In the Valley of the Wolves
Video: Wolves on the Hunt

Wolves from the Druid pack chase down an elk.

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  • connor

    the black wolves are my favorite

  • Sam

    I love how they run!! ^^ wolves rock!!^^ and how they work as one

  • megan

    I love them!!! I have always loved wolves sence i was in 1st grade. I need these video for a report. i know my classmates will love it.n_n

  • Icelene

    omg they are so mean. but they’re really cute. I guess they have to get their food somehow. Poor little animals=(

  • Alexus

    I LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE animals sooooo much! I especially like wolves but it is sad to watch these fast wolves and a slow elk being a dinner for some hungry wolves.

  • Mike

    CANADAN wolves brought from CANADA. NOT NATIVE TO HERE! They have killed most of the native wolves and are killing off elk and deer because there are to many of them. Packs this large rarely occure in the wild, and do not last long.

  • Chris Harbin

    I think Mike needs to his facts straight. Before the reintroduction, there were only a handful of wolves near and in Glacier N.P. and decent population in the Upper Great Lakes region. Furthermore there is no “Canadian” species of wolf and there never has been. The reintroduced wolves came from Canada but that does not mean they are a seperate species. In fact, the tendency in nomenclature now is to group more species together and not split them up because their pelage is a different color or a ridge on their teeth ( a cingulum).Humans are responsible for the disappearance of western U.S.wolves. Bounty’s, poison such as the lethal Compound 1080 and trapping were the tools used. Finally, although wolves do hunt elk and deer, they are hardly killing off the population. As far as I know, and I could be wrong, there is no case of a predator wiping out it’s prey population. Lot’s of younger folks on this site, at least try to get the facts straight

  • Jay

    Chris is correct. If predators eradicated their prey species, then they too would possibly become extinct. Only humans have and continually killing off entire species. Animals are not evil. They kill for survival, eg. Food. Humans on the other hand, sometimes kill for fun eg. Sport hunting.

  • Christine

    This was a GREAT program. I adore all wolves & everything they stand for. How the wolves prey on other animals is simply a matter of survival . I will ALWAYS love the wolf.

  • NICK

    Both sides of the argument are correct, however the use of sport hunting is in no way cruel to any healthy/legal animal population. The use of sound wildlife management to manage both wolves and game animals is extremely necessary. It is a proven fact that wolves will kill one big game animal every two to three days. There is currently no other predator who even comes close to such predatory behavior. Without hunting and intensively managing wolves, we as a country would be without ALL animals in the western US. There is a place for wolves, but there is also a place for unemotional science. This is out of the mouth of a wildlife biologist.

  • stubbs

    Who managed the wildlife populations before we came here? Wolves did not wipe out all of the prey speices in the west. Elk, Buffalo, Deer and many other animals were pushed to extinction by the white man who hunted, trapped and poisioned everything within sight. So really what we have is human management not wildlife management. Wildlife does fine all by itself, but when we are added into the mix then the laws must be made.

  • heeej

    Hejhej vi är svenskar och bor i Svergie hej då på er =D

  • Hanna

    Hejhej, jag tycker synd om djuret som dör!!=( stackars djur!!! det kanske tillhör naturen elr?
    svar: ja det är synd om dom men det tillhör naturen :) Tack för att vi hitta denna fina sida om djur och natur!! =D

  • Chris Harbin

    Are you a wildlife biologist? How can you say no other predator eats every three days or less. If you have a family of 4 or 5 you too would have to go the the grocery every three days. As a matter of fact people are predators (albeit luckily removed from the actual killing of animals for the most part). Also, most of the other predators eat with some frequncy.
    It is true that wolves take down “game” animals. However, they also eat fish, beavers and other non-game animals. What does “game” animal mean to you. If you are talking about big robust elk or mule deer only or does that include all members of the elk and deer family? Wolves will take down a bull elk when they can. Most of the time however, they take what is the easiest to catch, and that would be those in poor condition, very old or very young. There are literally thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies that will bear this out.
    Wildlife management is an oxyoron as stubbs said. If animals were truly managed you could not really call them wild could you?
    I am not opposed to hunting per se, but you will find many that do not agree that hunting is humane. You will find a lot more of the victims that feel that way. Can you honestly say aerial hunting, trapping and the use of poisons such as Compound 1080 are humane?
    “we as a country would be without ALL animals in the western US.” Do you have any idea what the wildlife population was in Pre-Columbian times?

  • chance

    i love the way you all are using this like an e-mail address. chris just because nick knows a lot about wolves does not make him a wildlife biologist

  • Andrew

    chance has a point

  • Co

    I LOVE ANIMALS there so awesome
    my favorite animal is a tiger
    there awesome im 8 almost 9 and a tiger is like as tall as me

  • Cahill

    Whoa Whoa Whoa hey im a ranchers kid and you all dont know how bade wolves are i mean at a ranch not 20 miles from mine the Martins there was one wolf you killed 25 sheep one wolf. Killing for fun and games not survival. And not just sheep Elk,Deer,Moose,Cows,Horses, and so many other animals are being eaten in Montana you barely see any elk anymore when you go hunting.

  • Cahill

    And chris the elk population in Montana is way way down and i think i would know i live here in Montana.

  • Desiree

    I hope most of you realize that because of the government and the so called, “too many wolves” most of the wolves in these videos have fallen to heartless hunters who kill for fun. I get it when people want to kill for food, but for fun? Basically you like to kill things in your free time. Does anyone else see that as odd? Hunters are cowards with a gun. Besides, couldn’t they just take the wolves to a wolf rescue maybe?

  • Mike

    Human hunter has no way to determine which elk from the pack is the weakest. Meter of fact hunter would shot the most healthy looking animal most of the times. Wolfes need to run after elk for at least 30 minutes (it is after 2h) and therefore they always choose te weekest elk in the pack. It is very possitive for elk that wolves are reintroduced. It will result in much better natural selection. The fact that there was no wolves for 70 yesars is scandalaus and disgreacful for a place like national park.

  • Cahill

    You know what Mike you have no idea whats going on because wolves kill for fun too. I mean really when one wolf kill 24 sheep in one day i really dont think hes killing for survival.

  • Cahill

    And Mike the wolves natural envirnment is not really Montana more in Canada and the wolves have totally obliterated elk populations in Yellowstone.

  • yo mama

    you guys are all animal lovers animals are mean!

  • Mary Danforth

    I am so against the ’slaughter’ of our wolves. These animals were here way before we were and they deserve to live in peace just as we think we do. We exterminated them to extinction in the US once, now they want to do it again. What gives these wolf hunters the right to slaughter what I am fighting to save ? First, the wolf has not killed off the deer and elk population. Harsh winters and desease are the major cause of the deer and elk decline. Wolves represent 10% or less of their decline. A wolf will eat 15-18 deer a year. A pack will kill about one deer per square mile average a year. Hunters with guns kill 115,000, bow hunters kill 30,000 and 10,000 get killed by cars. Also habitat and climate have a greater impact on deer than wolves will ever have. Wolves are good for keeping desease down in the population when there are an over abundance of deer.


    To get an answer as to why all these people want to hunt and kill wildlife, just look at the spelling and grammar these folks have on this post….my guess is on average, grade 9 education. Try educating yourselves before you pull a trigger. BTW I seem to recall your cry for a repopulaton of wolves once already, due to the fact you pretty much wiped them out in your states, Canada should have told you to “drop dead” when you wanted reintroduce wolves from North of your border.

  • reality

    Mary Danforth, It’s ironic that the sportsman have to step in and save the animals, the so called animal activist (as your protrayed here) are more interested in promoting this killer which kills in a manner more horrific than a Michael Vick dog fight. The true sportsman don’t want to wipe out your precise non-endangered non-threatened wolf…… they want to reduce the population so that other species aren’t suffering! Looks like we are the only ones that truely care about the animals we have taken decades to preserve. And we are not going to let the pro-wolf wacos (Michael Vicks) continue to push there agenda!

  • STEVE.

    I live in the UK a sad country who generations ago decided to wipe out every single large predator, wolves,bears,lynx hell we even wiped out wild boar. As result we have deer populations with no natural predators humans have to manage the deer and it costs us millions managing the wild life and some people have reintroduced wild boar into a ecosystem with no natural predators the boar and deer are becoming a dangerous problem and people have been hurt. Wolves are on this planet for a reason they keep the deer/ elk population healthy and ensure natural selection. It makes me laugh hunters and farmers bang on bout large predators killing their game/stock when they are just going to kill the animals any way!! humans have and do kill millions of animals a week for food, clothes and worst of all fun!! but a wolf kills a sheep “oh evil wolf” only 2 species on this planet have been proved to kill for pleasure humans and dolphins the rest do it out of necessity. wolves are programmed to kill when ever the opportunity arises but its never wasted unlike us humans who throw away huge quantities of meat in the rubbish on a daily basis. The UK is wildlife much poorer now that we have no wolves,bears,lynx hell if the hunters get their way foxes,badgers and otters are next. The US and Canada needs to preserve these great animals and to all you hunters take a look at your dogs they have personalty, intelligence the capacity to love care and protect you look in its eyes then look at the next wolf you wanna kill its your dog staring back the same but just wild!!

  • Shawn

    I love wolfs and everything they represent. I have three wolf hybrids. I learn everything I can about the wolfs. They are wounderfull animals.

  • morgan

    i love wolves like old 21 they give me hope in the ever dieing world.

  • Cindy

    Cahill wolves are endangered and were almost driven to out of every area that they were originally from… so they need to be protected and ranchers are paid for the sheep and cows that they loose.

  • Cindy

    And as for you Reality ….it looks like you need a reality check !!!!!!!! Wolves do need to be protected and are not killers thats you with your guns and airplanes …….. They are just trying to live there lives. They are endangered and Mary Danforth & I are not Pro-wolf wacos .

  • Shawna

    Wolves don’t kill for fun, even when they kill many it’s not for pleasure but instinct. The sight of the prey/sheep running away sets them off, they kill one then see another running and have to give chase. Since sheep are a lot weaker and smaller than the elk, moose, and other large prey that the wolves evolved to hunt it’s no wonder they are able to slaughter dozens of them in a short amount of time. Also, sheep are usually penned in and while one is being killed the others still can’t get far enough away. Other members of the Canidae family are known to do this as well, including dogs and coyotes, it’s not just wolves.

    In a world without wolves the deer populations would become very plentiful, and while to some this might seem like a good thing, you have to realize what would happen after that. The amount of food available to the deer would be quickly depleted as they stripped all the plants and soon all the deer would be starving and dying. And if anyone thinks that humans can shoot enough deer to prevent that from happening…yeah, good luck with that. (source for this…Aldo Leopold, if you don’t know who he is you have no business doing anything that has to do with wildlife, be it hunting, fishing, management, etc.)

    Also, while the Grey Wolf was removed from the endangered species list, many wolf subspecies still remain on it: Red Wolf, Vancouver Island Wolf, Caspian Sea Wolf, Mexican Wolf, Arabian Wolf, Himalayan Wolf, and Indian Wolf, just to name a few. so saying wolves are non-threatened, non-endangered is just ignorant.


    Wolves, like all animals we share the earth with, deserve to be treated with respect. They play a vital role in the maintenance of the wilderness, and considering how much humans have already screwed it up we need them now more than ever.

  • Kristen Bieger

    WOLVES TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!! who agrees with me?

  • ali

    wolves are like my favorite animal ,
    and i agree with anyone who says that they rock

  • ant

    white wolves are the best

  • LeAnne

    Just got back from Yellowstone. This will have been my sixth visit, the first since the wolf population reintroduction. We were thrilled to see the wolves back where they belong. Having had my first visit 40 years ago I can say that the experience has changed and very much for the better. I remember the days of animals begging at the cars and and people running after wildlife like it was their loose pet. This time we witnessed a more wild Yellowstone, where animals ignored visitors and were concerned with doing what they do to survive. Adding wolves back into the mix was exactly what Yellowstone needed to be healthier. As for the ranchers who are runing their cattle on goverment land and complaining: those who run their cattle on government land should be thrilled that this land is there for them to use and a wolf kill (for which you are compensated) should be expected from time to time. Private land is a different issue and needs to be delt with on a case by case, but killling anything for sport where you do not use the meat and if you can the hide is wasteful.

  • Jeanne

    Mike!!!!!! The wolves are keeping elk and deer populations in check and it is benefitting the wilderness. !
    The wolves brought from Canada are the same species as the ones killed off by ranchers in the 19th Century, so they are being REINTRODUCED, bonehead (sorry, but you asked for that one).
    As for protecting the interests of the ranchers, that is great, and their interests should be protected, but there are things that they can compromise on to accommodate the wolves and to benefit the environment. There are ranchers who have modified their practices because they understand this AND IT HAS BEEN A WIN FOR THE WOLVES and A WIN FOR THE RANCHERS. You don’t know what you are talking about, Mike.
    Really, to insinuate that the wolf is an invasive species is preposterous. Ridiculous! Stupid! PIGS in California are an invasive species. WOLVES IN MONTANA ARE NOT!!!

  • Jeanne

    And, to “REALITY”–They don’t kill in a horrific manner. They kill like predators kill–WHEN THE NEED ARISES. Only humans kill for sport, vengeance, and needlessly, and that is truly horrific. You have been watching too many Disney cartoons. Wolves are hunters. Real hunters. You are a sorry coward who hides behind a tree with a gun and shoots animals who have no opportunity to fight back. It sounds like you have some very deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy and shooting your gun off makes you feel manly. Do you own a Hummer, too?

  • Jeanne

    As for all the “Oh wolves are so cute and fluffy” people out there–PAHLEASE, shut up. You make serious environmentalists look bad. They shouldn’t be protected because they are cute. They should be protected because they are necessary to the health of the wilderness. They aren’t “cute.” They are magnificent and efficient predators.

  • Jeanne

    Steve–interesting insights. Thank you. But, I am pretty sure that it has been proven that most large apes will kill for no reason, be it pleasure, rage, etc. So, the views expressed here by some of the hunters is evidence that we are not so far removed from our simian relatives. It’s called “evolution” Mike and Mr. “Reality,” and you won’t read about it in the Bible. Some of us have done more of it (evolving and reading) than others, I guess.

  • Jeanne

    Cahill–wolves have thinned the herd and it has benefitted the wilderness in countless ways that might not be so obvious to you. Wolves have not “decimated the elk population.” Thinning of the herd eliminates the weaker animals and ensures that the strong animals can pass their genes on to the next generation. This also benefits the elk population. Thinning of the human herd would probably benefit the gene pool of the human population out in cattle country, too.

  • Jeanne

    Cahill, you are just spreading lies and propaganda. Nothing you are saying has any grounding in reality.

  • Jeanne

    Thinning of the herd is necessary for the well-being of the herd. Even wolves have a way of preventing weak and inferior animals from passing on their genes, since only the Alpha males and females are allowed to breed. This is a good thing, and nature or God or whatever you choose to call it, should be allowed to work itself out, and it will. If there was a wolf that killed 25 sheep, which you cannot prove, then something is wrong with the wolf–and it should be killed, but such behavior in a wolf is abnormal. But let’s face it, If you are rancher and you lost 25 sheep in such a short time than you are a lousy rancher. Maybe you should be a little more hands on with your operation.

  • Jeanne

    Cahill–if you lost 25 sheep to one wolf, then there was something wrong with that wolf. This is abnormal behavior in a wolf. But I am just curious–Where were you when you lost 25 sheep? Obviously you weren’t there, so how do you know it was “one wolf”? And, shouldn’t you be watching your flock? I mean, isn’t it just bad practice to put your sheep out there and leave them unattended? Anything could happen and you wouldn’t know about it.

  • Steve Wolf

    The druid peak pack’s old leader, 21 died right? I’m not sure just asking was it replaced by a wolf called Black Wolf’s brother?

  • Joe

    I’m a native american, Most of these wolf issues are ran by emotion of a biologist @ groups of people that only see there side. It turns into a battle of sides and the animal is in the middle. No sound science!!! example Washington state- less public land than other states, less animals (deer@elk) than other states but the same amount of required packs (15). Two of the biggest reservations in Washington told the feds keep them off are land. We have sovernity they don’t work for us. Look at yellowstone no circle of life for deer @ elk (no calf survial). On net flix watch bbc yellowstone, of all the elk you see how many elk calves do you see!!!

  • Montanan

    If you dont live with the wolves, then you dont know. I dont care about all your research, lets let the wolves in your yard and city and see how you like them. If you think they are so great then come live with them. After you live and try to make a living with them and have outdoor recreation with them for a few years, your opinion will weigh a little more. Untill then, you should have them where you live or shutup telling us how to manage our state.

  • Shane

    There are several distinct subspecies of wolves, actually. The wolves reintroduced were mostly Mackenzie Valley wolves (C. l. occidentalis), those native to the Yellowstone ecosystem are Northern Rocky Mountain wolves (C. l. Irremotus). Both are among the larger subspecies, but the northern ones tend to be a little bigger. Colder climate generally = bigger animals, bigger prey generally = larger predator.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I have to make that correction; anyone on either side of this generally is spouting from a shaky foundation. It’s…

    “We can’t kill or manage any wolves! Ever! Despite the century of success of the North American Conservation model! It’s, like, different this time! Disneycology! It will all end in extinction if we don’t have it our way!”


    “Kill all the devil wolves! There’s 10 million 250 pound invasive alien wolves killing all the cattle and elk!”

  • Paw

    i agree with both sides here. pardon my spelling/grammer i will not bother fixing it. i believe that we should all just leave them alone and let life move on wildlife was fine without us to begin with. we are the invasive spesies for the most part, even native americans had to cross over the ice bridge during the ice age. i mean if a wolf dose choose to attack a loved one, be it pet or heard, then the individuals involved should be allowed to kill the wolf or scare it off till it does not come back. this may seem mean or tiersome to most but its something closer to a natural reaction. but when it comes to reintroducing them to places i know there are drawbacks for individuals but in all it surely does help nature. we do not have to be so into the lives of other species, they will go on without us, for they are not the cause of our own problems. we are the ones who poisen our world, our minds, our bodies and anything that we can put our dirty paws on. sorry if i upset annyone i just wish it to be out their that we should all just defend when we need to and be like the true good that we could be. we could be animals once more; i have found the tital “human” to be very disturbing.
    i am sure this wont make sence to the majority of people, but those that do understand please help me in explaining this.

  • bob

    Wolves do nothing but kill my livestock so get rid of them!

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