In the Valley of the Wolves
Podcast: Interview with Wildlife Cinematographer Bob Landis

Emmy Award-winning wildlife cinematographer Bob Landis discusses the making of the film, including the ideal circumstances for filming a predation scene; the importance of spending a vast amount of time in the field; the uniqueness of Yellowstone’s Druid wolf pack, and more.

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  • Robyn Monaco

    God Bless you Mr. Landis.

  • Rachel

    What a great interview. I hope Mr. Landis continues to make great natural history films.

  • Imao

    Man I would love to have a job like that…

  • Connor

    i love woleves to my favorite type is the black ones there awesome!

  • Krystal

    Always truly inspiring. His work is just so…beautiful. Every frame would make a gorgeous still of God’s great creation.
    As a film student and nature girl, I’m always looking to learn what I can from the Greats like Landis.

  • Leslie

    I want to thank mr. Landis for bringing the magic of wolves to the world. Just gorgeous.

  • Donette K

    Thank you so much. The last time we were in Yellowstone, we drove to Lamar to see the wolves – a dream come true. They had left the day before – it was SO HOT! (2003) What a beautiful story to see the wolves there – I felt like I was there.

  • Joseph S

    On the level of great cinamatographers such as Marty Stoufer; You are a keeper of our countries natural wildlife that is so easily brushed aside for other unrenewable resourses. Be well dear friend. Joseph


    What beautiful creatures. Mr Landis your film is marvelous, beyond words. Thank you.

  • twtyson

    Sir, you are the Alpha Cinematographer. I truly appreciate your commitment to your craft and thank you for sharing your story. I look forward to more of your work in the future. Sincerely, twtyson

  • Mary Quinn

    What a fabulous film! Bob Landis, thank you for the devotion to your trade. I can’t wait for the next gift from your treasure.

  • Leslie Ouderkirk

    Thankyou Bob Landis for your time, hardwork and dedication to your art. ‘The Valley of the Wolves’ was the most informative, educational and awe-inspiring film on the life and habits of these beautiful creatures I’ve yet had the privilage to see. Thanks for sharing your gift and your passion.

  • Jace Nordstrom

    I am from Yellowstone. I have worked for years to get the wolf back into our lives. This is a great view. Thank you Bob for your time.

  • Helen Macdonald

    As a young child,I was tormented by nightmares of wolves hiding under my bed to attack me if I left the bed. Thank you for your beautiful portrayal of a most intelligent animal. THANKS FOR YOUR DEDICATION.

  • Zoe

    WOW!!!!!! What a GREAT FILM to show our grandsons and bring back memories for them!
    We spent so time in the Lamar Valley and had an opportunity to see the Druid Pack attack a heard of elk and this film brings back the memories. The hunt was in our sights for a few moments as the wolves disappeared behind the hillside.
    Since then we have taken our grandsons back to see the Druid Pack in the Lamar Valley. They had an opportunity to see the Druid Pack with pups playing across the valley. We understood the the pack had a kill over another ridge and we noticed three adult wolves and about four pups.
    I want to Thank Mr.Landis for taking the time our of his life to document the plight of the wolves in Yellowstone so we can reflect on our experiences in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

  • Mike

    I cannot express how thankful I am for MR. Landis and his commitment to his work what a wonderful man and awesome movie. thank you so much

  • Roger

    Thank you Mr. Landis and all those involved in the making this film. I laughed, I cried, I loved it!! This is what television programs should be. This is why I support PBS with my donations.

  • Roger

    This is wonderful story telling and one of the best of Nature. I wish shows like this would get more airing than just PBS because of the educational benefits. The majority of the people I know think that wild animals are bad and dangerous. Somehow they don’t know that we are the most dangerous animals on earth.

  • Aaron

    Excellent work Mr. Landis! The film was outstanding and brilliant! Its becoming more and more important to learn about wolves. Great footage on the Druid Pack and Slough Pack as they compete for Lamar Valley. Its a flawless piece of art, thank you Bob Landis.

  • Jim Chagares


  • Tom Kelly

    In 2004 I spent 3 days in the backcountry of Slough Creek. It was 3 of the best days of my life. Found wolf tracks,but never saw one. I’ve wanted to go back since. This film gave me the thrill of being there again.Thanks Mr. Landis for this stunning film.

  • Stephanie Wright

    This film takes me back to my own wolf experience. On my 5th visit to Yellowstone in 2007, I had the thrill & honor to photograph a wolf & her 4 pups. It was amazing! For close to an hour & a half, I photographed pups playing just across from me in a small body of water. My finger did not leave the shutter.I took over 400 photos & was still shaking from adrenaline 5 hours later. I never thought I would see a wild wolf for more than a few seconds. This might have been a once in a lifetime experience. I truly hope not. But if it was, I am still honored to have experienced something few people will ever be able to. This film brought back the excitment of that day to me. Thank you for a beautiful & intimate look into the lives of these awesome wolves.

  • Dave Thill

    What great insite Bob Landis has brought to the program he & his staff filmed in Yellowstone thru this interview.

  • Linda Temple

    All of the Nature shows on PBS are awesome, and “In The Valley of The Wolves” is one of the best. ThaNK you Mr. Landis for your devotion to your craft. Beautiful and awe inspiring. God Bless!!

  • Lucia M. Annunziata

    Just one of the most beautiful nature films I have ever seen. I especially liked it because it shows wolves as they are, and why they are important to the ecosystem, therefore, they should be protected everywhere, including Alaska.

  • Mike Price

    I watched and rewatched “In the Valley of the Wolves” and the filming was incredible. The scene of the eagle swooping down on the coyote and stealing its food just left my mouth agape. Breathtaking. As was the scene of the red fox diving into the snow to retrieve the bole. What amazing footage! My wife and I visited Yellowstone for our first time this past summer (drove from Chambersburg PA) and were so impressed with the park. What Mr. Landis depicted, however, is a part of Yellowstone we tourists never see. Thank you for a wonderful production. I am curious though his technique to get such fantastic video. One can even hear wings flapping, bison snorting, and aspens quaking. How in the world can you get that close without arousing the animals?

  • Bones

    What makes work like this so incredible is the complete dedication, knowledge and skill that it takes.

    Imagine being outside every day, for 10-12 hours in the sun, the rain, the drizzle, the snow, the buffeting wind, in every season. Imagine being wet, cold, tired and hungry. Feeling sick, wanting to be elsewhere, where it’s more comfortable inside. Getting no useful footage for days, even weeks at a time.

    This job takes patience beyond what most of us could imagine from our armchairs.

    Go to a local park, wooded area, whatever. Sit down, shut up, leave the cell phone at home.

    You’ll see nothing.

    Just watch.

    This is what Nature inspires. Yellowstone is grand, to be sure.

    But what most people miss is that the drama, however small, happens every day, not far from our homes.

    When doing nature photography, I’m often rudely interrupted from from my reverie by the question “What are you photographing?”

    Sadly, they have no clue.

    They must be shown through the eyes of others. They don’t see.

    They don’t take the time to look, and wonder.

  • Mark Wales

    Bob must have THE best job in the world bar none!

  • Naomi

    Thank you, Mr. Landis. Your dedication, and your excellent film, are very appreciated.

  • khunploy

    Mr.Landis your story about valley of the wolves are very touching it touched my heart. I am 10 years old and even if i am young i’m just so touched. you are a great filmer Mr. landis. I really do love wolves my self but Mr. landis you have shown me how the wild runs just like the wind on thank you Mr.landis oh thank you and thank you nature :D

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  • yama22

    it’s right on the vilamoura marina, and im just wondering if anyone else has been there and whether or not you enjoyed it. =]]

  • Alex

    Brilliant! I remember your work on American Buffalo: Spirit of a Nation having a strong effect on me Mr Landis. Inspiring stuff!

  • Barbara J

    We were lucky enough to be in one of your presentations in Yellowstone with our Tauck Trip, our director Randy Hammond. I found you latest film. I feel it was such a honor.

  • Joella Vindiola

    How sweet! Just like a skunk! NOTHING beats the snuggles and love a skunk can give! Hope this helps to educate people and make them realize how sweet they can be. Too often they are misunderstood. Laws NEED to be changed on pet skunks. Long live ALL skunks!!!

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