de marzo en la noche. Aprendí tanto… pero más que nada, me conmovió la tremenda sensibilidad y amor que se refleja a través de todo el filme.

    Hacía menos de un mes que me reí cuando vi un picaflor en mi patio alrededor de una enredadera que hecha una flor donde muchos pajaritos vienen a comer. ¡Me lo gocé y me deslumbró su rapidez! Ahora hice la conección y pienso… –sabe Dios de dónde vino ese pequeñín a mi patio. Y doy Gracias al Creador por haberme dado la oportunidad de verlo y por ustedes. Gracias de nuevo.

  • JJ DeMauro

    My dad had a mimosa tree in his backyard covered wth flowers–and hummers. The thing was, even though there was lots of food, they spent most of their time fighting over territory. What I liked about this documentary was that it showed their aggression–they weren’t just pretty jewels.
    I raised a baby hummer for Wildlife Care and really fell in love with this species of bird.

  • Pauline


  • john solari

    i have a hummingbird, on my patio ,hangs for hours, love to have someone tape him? to Ann Prum. thanks john solari

  • raghavendra

    tamazing video,:):):):)great and terrific job Ann…….. !!!! hats off to your hard work…

  • Burt

    Every school and every nature/wildlife program needs this film in their curriculum/archives. Your work is unique and opens a new methodology for scientists, lovers of nature and artists. Beautiful.

  • Karen

    This clip was just so beautifull! I love watching hummingbirds at my feeder. They are such an amazing little creature. Thanks for the captivating filming of them. I’ll have to check to see if the program is still showing on PBS. Keep up the wonderful work!

  • Wayne Irvin

    My wife and I have the pleasure of watching these marvels of creation in our back yard as they make their migratory trek through the Loess Hills of Iowa. Praise be to God for all of His creation!

  • Nelly

    ok Thank alot

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  • Dave Kimball

    Some of the finest high speed film, ever. Beautiful, breath taking stuff!

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